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Iqhirha (diviner) Ntombizodwa Noqayi was elected chairperson of the new Grahamstown branch of traditional healers association Intando Yabaphantsi during a traditional ceremony last weekend.
The association is a national non-profit organisation specialising in traditional healing and medicine. The three-day ceremony and meetings were conducted on the eve of African Traditional Medicine Week, from 26 until 31 August.
National coordinator, Luyanda Matiwane, also known as Rhadebe, said the ancestors held the key to where people came from, and where they were going. He said the organisation was trying to establish structures in every province of South Africa. Noqayi said that their aim is to help the community of Grahamstown see the value of traditional healing. African Traditional Medicine Week recognises the important role of traditional medicine on the continent.
According to the World Health Organisation, about 80% of Africa's population relies on traditional medicine for their basic health needs. In South Africa, the official recognition and institutionalisation of traditional medicine made strides this year when the Department of Health formed an Interim Traditional Health Practitioners Council in February.
National coordinator of Intando Yabaphantsi, Luyanda Matiwane, speaks to traditional healers at the organisation's Grahamstown launch.

The Amaqgirha, traditional healers and praise poets were shouting camagu (thank you) to a voice of a crying cow when it was slaughtered at a traditional ceremony which was held at Extension 9 Hall on Friday morning. Amaqgirha (diviners), traditional healers and praise poets celebrate the launch of the Grahamstown branch of Intando Yabaphantsi at Extension 9 Hall last Friday morning, on the eve of African Traditional Medicine Week. Dear Editor - please publish (again) Municipal officials and Councilors salaries - and perhaps their daily account at Kentucky! The University must improve their systems for people to report incidents of sexual violence and to know they will be taken seriously but they cannot replace the SAPS. Of course rape culture is an issue but publishing names without fair trial amounts to a kangaroo court. This issue has been hi-jacked by a small group of radicals and blown out of proportion to serve their agenda. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
If the term psychotherapy conjures for many the image of a bearded Sigmund Freud in early 20th century Vienna putting his patients on the couch, the Sixth World Congress for Psychotherapy has a mind-expanding surprise in store. Graduates and their families at the first graduation of Zimbabwe Traditional Healers following completion of a certificate program at the University of Zimbabwe.
Traditional healers, sangomas and praise singers were invited to the local launch at the Extension 9 community hall, starting last Friday morning.

Members of the association from Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth and East London, as well as traditional dancers from Port Elizabeth attended. Members of the newly elected executive are Phiwemna Ralo (secretary), Kholeka Tsotsa (treasurer), Zongezile Madoda (deputy chair), Ntombizodwa Noqayi (chairperson), Skhombisa Smetshe (additional member), Mandlenkosi Dyakala (additional member) and Nomangesi Plaatjie (additional member).
It aims to integrate traditional medicine into health systems and provide a scientific basis for ensuring patient safety and quality healthcare. Its task is to integrate traditional medicine into the National Health Insurance (NHI) over three years. Submit it here anonymously, or leave your contact details if you want a journalist to follow up on your story. Aptly titled World Dreaming, the event in Sydney on August 26 will honour with its Sigmund Freud Award the contribution to the field of psychotherapy by Aboriginal ngangkari (traditional healers) from the Pit Lands in Central Australia.
It embraces amaqhirha, ingcibi (circumcision doctors), praise poets and traditional dancers. The students were right to publish the list and must keep protesting so that it can't be avoided any longer.

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