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My work is to be a catalyst for you to become a healthy and balanced individual and to empower your personal growth. Heart Medicine is a holistic practice that comes from understanding that every illness can be a great teacher.
Most often, her clients are individuals who have for a very long time neglected their needs and feelings, which has caused all kinds of different health problems.
This healing can help with all illnesses and health conditions, and is especially suitable for those who are suffering from emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wounds and are going through difficult times. It is important to understand that all symptoms of disease are expressions of disharmony within the whole person.
She helps to release energy blockages and empowers her clients to access their inner resources to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. During treatment different methods of healing are used, depending on the individual needs of each person.
This healing practice can help with a specific aspect in your life that you need to overcome or it can be used for personal growth, self exploration or spiritual development.
Mirela has always been interested in complementary therapies and her training started with Homeopathy.
She has extensively studied different aspects of shamanism and has trained and worked with many western and indigenous teachers including Andean, Amazonian and Siberian shamans. She is a qualified practitioner of Bioenergy Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).
Learn Emotional Healing, Holistic Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Spiritual Health, Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy and other New Age Alternative Medicine technologies with proven courses and training programs from an expert in Vibrational Healing and Vibrational Medicine. Blanche is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world by assisting individuals reach a greater potential for creativity, personal achievement, happiness and physical health. In addition to chakra analysis and energy healing sessions, she can also aid those who suffer from excessive grief, unresolved issues with those who have passed, past-life karma, exorcisms and other esoteric concerns. Blanche has traveled extensively, facilitating individual sessions and group classes in the U.S. Blanche has lectured and presented workshops at the Whole Life Expo, Body Mind Spirit Convention, Wellness Information Network, the Sound Healer’s Colloquium and various regional expos. September 1999 was a pivotal, when she founded both Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Energy Consciousness and the multi-media performance ensemble Shakura World Theatre. Kate DeVore is a Reiki Master Teacher who is certified in Vibrational Healing and Magnified Healing®.
I am also available for private sessions by phone , including Counseling, Core Belief Work, Spiritual Journeys, Hypnotic CDs, Path Life Regressions, Grief Work, Chakra Diagnosis, Life Between LIves and Vibrational Alignment. Meanwhile, whenever it feels helpful, I will use a crystal or an essential oil at the appropriate chakras (if we're working long distance, I can do this here, on my imaginary hologram of your body, and you can also do it where you are, if you have the crystals or oils, and if not, I will describe them to you and you can visualize them).
So if you have a pain in your left knee, and if the energy there is excessive, it could be that your mother was a workaholic, and didn't take much time out for you when you were a baby, and that you adapted to the situation by becoming a workaholic yourself. Another exciting option is to set up an individualized Mentorship Program, where we will work together to design private weekly sessions based on your individualized goals. These sessions incorporate the healing modalities I am trained in and the focus is on self expression, confidence building and finding your true vocal path, which in turn can lead to finding your true life path.
I have a hearing impairment which means I have intuitively relied on the feel of sound on some level for all of my life.
Lynn Miller provides healing sessions tailored to help you resolve emotional pain, develop self-expression, learn tools for stress reduction and develop new self-advocating behaviors.

During a session Lynn Miller uses her voice, gemstones and color therapy, with the objective of raising vibration. In addition to private sessions, Lynn Miller and Jan Hittle have created the SpiritVoice: School for Vocal Improvisation and Sound Healing. Lynn Miller is a certified Music Therapist and holds a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy.
Luce has been a Vibrational practitioner since her initial training with Joy Gardener in 1995, and has studied essential oils with David Stewart since 2002. Luce is a visual artist and educator and encourages clients to co-create a work of art to bookmark their healing experiences. My first memories about complementary healing occurred when I was about six years old and really sick. When I was 13, I knew I wanted to learn to do what great-Aunt Martha did, but a few months later she made her transition at the age of 83.
Over the years, I read everything I could find about psychic phenomena, telepathy, ESP, clairaudience and remote viewing. At the same time, I was evolving my own ideas about how the world and its energies worked, based on my own experiences, particularly with manifestation. Then, in 1995, I saw a video of a Touch For Health treatment with a description of the energy meridians and kinesiology. The next year I began taking classes at the Holistic Coaching Institute and was later attuned as a Reiki Master. As part of the certification process, I had to do a number of treatments of several sorts and send Joy the feedback sheets. In addition to being a Certified Vibrational Healer, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and a Sound Therapy Practitioner using the Solfeggio tuning forks.
I live in East Tennessee near a town called Madisonville where I practice with my husband, Dale. I specialize in those with chronic illness and children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism. With children and adults with autism, I also communicate telepathically with them or with their higher self to share information back to the parents. Disclaimer: None of the information or products in this website are intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. During our session we will together create healing sounds, chanting and after that we enjoy a deep relaxation with healing sounds. A creative, fun, yet relaxing class using a combination of meditation (mindfulness) and painting techniques to reconnect with yourself, quiet your mind, find inner peace and relaxation. Mirela herself overcame a personal crisis which opened her heart to compassion and empathy to the suffering of others.
Or individuals who are starting to spiritually awaken but they don’t understand what is happening to them. It is dis-harmony which causes the mental, emotional or the physical manifestation of dis-ease. She is a shamanic practitioner, sound healer, bioenergy therapist, homeopath and QHHT practitioner. She has completed Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Course and she is a member of The Sound Healers Association.

This is a small segment of Ivan’s QHHT session relating to his life mission and the New Earth.
Shamans are specialists in the human soul and mediators between the spirit world and human beings. With the gift of high sensory perception and energy healing, she can reveal, explain and aid in healing the energetic component of emotional, physical and other issues through the chakra system. A professional member of the International Society of the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Noetic Sciences and the Sound Healers Association, she has many endorsements.
In 1993, a near-death experience initiated a connection to the spirit realm and her healing gifts.
She has a unique ability to integrate scientific principles and theories with artistic and holistic training modalities.
Phone sessions can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more; I charge $1 minute for phone consultations. My passion for more understanding led me to work and study with Joy at her then home in Marin County, North of San Francisco.
This helps the parent to understand issues in the home, reasons for behavior, and health issues.
You will be guided in your personal project that will organically evolve during the workshop.
In that way the illness is teaching us that we can not continue as before and it is showing us that we need to change in order to regain balance and harmony. She has studied with Gong Master Don Conreaux and she continues to study Tuvan and Mongolian throat singing.
Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Energy Consciousness is a comprehensive system of understanding the chakras and learning to shift one's own energy patterns. She then apprenticed with master shaman Joy Gardner Gordon for five years that led to co-developing workshops and assistant teaching intensives, in Hawaii, until early 1999.
This is our body speaking to us, a signal for us to look at something, feel something, notice something. This time will offer you an opportunity to create inner space and freedom, to have fun, find enthusiasm and flow in your work and soul, to express yourself and gain new insights into your creative and personal process.
Currently on staff for Music for People, an organization dedicated to music improvisation, she has taught music improvisation in Switzerland, France and Italy for over10 years. All information contained within this website is the property of Joy Gardner and is protected by copyright law. In that arena, Kate gained significant experience counseling people with issues related to stress, anxiety, expression, and self worth. She has also worked at the Resurrection Center for Integrative Medicine in Chicago, offering Reiki and Mind-Body Medicine. The sounding gently massages molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony.

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