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DNA healing as taught to me by : Patrick Zeigler of New Zealand at his All Love conference. With the DNA healing sequence we take you all the way back to the First Divine Female and  the First Divine Male DNA, Heaven and Earth DNA , Past and Future DNANamaste~*~Stormi*for any donation of 50$ or more. Sound Healing is the perfect musical mojo for a world that is out of sync with the melody of the earth.
Natural Healing Options for Balance and Wholeness Explore the dynamic relationship between energy and health, and determine which vibrational healing techniques will work best for you. Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness * Understand Your Energetic Type ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Masuro Emoto’s work with photographing frozen water crystals has gained considerable interest in past years. Similar research at an aerospace institute in Stuttgart, Germany, demonstrates the visible imprint flowers leave upon water molecules and the remarkably distinctive patterns of different individuals’ energies.

Stuart Mitchell, a Scottish composer, creator of the Human Genome Music Project, uses his musical skills to translate the DNA codes of plants into musical sequences. A wonderful 10-minute video by Llewellyn Vaughn Lee explores the inherent wisdom of the feminine and our role in shaping Indra’s Web.
If there is sufficient time, I would also like to conclude the evening’s presentation with the 2013 Meditation movie — a simple, gentle message from nature for these changing times.
The good news is that this discipline can produce immediate, beneficial results in your current life, in some cases instantly.Mental alchemy involves the replacement of beliefs that are hindering your development with positive ones that will help you. With simple questions designed to reveal your energy type, physical-body type, temperament, and purpose, Vibrational Healing is the perfect guide to creating a more balanced, vibrant, and healthy life. I find it very affirming that the water that has been exposed to flowers tends to reveal distinct floral mandala patterns mimicking the actual flower. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Empowering and user-friendly, this remarkable book provides practical instructions for working with a variety of healing modalities, including: • visualization • mantra • color • sound • light • aromatherapy • stones • water • intention • plants • meditation • minerals • herbs • and more Join Jaya Jaya Myra as she shares the wealth of knowledge and insight she’s gained from years of study with enlightened masters.
Though I wish I had created the presentation with music, the text by Sufi mystic, Llewellyn Vaughn Lee and Jungian therapist, Robert Romanyshyn, still conveys the heart of my working relationship with nature. I share this clip with many of the women who come for a private retreat as it is one of the most compelling invitations for us to stand in the fullness of our beauty and power as women. A second clip Working with the Forces Within Nature explores our relationship with angels and nature spirits, and how we have lost our spiritual connection with creation.

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