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If you believe that any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please let us know. Painlessly, quickly and safely treat your toenail fungal infections with the cold Lunula Laser at our conveniently located Midlands laser podiatry clinic. Lunula Laser safely treats toe nail fungus in only four 12-minute painless treatment sessions. We are proud to provide the latest, state of the art painless laser technology and are the only clinic in the Midlands offering this treatment. Lunula Laser treatment is a simple and non-invasive procedure, where your toes are placed into a laser delivery box for a 12-minute period per foot in one session. The key difference between the laser and traditional or DIY treatments of nail fungus is that lasers kill the fungus quicker and more effectively without the inconvenience of painting continuously or the possibility of nasty side effects. 10% of all Lunula Laser treatments available for patients starting a new course of treatments with Lunula Laser and booking in 2013. My baby boy at 7 months had a little patch on his head I took him to doctors they gave me some cream and said it was fungal infection and now its worse than what it was and it now looks fungal and I got told it was excsma and now fungal and now my baby head is a right mess and its spread what do I do now. I have something similar to this,i went to the doctors all she gave me was for a yeast infection, tested me for other serious diseases every thing came back normal but i still have this irritating skin.

We bring to you the best laser and podiatry technologies currently available in the USA and in Harley Street.
Lunula Laser treatment can be a very quick lunch-time procedure, which is completely painless, and you are able to resume your daily activities with minimal disruption. At Midlands Laser Clinic we recognise this and therefore our standard treatment package comprises of treating each area with the Lunula Laser 4 times ideally weekly with no longer than 4 weeks between each treatment. Excellent people skills, ability to multi-task, great work ethic, commitment and great sense of humour are a must. Our Clinical Director, Adrian Kriss, has over 30 years’ experience of treating fungal nail infections and other foot ailments. The appearance of the nails improves significantly faster with a reduced risk of re-occurrence when combined with advice and knowledge from an expert in the field. MRSA is spread by coming in contact with an infected person or by exposure to a MRSA-contaminated object or surface that an infected person touches. Although aggressive infection control measures have decreased the incidence of HA-MRSA, the incidence of CA-MRSA is increasing. The spectrum of MRSA skin infections includes infection or abscess of hair follicles (furuncles), abscesses, and carbuncles (a mass of infected furuncles).

Symptoms of HA-MRSA HA-MRSA can cause severe problems, such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sepsis, and bone infections. The symptoms of HA-MRSA include: generalized feeling of ill health (malaise) rash headaches muscle aches chills fever fatigue cough shortness of breath chest pains Testing for and Diagnosing a MRSA Infection Diagnosis begins with health history assessment and physical examination.
Types of cultures obtained to diagnose MRSA include the following methods: Cultures of Skin Infections Samples of secretions are obtained with a sterile cotton swab and placed in a container for transport to the lab. Patients who are unable to cough, and those on ventilators, may need to have a respiratory lavage or bronchoscopy to obtain a sputum sample.
Under controlled conditions, the doctor inserts a thin tube called a bronchoscope through your mouth and into your lungs. The bronchoscope has a camera attached, so the doctor is able to see the lungs and collect a sample of secretions for culture.
Bacteria can enter the blood from infections located in other parts of your body, such as the lungs, bones, urinary tract, and intravenous catheters.

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