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With advanced radiation therapy delivery systems, our radiation oncologists are better able to target difficult-to-reach tumors in the prostate.
External beam radiation therapy (EBRT): Delivers high doses of radiation to prostate cancer cells from outside the body, using a variety of machine-based technologies. High-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy (internal radiation): Delivers high doses of radiation from implants placed close to, or inside, the tumor(s) in the body.
Radiation therapy uses targeted energy to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors and provide relief of certain cancer-related symptoms. Our radiation oncologists use a variety of advanced technologies to deliver maximum radiation doses to tumors, with less damage to healthy tissues and organs. Do you ever wonder how the stunning celebrities that you watch in TV manage to stay awesome? The following are some simple tips from different celebrities like Kate Moss, Kourtney Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson.
So you have already plan your exercise routine but you do not have the motivation to keep your efforts going. Read This Before Your Next IG Post: Is the “Curse” of Social Media Derailing Your Weight Loss Goals? It is important for people that do not know about either addiction treatment or 12 Step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to understand the difference between the two. Drug rehab, addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment take place at professional treatment facilities, often offering different levels of care in a residential or an outpatient setting. An Intervention versus a 12 Step call: An intervention is typically the first contact made with a person in need of treatment. The important thing to remember is that 12 Step recovery is not treatment or therapy, although treatment can incorporate the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and certainly both can work together in collaboration.
If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction and needs treatment please call us for help.
Drug and alcohol treatment is an intense process that takes time and commitment, however, living clean is worth it.
Treatment is a process that requires time and dedication, but living clean and sober is well worth the price.
No one can promise a magical pill that will cure substance abuse, but you'll be able to get better with time and with a lot of work. With help from the best professionals, including qualified psychologists and skilled support personnel, rehabilitation is possible. There is no one-shot treatment for drug addiction, but it’s possible to get clean with time, and with a lot of work. No one can promise a magic pill that will cure drug abuse, however, you'll recover over time and with lots of work. Living with dependency is an excruciating, unhappy experience for anyone who struggles with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and also for those who have loved ones who are addicted. Because of the stigma associated with being “an addict,” individuals and whole families often conceal issues with drug addiction from the outside world. Detox is a process that is confused with treatment, but it is very important to recognize that detox cannot cure an addict of their problems with substance abuse.
Social detoxification is a type of detox that takes place in a residential or outpatient facility, and most commonly involves educating the addict and readying them for rehab. Medically supervised detoxification (sometimes called medically supervised withdrawal) is a type of detox that takes place in a hospital or inpatient facility where the addict’s withdrawal is supervised by a nurse or doctor.
Detox Centers Programs provides either method of detox depending on the needs of the client.

Programs Rehabilitation offers the most powerful, effective treatment by evaluating the roots of the dependency, along with any contributing psychological components (including co-occurring disorders), and mapping the optimum path to recovery for each individual client. Treatment plans are custom-designed based on the client’s requirements, so no two are exactly the same.
Our intensive detox and outpatient treatment program is based on a multi-disciplinary team approach using the principles and philosophies of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, both self-help fellowships that have proven to be most effective in treating alcohol and substance abuse.
As professionals in the field of addiction treatment, we also deal with a host of other issues relevant to recovery including, but not limited to, spirituality, understanding the chemical nature and cycles of addiction, recovering from loss and building healthy working relationships with friends, family, and significant others. We also know recovery is a lifelong process. Because many of us have suffered from alcohol and drug addiction we understand that we differ from “normal” drinkers and drug users in that we have an abnormal craving for our drug of choice. Also, our radiation oncologists can direct higher radiation doses at prostate cancer cells, while reducing exposure to normal, healthy tissue.
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), our state-of-the-art radiation therapy program brings our patients the leading technology. In addition to our leading radiation technologies, you’ll be treated by a team of clinicians from areas like nutrition therapy and oncology rehabilitation, all working together to meet your needs throughout treatment.
You have to make sure that you do all the right things that you have to do so that you will be able to maintain the perfect curve that you wish to present in the whole world. The thing that makes the activity more fun and valuable is when you do it with someone that is dear for you.
Kourtney Kardashian credits running and emphasizes that in order for you to be successful in your weight loss goals, you have to be in proper timing. It is important to make the distinction between the two, because they are not the same thing. Treatment centers typically have some type of time limits associated with the treatment and they are paid services or services provided through local, state or federal programs for those that cannot afford to pay. The actual program is the 12 Steps, meaning that someone can attend AA or NA meetings but if they are not actively taking the 12 Steps than they really are not in the AA or NA program but are instead just in the fellowship and attend meetings.
The simple way to look at the process for someone needing help with substance abuse or drug addiction is the initial phase of getting help is usually through drug rehab or a treatment center where as the sustainable, long term recovery will come through the 12 Step fellowships.
Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the area. Get the best rehabilitation possible with our team of professional, qualified therapists and support team.
Get the most effective rehabilitation possible with our staff experienced, certified psychologists and support staff.
With assistance from the top professionals, including certified therapists and experienced support personnel, recovery is possible.
Call today to find a rehabilitation program close to you, and for a confidential evaluation. Rehabilitation, or rehab, is a process that can help addicts come to terms with their dependency, learn to recognize and keep away from triggers that make them use drugs or alcohol, and learn to live life as a recovering addict. This is not unusual, and normally results in much bitterness and frustration between the addict and their family.
Detox, or detoxification, is a good first step towards recovery, and can help the addict safely and swiftly withdraw from the substance(s) they are dependent on, occasionally with assistance from prescribed medicine. Substance Abuse Rehabs CT offers healthy, effective rehabilitation for people at all levels of dependency, from people who have just started to experience the effects of addiction, to people who have been continually abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time. Our counselors and professionals provide education that focuses on the disease concept of addiction and relapse prevention, insuring each addict or alcoholic that enters our facility will leave with the tools necessary for a continued successful life in recovery.
We show residents through our own continued sobriety that a fulfilling, useful and happy life is not only possible, but probable though the program offered here at Midwest Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

We have the “physical compulsion coupled with a mental obsession” as defined in our AA and NA literature. There is more to quitting drinking and drugging than putting down the substance. This approach helps us plan for any side effects from the start, and quickly address any symptoms you may experience.
Treatment involves different modalities of therapy and can take place in different settings, such as individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy settings.
12 Step recovery programs are free, although they do pass a basket to take a dollar or two of donations to be self-supporting as a group.
Interventionists are paid a fee and typically the process involves meeting family members and friends, coaching them on the intervention, setting up all logistical considerations to help the person get to treatment (including travel arrangements and a specific drug rehab that the person will enter) and setting up healthy boundaries and consequences if the identified person is not willing to go get help they need. Treatment typically will have several different levels of care, from a detox (if necessary) to primary treatment in a residential setting to intensive outpatient (IOP) to continuing care.
Of course the purpose of each is to take someone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and give them the necessary tools to take them from a place of pain and loneliness and hopelessness where they can’t stop using to a place where they are not only clean and sober but also happily and usefully whole.
If we aren’t the best fit, we will work with you to find a treatment center that fits your needs.
To address the physical, mental, social, medical, vocational, and emotional needs of all their clients, Addiction Rehab Center Stamford offers customized rehabilitation plans, and provides a healthy, sympathetic atmosphere for addicts that are ready to start the recovery process. In these situations, Rehab Center Stamford, CT suggests utilizing a psychologist or an interventionist (an intervention professional) to conduct an intervention, in order to push the addict into rehabilitation.
We need to change our thinking and our perceptions. Angels Recovery can provide a safe haven for the addict while providing effective treatment. Getting in shape requires a lot of hard work and sometimes, you lose discipline in choosing the right kinds of food that you should eat and you forget to go on in your exercise. Some addiction treatment centers incorporate the 12 Steps into a specific group or as an approach, but 12 Step groups in a drug rehab does not constitute taking the 12 Steps or being involved in a 12 Step program. The end result of an intervention is the person in need either gets into the treatment center or the family has set up healthy boundaries to stop enabling he or she to continue getting high with their emotional and financial help. At the end of the process a patient will often live in a recovery residence or sober house for awhile and may continue individual therapy sessions. Obviously, you know that you aren’t on the right track anymore but do you do significant efforts to at least be on the right track again? A 12 Step call is basically one or more persons of a 12 Step fellowship going to try to help someone in need. By this point, they will often have been also inducted into one of the 12 Step fellowships. The purpose is simply for one addict or alcoholic to help another through their own personal experience of recovery. AA and NA have no established time limits and in fact hope that active involvement in both the fellowship and the program will be a lifelong endeavor. Our thanks and appreciation for the kind care and concern provide by [the IBS Treatment Center]. Sometimes the person in need will be directed to a detox or treatment center for help, sometimes a recovery home and into the fellowship of AA or NA.
Sometimes the person does not want help but a seed has been planted where they can get help if they need it in the future.
Co-founded by the doctor who cured his own IBS, we've helped patients of all types, from infants of worried parents all the way up to professors of a prestigious medical school.

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