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Pregnancy can be a very fun and exciting time for expecting mothers and families, but along with that excitement can be many sources of stress, such as the state of your own health during pregnancy. Syphilis is a contagious infection caused by Treponema pallidum and is primarily transmitted through sexual contact. Transmission is possible at any stage of pregnancy and can result in death, or multiple organ problems, it can also affect ears, eyes, liver, bone marrow, skin, bones, and heart. First, if you are undiagnosed but suspect you may have syphilis while pregnant, it is necessary to get tested so you and your primary health care provider can take the necessary precautions in regards to your prenatal health.
The development of a painful papule which develops into a clean, painless ulcer similar to a cancer sore, usually located on the genitals. Two to ten weeks after the sore heals, secondary syphilis can begin to develop.  During secondary syphilis you may experience a rash, which may cover the whole body, pustular lesions, grayish, white wart-like growths, fever, headache, anorexia, weight loss, sore throat, and other flu like symptoms.
After latency, you may enter late stage syphilis, in which you may experience neurological symptoms, and cardiovascular lesions.
For babies who survive, early signs of syphilis may occur during the first 2 years, and late signs during the first 2 decades of life. If you have confirmed syphilis and are being treated regularly, this can decrease chances of the development of congenital syphilis in your baby.
Continue your regular testing regimen , unless other treatment is recommended by your doctor, traditional treatment for syphilis prior to pregnancy is considered effective and safe during pregnancy as well. With adequate maternal treatment and good prenatal care the chances of your baby contracting syphilis is essentially eliminated. Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors. The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you. Syphilis is infection with the bacteria Treponema pallidum. Causes Syphilis is a sexually-transmitted infectious disease.
Ignore it and probably die or have various appendages start falling off, have brain aneurysms, etc. I don’t know a lot of people who choose to be martyrs and allow their chlamydia to ravage their body because they are opposed to medicine.
I thought liberal feminists had moved away from comparing pregnancy to diseases and parasites, since they have come to realize this offends the general public they hope to persuade. It certainly doesn’t help their claims to say a child in the womb is parasite, considering science proved years ago that the child is not a parasite. Pregnancy is the NATURAL result of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman.  STDs are NOT. Plus, I have never heard of somebody ignoring a pregnancy and ending up having various appendages start falling off, have brain aneurysms, etc. Comparing pregnancy to an STD, or any other kind of disease, is a clear symptom of Baby-Reproduction Derangement Syndrome. When a person contracts syphilis, their body is not continuing in a state of natural health.
Attacking syphilis with antibiotics restores the body from a state of unhealth to health, from a state for which it was not designed back to that which nature intended. So, the killing of an unborn child, the violent ending of a natural and healthy process, and the introduction thereby of multiple causes of physical and psychological harm to the woman, has nothing in common with treating a disease. The more they continually link pregnancy to a disease to be eradicated the more they raise the ire of mothers and fathers who cherish their children!! Seriously, I think the people who compare pregnancy to STI’s are pretty extreme and not in the mainstream of the PC movement. I sincerely hope and pray that you’ve had no further vascular incidents and that the rest of your life will be filled with the joys and fruitful challenges of motherhood.
And once gays are allowed to marry they will probably become even more monogamous, just like heterosexuals did. Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

Test, syphilis (FTA-ABS): The fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed (FTA-ABS) test for syphilis is a blood serum screening test designed to demonstrate the presence or absence of specific antibodies directed against the organism (Treponema pallidum) responsible for syphilis. The incubation period of syphilis averagely lasts 21 days (minimum 10 days - maximum - 3 months).  After this period the first stage of syphilis (primary syphilis) begins. Secondary syphilis (second stage) starts in 2 - 3 months after the infection (even if the chancre is still present). It is important to make your primary health care provider aware of any preexisting health issues or diseases.  Syphilis during pregnancy is serious but the good news is there are things you can do to reduce or avoid any problems for your growing baby.
However, if you are an expecting mother with syphilis congenital syphilis is also a possibility.
However, it is important to take action early if you even remotely suspect that you might have been exposed to syphilis before or while you are pregnant. If recognized early, syphilis is easily treated with the appropriate antibiotics and you can go on to have a safe and happy pregnancy as long as you maintain your treatments and get regular care.
But you’ll also want to take other precautions to promote your health and the health of your baby. This is legally required at the beginning of prenatal care in all states because it is considered absolutely essential for identification of syphilis in infants. Even so, it is highly recommended mothers infected with syphilis have their babies tested regularly until testing is conclusively negative.
Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most.
The bacteria that cause it spread through broken skin or mucous membranes. Pregnant mothers infected with the disease can pass it to the baby developing in their womb.
So why should a woman who does not want to be pregnant have to keep her pregnancy because someone else doesn’t think it’s “right”? It’s a amazing biological process only possible in women, which matures their unique, individual offspring. Well, certainly the baby although not necessarily the STD, since there are some STDs for which there are no cures.
That anyone could equate the two demonstrates how unthinking and irrational, and unscientific, the pro-abortion activist mindset can be. As fun as it is to have your body go numb and your speech come out in jibberish, I’d take the new life.
I hope pro-aborts can invent a pill or procedure to do away with those pesky bowel movements! Only a woman who has reached puberty, has had her period, and has not yet reached menopause can get pregnant. This bacteria is caught by having sex with an infected person, also, by contact with blood and other liquids of an infected body (especially during the second stage, when syphilitic rash is present on the infected body).
During the first stage, a small ulcer with tough edges appears on the spot which had a direct contact with the partner''s ulcer. This stage starts with a sore throat, high fever, general weakness and other symptoms that remind of flu.
Congenital syphilis results through transplacental transmission of the bacteria to the baby. However, if you have syphilis, or suspect that you may syphilis, there are certain precautions you can take during your pregnancy to limit the chances of your baby contracting congenital syphilis. The rate of infection during pregnancy in cases of untreated syphilis approaches 100%, resulting in a 40% fetal death rate in infected infants. This is very important for your baby’s safety.  If a baby does contract syphilis from its mother, early treatment is essential in lowering the risks of stillbirth and long-term effects of syphilis. To equate pregnancy with STDs only demonstrates ignorance of disease, science, and biology. It ends a healthy, natural state and violently and unnaturally ends a natural process for which the woman’s body was designed.
This will pop into my mind every time a pro-abort sneers “We have science on our side!

Despite that this disease is quite rare in western countries (effective treatment, early diagnostics), syphilis is still frequent in the tropics and subtropics.
In addition, an infected pregnant woman may pass the infection to her baby through placenta. It may be penis, vagina, cervix or even rectum and anus as well as other parts of the body.
This form of syphilis damages the brain and causes mental disorders, paralysis, meningitis. In fact, the violent ending of a pregnancy through abortion often harms the woman’s body in many ways.
Why does my body produce hormones designed to make my womb a welcoming place to a newly conceived human? God just didn’t know what He was doing when he designed our bodies to effectively eat nourishment, eliminate waste, reproduce tiny replicas of ourselves, blah blah blah. In a few years, the baby may start suffering from brain damage, haematological or hepatic diseases, hearing and vision abnormalities, bone damage etc. Painless sores ( chancres) form at the site of infection about 2-3 weeks after you are first infected. However, a person may have a negative FTA-ABS test result while in the early (primary) and late (tertiary) stages of the disease. You may not notice the sores or any symptoms, particularly if the sores are inside the rectum or cervix.
In the middle (secondary) stage of syphilis, the FTA-ABS test is most reliable and is reportedly positive in 100% of cases. Some patiens become bold, others suffer from renal disorders, gastritis, hepatitis, meningitis and other dysfunctions. For more specific information about this type of syphilis, see primary syphilis. Secondary syphilis occurs about 2-8 weeks after the first sores form. About 33% of those who do not have their primary syphilis treated will develop this second stage. These symptoms will often also go away without treatment and again, the bacteria become dormant (inactive) in your system. For more specific information about this type of syphilis, see secondary syphilis. Tertiary syphilis is the final stage of syphilis. The dormant bacteria may be detectable either by seeing the damage they cause to a part of the body, or through a blood test for syphilis. For more specific information about this type of syphilis, see tertiary syphilis. Symptoms The symptoms of syphilis depend on the stage of the disease. Many people do not have symptoms. In general, painless sores and swollen lymph nodes are possible symptoms of primary syphilis. Those with secondary syphilis may also have fever, fatigue, rash, aches and pains, and loss of appetite, among other symptoms. Other blood tests may include RPR and FTA-ABS. Treatment Antibiotics are an effective treatment for syphilis. The dose and how it's given (into a muscle or into a vein) depend on the stage of syphilis.
Doxycycline may be used as an alternative treatment in individuals who are allergic to penicillin. Several hours after treatment of early stages of syphilis, you may have a reaction called Jarish-Herxheimer reaction.
You should avoid sexual conduct until two follow-up tests show that the infection has been cured.
Syphilis is extremely contagious through sexual contact in the primary and secondary stages. Syphilis is a reportable infection.

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