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We are a company that specializes in needs pertaining to personal and business development, image consulting and adolescent social enhancement. Spinal Meningitis is a serious infection causing inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. The most common causes of spinal-meningitis are viral infections which typically resolve without treatment. Viral Meningitis is milder and far more common vs the significantly more serious bacterial meningitis disease variation. Most cases of viral-meningitis are associated with the enterovirus, which are viruses commonly resulting in serious intestinal illness (possibly even to a life-threatening degree) and severe flu-like symptoms.
Recently, the West-Nile virus (spread by mosquito bites) has resulted in complications involving herpes viral infection and is a cause of viral-meningitis in most areas of the USA.
In addition to causing Viral Meningitis and similar or related disease complications, the west-nile virus may also result in encephalitis in some meningitis patients, and a polio-like syndrome in other spinal-meningitis disease sufferers. Severe neck stiffness, potentially resulting in characteristic arched-posture, seen in infants and young children.
Early diagnosis and effective treatment of bacterial meningitis is essential to prevent permanent neurological or potential spinal damage. If you feel like you or your child has Meningitis-like symptoms which may be SpinalMeningitis disease, you should definitely get emergency medical help immediately.
Early treatment of Spinal Meningitis is key to recovery and a good outcome, without serious health side-effects, in particular regarding high-risk bacterial meningitis, which is also referred to as bacterial spinal meningitis, or known as acute bacterial meningitis. For the benefit of your entire family, we recommend you learn more about Meningitis in Children and Meningitis in Babies and realize the considerable protective benefits of getting spinal-meningitis prevention shots to help protect against this dangerous disease. It is highly recommended medical staff, household contacts and other people with close contact with individuals who have meningococcal meningitis get antibiotics to prevent meningitis, or wear surgical masks, to avoid becoming infected themselves. The American Pediatrics Academy College Health Assn encourages all college-age students (especially freshmen living in dorms) to be vaccinated with a meningitis shot. Late-breaking health news: Walgreens and other drug stores now offer low-cost Meningitis Shots, and with no appointments needed.

With the summer and fall seasons, an increasing threat of Spinal Meningitis raises its ugly head in search for victims, its prey are often children under-5 and adults under-30.
Often, it's not clear if the patient has viral or bacterial meningitis until the lab runs tests (taking 24-72 hours to complete).
Bacterial Meningitis may show several more signs and symptoms of the disease, such as mental status, unusual behavior, or alertness changes which sometimes can mimic early stage dementia, and seem similar to early stage Alzheimer's. If you experience these spinal-meningitis symptoms seek medical attention right away, including paying a visit to your area ER, or local immediate-care clinic. Common meningitis disease diagnostic tools the doctor uses for spinal meningitis include a Lumbar Puncture to inspect cerebro-spinal fluid, bacterial culture, chest Xrays and a CT (cat) scan of the brain to find meningitis damaged areas. Bacterial Meningitis is treated with antibiotics administered orally at first and then graduating to intravenously. Of course, disease prevention is much preferred and better compared to disease treatment and cures.
However, bacterial infections of the meninges are extremely serious illnesses and may result in death or brain damage, even if treated. Meningitis usually (but not always) develops in the late summer and early fall, often affects children and adults, in particular adults under age-30. For example, Viral Meningitis may occur as a complication in people with genital herpes, especially meingitis in adults.
Thus, a lumbar puncture is often done on babies who have a fever of mysterious origin, which may be diagnosed as Meningitis in Children. Treatment of secondary symptoms including brain swelling, seizures and shock will require other medications and IV fluids. Viral Meningitis is not as serious a disease condition vs Bacterial Meningitis is and viral-meningitis symptoms will normally fade away in roughly two-weeks or so, and usually without serious side-effects or serious complications.
Luckily, and upon the right diagnosis, the patients meningitis condition often turns out to be lower-risk aseptic meningitis variation. Pneumococcal vaccines are now a routine childhood immunization method and is very effective at preventing Pneumococcal Meningitis. The military routinely vaccinates against spinal meningitis because of a base high incidence rate.
Good health advice for you (to not get Meningitis) is to protect against, or avoid mosquitoes!

Mosquito bites are sadly a far to common cause of spinal meningitis, which leads to inflammation of the brain membranes and spinal cord.
Other early symptoms are becoming easily agitated, unusual skin rashes, a sudden eye twitching condition, and protruding soft-skull areas (as seen in babies).
The earlier bacterial meningitis-disease is detected and treated the better will be the results. Black-Cohosh may also be a good natural treatment for spinal meningitis but it's not advisable for women who are pregnant. Chronic fatigue and minor psychiatric morbidity after viral meningitis: a controlled study.
Viral Meningitis is a more common health condition and less-severe form of Spinal-Meningitis which normally (but not always) resolves successfully (without side-effects), special treatment or medications needed. Meningitis is also transmitted or caused by fungi, mosquitoes, chemical irritation, drug allergies and tumors (i.e. A significantly high 2 of every 3 meningitis infections occur in children under the age of-5.
College-age students from age-18 thru the early to mid-20's are most vulnerable to getting adult meningitis. Again, please be fully aware Bacterial Meningitis is much more serious vs (Aseptic) Viral Meningitis, which is a non-bacterial meningitis.
Secondary effects are not likely but if they happen the effects can be well-treated by using IV fluid. Meningococcal vaccines and Spinal Meningitis shots can usually prevent meningitis disease onset of some types of Spinal Meningitis (but may not protect against all possible spinal meningitis disease variations). The much more serious bacterial meningitis is typically treated with from 10 to 15 days of IV anti-biotics.

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