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And, finally, a magnificent picture by Peter Engblom hanging in the George Hotel bar, Eshowe.. THO has a large membership that is wide spread and constantly needs to be serviced through training, awareness raising seminars, give update on relevant proposed legislations, assistance with understanding these policies and laws, organization of events and starting up of developmental initiatives in communities where members live. This situation contributes most significantly to the fact that we realy heavily on members to assist in this responsibility.
There are around 29.000 members currently of which some are activists in South Africa willing to assist in every way possible toward community development and quality healing. It is not as difficult as you may think to become a THO Activist, because the more you are involved the better the chances for your growth and development. A bill to regulate South Africa's 200,000 traditional healers has been adopted by parliament.Healers will have to be licensed before being allowed to work. This has led to a spate of child-rapes in South Africa, some of babies just a few months old. THO Activists are involved in virtually every aspect of Prevention, Education, Support and Care Programmes, across the country, and who, the level of quality care and support to our community would be much reduced.
You will see them patrolling our streets, providing health care services at minimal rates or at absolutely no cost to patient, rendering entertainment in community events, performing any social welfare service ranging from stopping substance abuse and drugs, helping with good cultural education and helping prevent businesses, homes and cars from evil spiritual affection. Also important is that it creates opportunities for the young and old, and the physically fit and the not so fit to network and support each other. South Africa has one of the highest numbers of HIV-positive people in the world - some 5.3m, or one in nine of the population. You can be involved in prevention, education, support and care programmes and community development initiatives we run. It is inspiring to see that year by year many of our members and healers are showing good signs of willingness to give their time to help others. You will, however, generally need to be able to give up a few days of each month for training, which is usually during the cause of the week and they have to be able to respond when an emergency actually occurs. If you feel that you have something to offer, please contact the THO office in your area or the Head Office. This may entail leaving the comfort of their homes at short notice, so you will need to discuss your possible commitment with your Senior Promoter. We have lots of experience and know-how and will support you to make an important contribution to your local community.
National coordinator Phephsile Maseko said healers can play a positive role to play in the fight against Aids.

Even if you just become a member of THO you are supporting us making an important difference for Africa.
It will create a framework for cooperation between mainstream health practice and traditional healing," she said.
The South African Medical Association says the legislation will ensure safety standards, reports AFP news agency.
But Doctors for Life International, which represents some 600 medical practitioners says healers should not be given official recognition, as there was no proof that their remedies were effective. Before it becomes law it needs to be passed by the second chamber of parliament and the president. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Human sacrificeMany healers use herbs and some of these have been proven to be effective and have been used as the basis of medicines marketed by western pharmaceutical companies. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. But some witchdoctors have been known to recommend the use of human body parts to make magic charms to bring luck or success. And some are blamed for helping spread Aids by advising patients that it can be cured by having sex with a virgin. John, Nairobi, KenyaI wonder if this new legislation will go so far as to protect the knowledge of traditional healers. So often it happens that new medicines are discovered directly as a result of traditional healers knowledge.
Needless to say the traditional healers seldom receive any of these profits, nor do they even receive acknowledgment of their enormous contribution.Andrew, Devon, EnglandAs a South African pharmacist I have witnessed first hand the damage that these people do, especially in the rural areas. Regulation is never going put an end to centuries of a practice based in superstition, urban legend and hearsay. Threats of fines and prison sentences will only drive it further underground adversely affecting even more lives every year. Craig H, London, UKDefinitely recognise sangomas, they've been on our earth for longer than any 'western' pharmaceuticalsAdz, Rome, ItalyThe healers should most definitely be recognised and should have some sort of regulation in place.
The healers are part of African culture and should therefore have the right to play a part in the new South Africa.
However the healers should not be able to issue 'sick leave' or if so for a maximum of two days, if the illness requires further sick leave he should be advised to see a GP.

This may seem a contradiction in terms but I think both the healers and the medical practitioners need to come to some compromise and putting a limit on the sick leave is one way. Also with having a register with all licensed healers the health services can easily contact the healers and send them information on Aids and other serious illnesses and so better educating them.
Strict regulations are required to limit the number of these individuals to the bare minimum.Ali, Port Elizabeth, South AfricaThe root of traditional healing through so called 'sangomas' has it's foundations in witchcraft.
I am disappointed at the fact that the South African government does not see how much harm this will do to the country in the long run. If they legislate traditional healers - they will open the flood gates to more demonic forces, as if Africa needs more than it already has. Does the South African government know where sangomas get their so called 'divine' knowledge and power from? Why do you think Africa has not advanced since colonial rule - belief in Witchcraft powers is part of the problem. Phumla, USAI believe that the concept of African traditional healers is a double sided coin. It appears the South African government is taking the right step by making legislation to register traditional healers.
There is no doubt that many do have esoteric knowledge of herbs, roots etc and their application and usage in curing or preventing illness. Many are charlatans whilst others are offering a service which actually erodes African society and no doubt is effectively a criminal activity.
By monitoring and controlling these healers a lot could be done to prevent this unsavoury aspect. Nana Kwansah, London, UKI have some experience in dealing with the so called traditional healers as I once consulted them and have interviewed many who have been involved in witchcraft as traditional healer. The truth is, it is from the devil, it is ugly, they tell nothing but lies, they divide people and there is nothing positive.
I would be dead had it not been for the local medicine man who correctly identified the sickness and gave me the right shrub and roots to chew.

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