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The market of applications to design user interfaces is a bit more crowded than it was just a few years ago. For the last 5 years I have been designing in Photoshop (I know what you’re thinking, Fireworks guru).
When you work on a daily basis with a specific software, you get used to its imperfections. A lot of UI designers use Photoshop’s brother program, Fireworks, to design their projects. Fireworks, the software created specifically to help designers realize user interfaces, will no longer be supported by its creators.
Designers can choose to continue to work in Fireworks for years to come, but how can they rely on a product that Adobe doesn’t consider worth updating?
Since I’m not a Fireworks user, Adobe’s decision not to update Photoshop’s brother didn’t bother me.
CSS3 is allowing front-end developers to design most elements in the browser, freeing designers from the need to export a lot of .png images. We imagine in the upcoming years more and more high-resolution displays will populate our houses and offices. Are we Photoshop users just going to design everything at double size while working with high-res displays? Designers’ feature requests caused the Adobe team to add more UI features to the Creative Cloud package. As anticipated in the intro, we’re going to discuss how the market is working to offer new tools to the modern UI designer. Different from Photoshop, this application is focused entirely on UI design, and this is its real strength.
I’m currently using Sketch as main tool for mocking-up my designs, but I still need Photoshop for photo-editing, realizing patterns, and for a lot of other design processes.
Speaking about tools for designers, I have written about the same problem in my blog post with some scenarios and ideas, but to be applied on Linux (ubuntu).
We use Photoshop in the context of film, so this hasn’t come up too much yet - but it surely will with 4K and even 6K Red Dragon footage!

Attribution for free resources must be provided in conjunction any time the freebie is used, on the same page where the resource appears on your design. As a consequence, designers are expecting more from the software programs they buy, and they are starting to question if the tools they have been using for years are the right ones today. I used to design all of the vectors in Illustrator, then import them into Photoshop to complete the design with textures, patterns and all those details Photoshop handles best. That makes a lot of sense considering that, according to Adobe, Fireworks is the tool “to create beautiful designs for websites and mobile apps in a snap.” There are tons of other designers who work almost exclusively in Illustrator, not just to create icons and logos but to design entire interfaces. Even though this is an unexpected and disappointing surprise, Fireworks fans should move forward and start looking for alternatives. With the design software world evolving daily, I hardly think this is a realistic approach. As a result of Responsive design and the evolution of CSS, designs started to become more and more minimal, and the Flat design style arose. As a designer, opening an old 1200 pixels wide Photoshop document with the new retina MacBook Pro results in a document half the size, making it too compressed to work with. The new Generator was created by Adobe, allowing for ease of image editing, vector work, and even smoothly exporting images. Or, after all of the years we’ve dedicated to working with this program, are we just holding onto it for nostalgia’s sake? The Bohemian Coding team works exclusively on features that will make UI designers’ lives easier. You can learn more about Sketch in this article by Jean-Marc Denis or try it yourself by downloading the free trial. Recently funded on Kickstarter (over $100K!), NoFlo’s main point is that Photoshop isn’t really THE design tool, but a communication one.
Should we keep using Photoshop, should we use Sketch, should we stick with Fireworks, or should we wait for something new to come? I’m using both Illustrator and Sketch for creating icons and logos, depending on their complexity. The tools we choose to use don’t affect our end-users, as long as we provide them with a great web experience.

To make the composition more interesting it’s also common to hide portions of the lettering behind objects in the photo. Adobe still is the leader of the creative tools market, though these days we see the spreading of discussions about why something has to change. We may think: “OK, just double the size of the document, then, when you’ve finished, down-size it again”, but that approach doesn’t work well with images, textures, and in general, with every raster file.
I think you’ll agree that it feels weird that the button I’m designing in Photoshop is 600 by 200 pixels, while the developers will ultimately have to make it 300 by 100 pixels. What I love about MACAW is the idea behind the tool: being web responsive, it lets you design and code at the same time!
NoFlo can’t replace Photoshop at all since it’s based on flow-based programming language that lets you translate the logic of web project into a graph. If you think it’s time for a change, it doesn’t matter how many years you spent on the Adobe suite; I encourage you to try something new.
Besides, being a self-taught designer, I found that most of the online tutorials available used Photoshop. Less textures, patterns, and brushes (and of course, all those features for photo editing, which makes up about 60% of the software). I can’t tell more because I didn’t try it yet, but check out the video presentation: it seems exciting, doesn’t it?
However, it can make UI designers re-think what the final purpose is of our job: making user experience better. While there’s no perfect tool for UI designers, there are better and worse workflows.

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