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I moved back to Guanajuato, Mexico for the second time this past August and as a couple readers have pointed out, I haven’t written much about it on this blog.
If you’ve got some time, check out the video below to get a sense of why I liked this small city the first time I came here and why it keeps pulling me back. I can turn down a bit of the stress in my business here because I’m spending less than half what I did in the USA on basic living expenses. I want to emphasize that this is for a family of three that’s not being all that frugal. My day to day work life hasn’t changed much, which is a bit of a problem in terms of getting better at Spanish.
I’ll write more on Guanajuato and living in Mexico later, with more of the hundreds of pictures I have sitting on my hard drive.
I visited Guanajuato 3 weeks ago and I like it more than SMA, but language would be the problem for me. I can only imagine how trying to get used to walking up those stairs in that high of altitude! There are a few neighborhoods where you can smell the vents from the sewage pipes, as most any place in the developing world (been to anywhere in Asia?), but not in the historic center. It’s not San Miguel or Ajijic though, with all unpleasantries removed by the retired gringos and their money.
As far as the comment supplied by Janet Levin, I can say that Cuenca, supposedly the best place in the world to retire, has all of that. True, it’s about 8 hours to Zihuatenejo or an overnight bus to Puerto Vallarta region. Omar, there are loads of good books and articles out there on buying in Mexico if you poke around. It’s probably safer here than where you are now and the economy is on the upswing instead of declining. Thank you very much for your time Tim, I greatly appreciate it, one more question what can you tell me about the Cierro del cuarto neighborhood? I am originally from the states and living in Leon at the moment, its great to see everyone enjoy Guanajuato. I am currently in Guanajuato looking for a place to buy but so far without success although I have had a realtor looking for me as well. I am looking in the central zone but not in the historial area which I woud prefer to avoid, and am looking for a smaller house with a couple of bedrooms.
Anna, You can try the usual spots for vacation rentals as sometimes they’ll welcome a longer-term rental at a lower price. My business partner asks about professional high-speed internet availability for our software business, were he to move to Guanajuato.
I was interested in how safe it is in Guanajuato since my daughter is seriously considering moving there to teach English through an agency. Anyway, when performing your utility bill tracking, get familiar with your energy rates and what you pay by reading about energy rates. Remember that electricity rates are usually the highest for homeowners(as high as $0.26 per kWh for Hawaii), since voltage needs to be stepped down via transformers to be usable by homes.
Download LiteFaire, a Light Replacement Savings Calculator for Your Android phone or tablet See your cost and energy savings for replacing light bulbs. FOR REAL ESTATE PROS If you offer real estate products and services related to home remodels or savings, please make a Directory Submission here.
They usually make up most of the cost, so it is common to use them to calculate the average cost.

The bill below does not include a tax charge because it represents a low-income facility exempted from taxes.
So, for simplicity, we can calculate unit costs for consumption without deducting the basic or demand charges. That and a few consulting sessions lately with people thinking about moving to Mexico has pushed me to do some catch-up on that today. The aesthetics are great and it’s been here since before any English set foot in America. The first time we were here we rented two side-by-side apartments for a total of $800 a month, all utilities and internet included.
The 114 peso water bill is equivalent to $8.77 and the 324 electric bill is equivalent to $25. Our house repairs, renovations, furniture, and other purchases vary depending on how flush we are that month. At some point soon I need to break off some time and go back to classes for a while in order to advance. After 15 months of criss-crossing this country, my new book looks at Americans and Canadians who’ve chosen to avoid the big expat colonies in San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala. San Miguel is certainly cleaner and better cared-for because of all that foreigner money that has poured in. Not as far from where I’ll move next (eastern Washington), at a decent elevation, which suits me, and with a good climate. I have been checking on the Internet and walking the streets but as to the former, there only seem to be large houses for sale, and as to the latter, I have so far seen nothing for sale. As an energy engineer, I have analyzed more utility bills than I care to admit (yawn), and so, I can definitely understand if you would prefer to swim in a shark tank than try to decipher the confusing language in your utility bills. Female-owned professionals, contractors, handy-persons, techs and tradespeople are particularly encouraged to submit. All the items listed under "Adjustments" are variable adjustments that also depend on consumption (kWh). Now we own a house outright, so we’re pouring money into improvements and furniture instead. But if we estimate $600 per month, that puts the total monthly expenses at around $2,160 not counting travel. Getting around in this city requires lots of walking at high altitude though and like most people, we need to climb a lot of stairs to get to our front door. If you want to see the city through my eyes and my stomach, sign up for my Guanajuato street food tour. Still, it’s nice for novices like me that there are Ajijics and San Miguels, as a first step.
But prices for housing are far higher as a result and it’s harder to get much of a cultural immersion.
And we don’t know what the requirements are or where to begin, any help you could offer would be appreciated. I never feel like I’m getting a poor value and I travel all over the country on a regular basis.
There’s way too much of that, partly from bad parenting, partly from this administration not caring as much as the last one did about aesthetics. But a few weeks ago I went to the Presidencial building on a Monday at 10:00 to complain about the increasing graffiti all over town.
There are a fair number of Asians living here because of programs through the university—enough that there is one Korean restaurant and several Japanese ones that serve (mostly) them.

You’ll pay more by setting it up in advance than if you just look around after getting here though. Where the heck do those numbers come from?What was all the fuss about deregulation back in the 1990's?
First, most of the traffic moves through tunnels under the city, so it’s a very pedestrian-friendly place to live. Considering that we were spending $2,000 a month in Tampa just on rent though and another $1,000 on health care, our Mexican living budget feels like a screaming bargain. The book is called Into the Heart of Mexico: Expatriates Find Themselves Off the Beaten Path. UNESCO gave them a stern warning a few months ago though, so I have a feeling that will improve once there’s a threatening of less money coming their way.
A guy vacationing here from SM de Allende (he thinks it’s too chilly there in winter), supplied corroborating info, which helped too. Purchasing a home is a little different, but less complicated actually since you buy it outright with no mortgage. Before devising an energy plan, you should, at minimum, have an understanding of what the major components of your utilities are. We can spend another $1,000 on travel, visas, and shopping and still just be up to what we used to spend on those two items alone. When delivery men brought a refrigerator and stove, they had to carry it up these stairs you see at the right. Most expats who are moving for lifestyle reasons rather than a job posting don’t want to move to a big city. Also how complicated is it to purchase a home and how much more do we have to consider above the asking price including taxes, paperwork, real state agent fees etc. Quickly review the drawing below that shows the average utility breakdown for an average household in the U.S. Would it be safe for an asian girl(not racist, but just in case) to live in Guanajuato alone?
To my amazement, the very next day workers were painting over the graffiti on the street in my neighborhood. Also probably I might live there from next January to March, how is the weather there around that time?
Go a step further and write down what you have in terms of lighting, appliances, heating and cooling equipment, hot water heater, electronics and computers, and any household item that needs to plug into a wall outlet to work. Without utility bill tracking, you can't set goals to trim your expenses; for example, if you know that June is when you prefer to start air-conditioning your home, but July and August are the absolute necessary months for cooling, then you can shift your cooling season, especially, if temperatures in June don't go over 80 degrees. That can save a significant amount of energy and money.Once you have tracked your expenses, you can start going through your home energy assessment and create a master energy plan. When your energy upgrades are complete, you can start tracking your new energy pattern and see how much you save from month to month, and year to year.
By the way, if you can't find records of your utility bills, just call your utility company and have them mail, email, or fax you a copy of your records.
This spreadsheet will automatically calculate your average monthly costs, and your savings after you perform your energy improvements. You get all the numbers and graphs to show you visually the impact your energy improvements are having on your pocketbook.

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