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Early retinopathy shows no signs or symptoms, so the diabetics need to be screened timely and regularly before they develop signs and symptom, as it is more difficult to treat once the symptoms develop.
Visual acuity test, fundoscopy, retinal photography, fluorescein angiography are the commonly used screening modalities in screening of retinopathy.
Also one should know the factors that increase the risk of retinopathy so that after screening a timely control of these factors reduces the risk for retinopathy. All these risk factors are associated and influence each other, with blood glucose control and blood pressure control being the focus of prevention and treatment. For regulation of blood glucose, along with drugs (both oral and insulin as needed) and a regular visit to doctor, the diabetic should also develop a habit of systemic monitoring of blood glucose, self regulation. So diet (under the supervision of a dietician if possible) and a regular physical activity like a brisk walk of 15 minutes .
High blood pressure can damage blood vessels supplying the retina of eye thus making it susceptible to retinopathy. Smoking constricts the vessels supplying blood to the eye so smoking should be discouraged in diabetics.
A corrective treatment includes laser treatment and vitreous surgery but has its own limitations and cannot totally correct vision. Stem cell offers a ray of hope in future to those with diabetic retinopathy, but the research is still in its nascent stage.
To provide Total Diabetic Care under one roof and not only routine treatment of diabetes but also of its various complications.
To provide the modern and efficient diabetes services right in the vijayawada so that the facilities could be made available to a larger section of people. In early diabetic retinopathy there are small dialations of the capillary walls in the retina which is called as microaneurysms. Although your vision may be good, changes can be taking place in your retina that needs treatment. Our practice is accredited to undertake Digital Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Screening for patients registered with a GP in the Staffordshire Health Authority area.
Granuloma : This is a raised, fleshy, red, pedunculated lesion which can arise from the skin or conjunctiva. Viral Papilloma : Papillomas can occur on the eyelid margin, tarsal or bulbar conjunctiva, or limbus.

BLEPHARITIS: Acute or chronic staphylococcal blepharitis is usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus, but it can also be caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci, and occasionally other bacteria. BLEPHARITIS: The characteristic signs of angular blepharitis are maceration and crusting of the skin at the lateral (and sometimes medial) canthus. An external hordeolum is a focal, erythematous swelling of the anterior eyelid margin, often an infected gland of Zeis. Retinopathy is a common complication in diabetics and it is estimated that almost all people with diabetes in their life time develop some grade of retinopathy. These factors are poor control of blood sugar level, high blood pressure, increased blood lipids, kidney disease. Again both the above said factors depend on the triad of drugs, diet and regular physical activity.
However one should keep in mind that the control should be gradually improved as a rapid decrease in blood glucose levels can actually worsen the situation. Aggressive treatment of blood pressure with drugs is of particular importance in delaying and controlling the same.
So lipid lowering drugs along with diet management and exercise are helpful tools for prevention. So, to sum up early detection and a proper management can prevent loss in vision in a diabetic due to retinopathy. K Venu Gopal Reddy was first joined as a Medical Officer in Indian railways and worked for 2 years. The most serious eye condition associated with diabetes involves the retina, and, more specifically, the network of blood vessels lying within it.
Because most sight loss due to diabetes is preventable, remember that early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy is vital, have an eye examination every year, do not wait until your vision has deteriorated to have an eye test. Minimal manipulation of the papilloma at the time of surgical excision is recommended to prevent dissemination of HPV to other conjunctival sites. These bacteria infect the lid margin, the lash bases and follicles, and the associated glands.
Localized temporal injection of the conjunctival and epibulbar vessels may accompany the lid lesions. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to loss of vision and a study reveals that nearly 60% of people with diabetes were not worried about losing their sight.

Pedunculated papillomas most often occur on the posterior eyelid margin, tarsal conjunctiva, or media] canthus of young patients. Sessile lesions are more likely to occur in older patients and to be premalignant or malignant squamous tumors. The resultant lid inflammation causes burning, foreign-body sensation, redness and mattering of the lashes. In cases of long-standing disease, the thickened and scarred lids can produce contour abnormalities as well as lost or misdirected lashes. Mohans Diabetes Specialities Center in Chennai and Hyderabad and trained for 4 years under Internationally Acclaimed Diabetologist Padmasri Professor V. They are also in the wrong place - growing on the surface of the retina and into the vitreous gel. Examination reveals lid margin erythema and ulceration, fibrin, collarettes, and crusts at the base of the lashes. As a result, these blood vessels can bleed very easily and cause scar tissue to form in the eye. Dr K Venu Gopal Reddy participated many International and National Conferences on Diabetes. With time, if the background diabetic retinopathy becomes more severe, the macula area may become involved. Lid scrubs with a dilute non-irritating shampoo remove the irritating scales and debris and eliminate some bacteria.
A bactericidal antibiotic ointment applied to the lid margins can further decrease the bacterial population. Maculopathy is the main cause of loss of vision and may occur gradually but progressively. As the eye condition progresses, it can sometimes cause the blood vessels in the retina to become blocked.

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