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Casey Nagel shows off his match letter saying he'll do his residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at UCLA Medical Center.
Members of Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla delivered the envelopes containing the students' matches. LARGO a€” In early 1984, the staff at tiny DePoo Hospital in Key West gathered to meet their new boss, 24-year-old Tony Degina.
Degina, a New York native fresh out of graduate school, faced a room full of people, most older than him, some a lot older than him.
Last month, Degina faced a much less skeptical crowd as he was introduced as the new CEO of Largo Medical Center.
Degina, 53, replaces Ricky Satcher, who left in May to oversee two hospitals in Charlotte County.
While he has never lived in the Tampa Bay area, the move to 425-bed Largo Medical Center is a return home of sorts for Degina, as he is again working for Hospital Corporation of America. Degina was chief operating officer of Miami's Columbia Deering Hospital in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew tore off the roof, blew in windows, knocked out power and flooded halls. David Zambrana, Degina's former chief operating officer at University of Miami Hospital, lauded his old boss' ability to manage changes at that hospital while also dealing with the pressures of the recession. Largo Medical patients shouldn't notice much of a difference with a new CEO, Degina said, except better service. While Largo Medical is owned by health care giant HCA, Pinellas County's hospital scene is dominated by BayCare Health System. Largo Medical ranks behind both those hospitals in most categories of patient satisfaction, according to surveys filed with the U.S. Degina expects Largo's numbers to rise, and he's poised to make that happen, according to Jay Wolfson, a University of South Florida professor of public health and medicine. The health care industry is in the midst of transition, Wolfson said, prompted in part by federal legislation that puts premiums on efficiency. The University of South Florida has released an audit critical of some of the practices at its high-tech Tampa medical training center, shortly after the head of the center stepped down.While the audit released by USF Health late Thursday didn't find any evidence that fraud took place at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS), it indicated that the possibility of fraud existed, as the center lacked the necessary internal controls.
WEEKI WACHEE a€” Just days into her fourth year of high school, Monica Diaz walked into her guidance counselor's office and realized a€” finally a€” how badly she had messed up.
Through three years of high school, she had earned a .07 grade point average a€” all F's and a few D's.
It was clear she was struggling in high school, but only now did Monica grasp the magnitude of her failure.

After years of ignoring report cards a€” simply not caring a€” she told her mom and Emerson she would prove them wrong. A single mother of three, Marilyn Diaz worked long hours at Days Inn and struggled to get through to the stubborn teen.
But by the end of freshman year, Monica had earned only 4.5 credits a€” about half what she should have had. In 10th grade, after transferring to Weeki Wachee High, she failed almost every class and earned just one credit. Monica would need to take a host of regular senior classes, hours of online courses and retake all or part of past courses she had failed.
She worked through the online classes rapidly a€” finishing semester-long courses in months or weeks.
She worked on the courses after school, during downtime, throughout the weekend, on holidays. In all, Monica has taken 21 courses since August, including six traditional senior courses a€” English 4, economics, American government, math, and U.S.
She has taken 10 online courses through Florida Virtual School and Hernando eSchool, the district's online class provider. She has taken another five through CompassLearning Odyssey, a credit recovery program used for a small percentage of struggling students.
While online and credit recovery courses help struggling students like Monica graduate, their growth in recent years has stoked a debate about the quality of the education they deliver.
LaBarbara stresses that no one should follow Monica's path, but says the online courses can be quite rigorous. In the 28 years since his awkward start at DePoo, Degina has climbed the ranks from that 30-bed hospital to 560-bed University of Miami Hospital, with several stops in between. Degina started in July and is in the process of moving his wife and four daughters to their new home in Belleair.
From 1992 though 2007, Degina worked at three HCA hospitals in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.
Degina's strengths, Zambrana said, include always being open to diverging opinions and having his finger on the pulse of the needs of his hospital's community.
Degina oversaw the creation of University of Miami's 10-bed hospice program, which involved partnering with a for-profit hospice company to lease hospital space.
The 10-hospital network includes 687-bed Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater and 300-bed Mease Countryside Hospital.

The audit - which led to the resignation of CAMLS CEO Deborah Sutherland in January -  identified a number of risks, including that spending on 15 corporate credit cards was never reviewed, and there was a similar lack of oversight for travel and other purchases. She transferred to Hernando High, but dug a deeper hole, ending her junior year with just 8.5 credits.
Worth only one point on a four-point scale, they weren't much help when you need a 2.0 GPA to graduate. She pulled all-nighters, cut out her friends and eliminated bad influences, all while working part-time at the Days Inn with her mom. While the vast majority of her peers had their final day on May 21, she was stuck in school in front of a computer.
He steered one hospital through Hurricane Andrew, took another one through a change of ownership and now takes on the challenge of improving Largo Medical Center's standing among local hospitals. When asked if they'd definitely recommend the hospital, 80 percent of Morton Plant patients said yes, compared with 76 percent of Mease Countryside patients and 66 percent of Largo Medical patients.
He said he will bring everyone on board with a culture of patient care that will produce higher satisfaction ratings.
She still had online courses left to finish before she could walk across the graduation stage next Thursday. A total of 172 University of South Florida medical  students joined thousands of their counterparts from around the country in finding out what hospital or medical center they'll be working at at events last week. When it was sold to the University of Miami in 2007, Degina oversaw its transition from a community hospital to an academic medical center. USF Health executives ordered the audit after suspecting that portions of the Center were underperforming financially. Auditors found that while CAMLS did break even, it was mainly because USF Health provided additional financial support. In concept, the Center is supposed to fund itself through simulation training of medical professionals from around the world.
Last week, a university trustees workgroup said while the center will continue pursuing those clients, it will now focus more on training USF Health students.
That move downtown will now start before that, as CAMLS will soon house a number of medical school programs.

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