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Most pet owners provide flea repellent--whether it's a topical, powder, spray, collar or pill form--to their dogs. Your pet should be combed with a flea comb at least once a week or as often as twice a day, depending on how bad the fleas are. Homeopathic flea treatments for dogs include the use of essential oils, extracts and herbs administered through sprays, powders, collars, dips and shampoos. Getting rid of fleas on your pet and inside your home does not have to mean using harmful chemicals and toxins. As with humans, dogs can experience allergic reactions if their immune system starts to recognise things as being threatening.
Some of the common environmental triggers for allergic reactions include pollen, mould spores, dust mites and smoke. Itchy ears can be a tell-tale sign and for flea allergy, an itchy back or base of the tail are also likely to be present. Any dog could potentially experience an allergic reaction but some breeds are thought to be more prone to this.
The exact method of treatment will depend on the cause of the allergy but removing exposure to the culprit will be a key part of this. For food allergies, an elimination or prescription diet will be pursued to pinpoint the foods that are problematic. For flea allergies, it is important to have a continuous treatment plan to protect against flea infestations so that your dog is not affected by them. For dust mites, it is recommended that you clean your dog’s bedding at least once a week and vacuum regularly.
Other treatment options are available including immunotherapy and medication which work on the immune system.Your vet can recommend options that may work based on your dog’s symptoms and the type of allergy that they have.
Feeding cheap dog pellets from the supermarket can certainly lead to chronic itching skin and ear infections. I have the same problem with our west highland white terrier, she gets regular treatments for fleas, worms, she is on a diet by our vet, and yet she has her skin problem, such as red itchy spots, loosing fur ( westies usually don’t ). My American bulldog had a severe allergy problem, scratching at herself so much her skin bled.
Thank you for reply, I read about atopica, I know it doesn’t do good, I will try witch hazel ( got to look up on internet. My Cocker Spaniel had the same problems with his skin, and also had problems with his eyes and ears, diagnosed as allergies by my vet. Also, forgot to mention that I don’t use flea treatments on him any more either as I had a suspicion that it was making his itching worse. I should mention that if you or anyone reading this thread did decide to go down the raw food route, you won’t see an improvement overnight and the dog does need supporting with shampoos like Malaseb to calm the itching. Also you might find one of these products might help even on your dog’s present diet. Poisons and Treatments  for PetsThere are numerous products that can prove fatal if ingested by your pet. The best way to avoid your pet from being poisoned would be to lock away anything that you would from a two-year-old child. However accidents do happen, and even if you are not sure if your dog has actually swallowed any of a product it is always better to be safe and seek veterinary advice. If you still have the container or packaging of the poison, check the label to see if there is a recommended antidote and take this with you to the vets. Inducing vomiting may help with some but there are other poisons where inducing vomiting may cause more harm than good. When not to induce vomitingIf you know your dog has swallowed an acid, alkali, petrol, or kerosene.
How to induce vomitingGiving your dog a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water can induce vomiting.
Your speed at realizing your dog may have been poisoned will prove vital if it is to be treated successfully. Some forms of poisoning have a rapid effect, many need urgent treatment within the first 48 hours.
Bee StingsA dog which has been stung by a bee occasionally may go into anaphylactic shock and collapse. If the bee sting is still present you may be able to try and remove it by scraping with a credit card or  knife, along with applying some antihistamine cream. Carbon MonoxideA poisonous gas which can be found emitted from car exhaust fumes or heating appliances such as household fires, Calor gas heaters, solid fuel heating systems which often are found in rooms with poor ventilation. The difficulty is that there are many different formulations of chocolate, from sweet milk chocolate, which is the mildest form of the dark bitter chocolate, commonly produced for the continental market, but increasingly consumed in the UK. Although many people are aware of this fact, there are many others that are unaware and still others who have been given the facts but choose to ignore them. Cooking Oil or FatCooking oil and fat which has been overheated may poison a dog if they consume it. Detergents and DisinfectantsDetergents have a large range of compounds, normally used for domestic and commercial use (household cleaners) and can include a range of product such as bleaches, toilet cleaners (do not allow your dog to drink from your toilet, - many will try), detergents and caustics, all these compounds are corrosive and contain either acids or alkalis which are dangerous as they will destroy tissues upon contact.
These compounds will dissolve through tissue membranes and are then absorbed into the bloodstream which, as well as causing local tissue damage or injury, causes general illness to a variety of body systems. Flea ProductsDog owners, trying to prevent and eradicate the infestation of fleas from dogs and our homes, spend millions of pounds every year. FungicidesIt is best to keep dogs away from any areas where these substances are being used. Also, keep your dog's coat clean and free from any of these compounds, remember to take care to wash off, any detergent that is used to remove the poison. HouseplantsThere are many plants including houseplants, which are potentially poisonous to dogs. InsecticidesFlea collars, concentrated washes, shampoos, sprays containing organophosphates and carbamates).
These compounds will have an effect in disrupting the nervous system; they cause an excess of the chemical acetylcholine to accumulate in the body, which in turn affects the normal transmitting of nerves. Lead PoisoningSmall animals sometimes are occasionally seen with clinical signs of lead poisoning. Slug and Snail Bait - MetaldehydeMany dogs enjoy the taste of metaldehyde and are willing to eat it. Any number of conditions, including allergies, fleas, and other, more serious, systemic disorders, can cause alopecia – or hair loss – in dogs. Symmetrical alopecia is seen as regions of total or partial hair loss that are evenly distributed over the dog’s body. Varied alopecia is random, often patchy areas of hair loss not associated with any particular pattern or area of the dog’s body, and may affect the animal’s entire body surface. One of the most common origins of hair loss in dogs is mange, a disease triggered by either the demodex or sarcoptes mange mite. Other causes of alopecia include low thyroid levels seen in hypothyroidism, a fungal disease like ringworm, an allergic reaction to a recent vaccination or fleabites, diabetes, and various endocrine diseases affecting both estrogen and testosterone levels, including Cushing’s disease.
Medical treatment usually consists of bathing your dog in prescribed, topical shampoos and administering systemic antibiotics to take care of any skin infections. To naturally treat alopecia in your dog, begin by supplementing her diet with foods rich in Vitamins A, E, C, and B3.
Vitamins A, E, and C all work to repair damaged skin cells, reduce inflammation and itching, and moisturize dry, flaky skin.
Vitamin B3, also call niacin, helps with growth of new hair cells as well as metabolizing the protein necessary for keratin production in the hair shaft. Additionally, you can protect new hair growth by bathing your pet in an all-natural shampoo made with the amino acids necessary to nourish dull and damaged hair.
The ringworm fungus spreads through contact and is strictly a topical condition, so a quick glance at your dog’s poop will not tell you if your dog has ringworm. Ringworm in dogs appears most frequently on the tail, head, paws, and forelegs as a small red ring where the skin appears scaly and the hair is broken, patchy, or lost. There are no home remedies for ringworm, but over-the-counter treatment options are both accessible and affordable. For mild cases, treatment of ringworm involves antifungal shampoos, ointments, or dips that contain miconazole. A lime sulfur dip is another ringworm treatment for dogs, though this solution, diluted in water, has a strong odor.

Ringworm is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be passed from animals to humans and vice versa. Because ringworm is transmitted through contact, it is vital to thoroughly clean and disinfect anything your dog touches -– food dishes, toys, bedding, and brushes, especially –- and to remove dog hair from your home if ringworm symptoms appear. Since the spores that cause ringworm can lay dormant, even on dogs that do not present symptoms, it is important to stay vigilant. According to holistic veterinarians, however, this is not necessary or even good for your pet. A holistic veterinarian considers all parts of the animal and his life when making a diagnosis and prescribing a treatment. Jeffrey Levy, a homeopathic veterinarian, a dog's reaction to fleas is an indication of her health. These will often be reactions to everyday substances that are not normally harmful and symptoms happen as a result of the body trying to get rid of the allergen(s).
Itchy, red and scabby skin are common symptoms, and affected dogs will often scratch repeatedly.
For food allergies, itching, chronic ear infections and gastrointestinal problems are common symptoms.
Susceptible breeds can include Terriers, Setters, Retrievers, Pugs, Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Symptoms should reduce during this period, at which point you can reintroduce foods on a one-by-one basis to see which ones trigger a flare-up.
Prescription shampoos are typically recommended for this to avoid the possibility of drying out your dog’s already irritated skin. However, a side effect of raw feeding is that dogs are less likely to get fleas, not sure why but he hasn’t had any this year and we have two cats who are likely to bring them in! As part of his raw diet my dog has Yumega Plus oil which is very good for dogs with itchy skin.
Mix the regular Chemist strength of hydrogen peroxide (3%) with an equal part of water, but do not attempt to pour it down your dog's throat, as that could cause inhalation pneumonia.
Sometimes if our dogs have contaminated their paws or coat, they tend to lick or groom themselves and ingest the poison.
Unfortunately, poisoning with antifreeze is quite common, as it has a sweet taste and any spilled may be licked up by dogs in quantities sufficient to cause extreme sickness and can often be fatal.
Plants that produce berries may be attractive to any dog, especially puppies. Mistletoe * Holly *Laburnum * are a few plants that may be poisonous to any pets. If your dog is stung in the mouth bathe the area with a diluted solution of sodium bicarbonate. A lethal amount of sweet milk chocolate is said to be around two ounces to every Kg in bodyweight. We have all heard someone say "I've given my dogs chocolate for years and they've never come to any harm".
Unfortunately, many dogs find the oil\fat extremely palatable and they do not know it can poison them. Depending on the substance injury can occur from a mild irritation (many washing powder detergents) to severe internal disease (pine oils and others). Most flea products will not cause any real problems if you use them in accordance with the manufacturers instructions on the label.
If you keep any of this substance stored, make sure to store them in sealed containers and do not allow your dog access to an open container. As many dogs have been poisoned from licking the detergent used to wash off the original poison. Poisoning occurs most commonly when a dog eats a flea collar or licks insecticide off its coat. There are two types of lead poisoning; if a large quantity has been swallowed, clinical signs will be present relatively quickly and those that have ingested small quantities of lead over a long period of time may not show signs straight away.
If your dog has just eaten warfarin, try to induce Vomiting then give activated charcoal by mouth. 2. If recently swallowed, induce Vomiting with soda crystals, 3% hydrogen peroxide or a ball of salt. 2. When a dog loses its hair, the animal becomes more susceptible to the elements, to both heat and cold, and to the accidental skin damage associated with scrapes and scratches.
Frequently located on the lower back, chest, abdomen, top and inside of the hind limbs, the outside of the forelimbs, and the flanks, this type of alopecia usually shows no underlying skin lesions, although some parts may be scaly or show signs of inflammation.
These microscopic parasites burrow under your dog’s skin, feasting on hair follicles and dead skin cells, causing intense itching, skin inflammation and infections, and loss of hair.
Additionally, veterinarians attempt to determine the underlying cause of the alopecia through skin scrapings and blood tests so that they can treat that disease as well with hormonal or anti-fungal therapy. Spinach, broccoli, carrots, and baked sweet potatoes can be added to your dog’s menu to provide these extra nutrients. Follow that with an organic ultra-rich conditioner containing colloidal oatmeal to leave damaged coats shiny and silky. By finding out the root cause of your pet’s alopecia, you can treat the diseases that may have harmful effects on other organ systems of your dog. This makes ringworm more likely to arise in warmer months, in winter when your heater is running full blast, and in homes with multiple dogs. From the time that spores come into direct contact with skin or hair, they take a little less than two weeks to grow and cause ringworm symptoms.
Though mild cases of ringworm run their course in three to four months, it is better for you, your family, and your dog to begin treating ringworm right away. Depending on the number of afflicted areas and the severity of the infection, effective treatment of ringworm can take from three to six weeks.
Used correctly, miconazole treatments should begin to lessen your dog’s ringworm symptoms within three weeks.
If your dog has multiple lesions or more complex symptoms, your vet may prescribe an oral antifungal ringworm treatment called griseofulvin. Just as older dogs and puppies are more susceptible to ringworm, older people, those with weak immune systems, and young children are at risk if your dog has ringworm symptoms. Dogs with symptoms of ringworm should be isolated in a room that is easy to clean during treatment, and dog accessories should be disinfected with a solution of bleach (the ASPCA recommends one part bleach to ten parts water) or disposed of completely. Keep your home, your dog’s home, toys, and accessories clean to prevent ringworm symptoms from recurring.
A healthy animal, being fed a nutritious diet, getting enough exercise and with a strong immune system will not have a flea problem, according to those who practice holistic veterinary medicine. These parts include "genetics, nutrition, family relationships, hygiene and stress," according to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.
Vacuuming frequently, both hard floors and carpeted areas, is your number one weapon in the war against fleas. In areas where your dog spends a lot of time, periodically flood the area with your garden hose to drown fleas. My 7 yr old Jack Russel has numerous allergies ( had full allergy test done) since going on this medication is like a new dog! She developed hot swollen ears with black muck running from them, which I later found was caused by the Atopica, so I took her off it. As he was allergic to just about every kind of filler used in commercial dog food, wheat, potato etc., and as he was already on a high quality hypo allergenic dog food, my vet suggested a raw food diet and prescribed Malaseb shampoo and optimmune ointment for his eyes.
Instead, simply pull the dog's lips away from the side of his mouth, making a pocket for depositing the liquid. Although dogs and other animals are the most likely to be affected due to being left for longer periods in confined spaces. They may not have done, as they've probably been given a small amount of milk chocolate but what it has done is give the dog a taste for it and who knows when they may find a bar of dark chocolate? By keeping fresh drinking water available at all times may prevent your dog from finding alternative sources to drink to quench their thirst. It is advisable never to give a dog your own medicine, as this may result in overdosing which can be fatal. If your dog is showing any of the signs of poisoning, keep the dog warm; treat for shock and if you still have them take a sample of the poison and the packaging to your veterinarian as soon as possible. While a quick diagnosis of the underlying condition responsible for the hair loss may be difficult to make, finding the reason your pooch is losing hair, and commencing treatment, can be extremely important to your dog’s overall health and well-being. A dog with untreated mange of either kind can lose all the hair on its body and suffer from thickened, cracked, and oozing skin.

Weak or still-developing immune systems are at greater risk, so ringworm is more likely to afflict older dogs and puppies. Only a fungal culture performed by your veterinarian can reliably confirm a diagnosis, but the most obvious symptoms of ringworm give us its name. Likewise, if there are more than a couple such lesions and additional symptoms are present, your vet is your best bet to tell you if the problem is mange or a more serious condition. Ringworm is a fungal infection, so the primary treatment for ringworm in dogs is antifungal medication. You should continue to use miconazole treatments for at least a couple of weeks after the symptoms have cleared to make certain that the infection is gone and that all spores have been eliminated from your dog’s skin and hair. Children should not touch dogs with ringworm, and everyone in your household should wash their hands regularly to prevent the transmission or spread of the fungus that causes ringworm. Tile floors and other surfaces your dog is in regular contact with should be cleaned and disinfected as well. If your dog does have a flea issue, these veterinarians warn against using common flea preventatives, most of which contain insecticides. If an animal's illness is serious, holistic veterinarians often prescribe homeopathic remedies. Pitcairn recommends homemade diets rich in iron, protein and Vitamin B-12 for dogs with fleas. Another way of naturally addressing fleas in your dog's outside environment is to introduce nematodes, small worms that live in the soil and eat flea larvae and cocoons. Levy, diatomaceous earth plugs up the pores through which fleas breathe; however, it leaves your dog's coat feeling gritty.
She has 10mg of Prednisolone every day and I feed her on Applaws dry dog food, which is 75% protein with no cereals. Alternatively, Dorwest Herbs have products on their web site which again people with dogs with itchy skin swear by.
The base of their meal is rice, pasta or potatoes along with vegetables (most of the time, I use the veg cuttings from our tea prep!
It is important to rinse your dog's skin, eyes, mouth or face, and paws to remove any poisonous substance that they may have been exposed to, as soon as possible.
If you are storing antifreeze in a garage or shed: Keep the containers sealed tightly and well out of reach of your dog.
Likewise, if the tongue is stung it will need veterinary treatment to help reduce the amount of swelling, as this could block the animal's airways. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, check that all appliances are regularly serviced and rooms are well ventilated. These compounds once swallowed are taken up by the liver, transmitted back to the small intestine and converted back to the original methylxanthines. Dark bitter chocolate is considered to be about ten times as toxic, so a 22lb dog could actually die from as little as 2 ounces of dark chocolate. It comes as no great surprise that Easter and Christmas are times when many dogs are at risk, especially when family members visit and often give titbits to a dog, or dogs are left alone to consume any left out chocolates. The very thought of eating the leftover parts of cigarettes to most (if not all) people sounds repulsive but to many dogs it is most appealing and some dogs have been known to eat an ashtray full of them. If you do save any oil or fat in another container, store it well out of reach from your dog. Seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible, treatment may involve prolonged anaesthesia.
Early detection of ringworm in dogs, simple hygiene in the home, and keeping your dogs and their accessories clean are key to limiting the severity and spread of ringworm.
The more dogs you have and the more they come into contact with each other, the greater the risk of infection. As always, the earlier and more active you are with ringworm treatment, the better, and the less chance that ringworm will spread in your home. Carpets and couches should be vacuumed to remove all dog hair and any spores, which can remain dormant for a year or longer. Homeopathy is based on the idea that "like cures like" and homeopathic treatments are made from natural substances including plants, minerals, viruses and bacteria.
To improve your dog's health, most holistic veterinarians recommend changes to diet, supplements, cleaning indoors and outdoors and ensuring your dog is getting enough exercise.
Either toss the bag, add a mothball to the bag, or put the bag in a sealed plastic container and place it in the freezer. Some nurseries sell diatomaceous earth as a product called "Earthguard." It can also be applied to your yard, carpet and furniture as a flea repellent. My dog’s skin would improve and then he would take a small step backwards for a while but slowly the periods of improvements would become longer and the relapses shorter and would affect smaller patches. I use Dorwest kelp powder which apart from being good for your dog it is known to be good for dogs with itchy skin but they do other products too.
Treat them as a compost heap!)then meat or fish (I tend not to overload too much protein, as it works their kidneys more), remember no garlic or onions for dogs, they have a banana for breakfast along with a treat usually with a teaspoon of coconut oil!
Remember: Puppies are especially at risk, due to their tendency to chew and inquisitive nature in discovering new things.
More common areas (especially) where a dog might be stung is the mouth and nose, due to the dog trying to catch the insects or the paws, while there are playing with a drowsy bee. If you need more advice contact your vet for help and in cases where a dog is showing signs of pain or distress veterinary treatment is recommended.
It is important to remember that warfarin is especially dangerous to smaller dogs and it can be fatal. Some holistic veterinarians might also recommend a homeopathic detoxification for your dog. Adding brewers yeast to your dog's food each day will also help repel fleas, but it will be about a month before the treatment starts to work.
I started to take him off the tablets but it all flared up again , so I am giving him one every other day.
I only bath him occasionally now in the Malaseb shampoo, which is really good stuff, and his eyes rarely need the ointment. The last places of scaly, sore skin to go were on his tail, his feet and around his bottom, almost as though it was working it’s way to the extremities his body. My younger girl, has skin problems so has monthly immunology injections (highly recommended reduced our need for steroids massively).
When his stomach has settled, give him a teaspoon of Epsom salts in a little water, as this will empty the intestines quickly. This is repeated a number of times, so instead of getting rid of the compounds (as a human being does) the dog will just keep poisoning itself. Sprinkle eucalyptus leaves or pyrethrum flowers throughout the house and in your dog's bed.
Her ears are now perfect, and when she does get a bit itchy I wipe the area with witch hazel, and that does the trick. Most importantly though, he loves his food now whereas he was never keen on commercial food.
2 years on, they look fabulous- my eldest would have ended up starving herself and the younger now has this coat I never thought she would!! The hydrogen peroxide, on ingestion, becomes oxygen and water and is harmless to your dog; it is one of the best antidotes for phosphorus, which is often used in rat poisons. Of course, it isn't always possible to know how, where or when your dog may have been poisoned, so one of the best ways in aiding your dog is to recognise as soon as possible the symptoms of a dog that has been subjected to toxins.
I use Zymox ear drops which seem to work better, for my dog, than products vets use but I hardly have to use that any more either. Presently I haven’t seen any outbreaks on him for the last month, so fingers crossed.
Within 6 months they had slimmed down and lost nearly 25% off their body weights and have maintained what they naturally should be. After you have administered this treatment to your pet and his stomach and bowels have been emptied, rush him to your veterinarian for further care.

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