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How often do we consider what happens to our thoughts once we’ve stopped thinking them? You may have noticed, however, that affirmations seem to only work for some of the people some of the time.
Miasms are crystallizations of electro-tonal units of consciousness that form the base for anti-particles. At the same time that flower essences came to my attention, I was also hearing a lot about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils but was, for some reason, not yet compelled to study this area of vibrational medicine.
I’m sure there are numerous other sources of high-quality essential oils, but Young Living is the one that I use.
I have witnessed astounding emotional healing with my clients as a result of their using these essential oils.
The Power of The Pendulum, by T C Lethbridge, published Penguin Arkana;Lethbridgealso wrote a range of other, related, works.
A large range of books on dowsing (la Radiesthesie) and related subjects is published by La Maison de la Radiesthesie inParis, but you have to be able to read French. Explanations for how radionics works involve both a physical, scientific approach and more esoteric approaches involving the mind and consciousness.
Coherent consciousness creates order in the world and the behavior of random systems may change. Tiller has found and proved that when intent is repeated in the same space, eventually it becomes permanent.
Stanford University Professor William Tiller has proved that consciousness can change the laws of physics.
Proof that Homeopathy Works: The Australian Luc Montagneir A NOBEL laureate who discovered the link between HIV and AIDS has suggested there could be a firm scientific foundation for homeopathy. The Shift is heading towards an intelligent, informed world where unconditional love, compassion, generosity and acceptance are normal; where the true potential of human beings can express itself in the daily joy of being all that you are.

These miasmic crystals are caused by the collection of lower-vibrating, disharmonic thought patterns, and their buildup impedes the natural evolutionary process.
In this method, the disharmonic content of a present-life drama is traced back to its original point of creation, which may have occurred earlier in this life or in another incarnation.
What I especially like about flower essences is that they address the emotional state rather than physical symptoms. Then a few years ago, at least three people recommended a particular brand of essential oil. The particular high quality essential oils recommended to me are made by Young Living Essential Oils. To my chagrin, these oils are only sold through multilevel-marketing, which gets a bad rap as a result of the thin line between MLM and pyramid schemes.
I do not sell these or any products but am always happy to evaluate your particular situation and make suggestions. I’m no expert on exactly how aromatherapy works but I can strongly attest that, used properly, it can work miracles in restoring balance in the emotional state. Much pioneering work on Dowsing was done inFrance and some classics are available in English through Borderlands – such as A New and Rational Treatise of Dowsing byPierre Beasse.
In this paper Tony Scofield reviews some of the latest explanations proposed in the light of advances in quantum mechanics as well as the increasing recognition that commentators place on the role of mind. The more functional strands we have, the more we can be healthy, happy, feel joy and be avatars and indigos as intended.
His experiments began by imprinting electrical devices with a specific intention (IIED) and demonstrate the effect of mind over matter.
This is an ongoing unfolding future where struggle, poverty, greed, are rapidly becoming anachronistic, unproductive, unintelligent, outdated and obsolete.  Those who resist The Shift will fall from their castles-in-the-air into a pit of misery, misfortune and illness in this lifetime. And all energetic substance is made of consciousness, thus all energy is consciously aware. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement, coined the phrase “thoughts are things and thoughts think.

Insight is gained that this is something that happened in the past and is no longer a threat. The result is to literally get a fresh start in life, unfettered by the karmic imprints of the past. I studied Bach’s flower essences more than twenty years ago and very quickly found my own personal protocol for setting up particular healing vibrations within myself. I can vouch for the company, though, and solid research declares these oils to be the best available at this time.
As the practice of radionics has evolved so has the central role of the mind in radionic healing become ever more apparent. The body, mind and spirit represent an intimately interwoven system of ordered energy structure, which is further interwoven with the energetic structure of the cosmos. In my office, I keep the Flower Essence Society prescriptive manual, and will often suggest to my clients that they stop at a reputable health food store and pick up one or two essences that will help restore them to emotional balance. What I discovered is that there is a need to recognize and avoid synthetic essential oils, which are frequently used in the fragrance industry but which lack the therapeutic benefits of natural essential oils. My standard recommendation is that everyone have, at the very least, a bottle of Bach’s Rescue Remedy on hand.
Moreover, even some well-intentioned distillers of natural essential oils are careless in their manufacturing process.
At times of trauma or anxiety, a few drops of this essence under the tongue or in a glass of water will restore balance and a sense of calm within just a few minutes. They either use steam heat, which destroys the plant’s therapeutic properties, or they do not realize the necessity of using pure carrier oils with which the essential oils are mixed.

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