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If you've played any of the Virtual Villagers games before, some things are the same and some have changed. Your energy bar shows two things, how much energy you can have and how much energy you do have. Children under the age of 14 will not work, except for picking up mushrooms and collectibles!
Based on their parentage, some children will be born with a little bit of skill in some areas. If you are going to be playing with the tutorial on, it's better to not choose a nursing mother, as the tutorial has you produce a baby. While the food bin is being built, grab one adult and start dropping them on blue mask villagers to talk to them. If at this point the food bin isn't finished, set two adults to finish it and continue talking to the blues with the third. In order to get food from the bush, you need to get the guards away and tear down the totem. Once the heathens near the bush run away use a child to distract any orange masks in the area, then drop your adults on the totem to tear it down. Another food source will appear when your energy reaches 150, the instant bloom godly power.
If the bush runs out of fruit before you get the farm fixed, you can use the bees on the bush to create a few more berries.
When both the wood and dry grass are in the fire pit, drop an adult on it to light the fire. Once the statue is done, find the foundations for your honeymoon hut and first hut, they will be below your enclosure.
Move your honeymoon hut to where you want it, then set one villager to building and drop them on to start the project. When the honeymoon hut is done you can get a female pregnant, if you came with a nursing mother this is not a good idea to have two women out of the workforce at the same time.
Once you've got some decent food reserves and the honeymoon hut, it's time to take down the Knowing Totem that is blocking the science lab. Now that the lab is clear, move most of your adults over to research in their preferences then drop them on the lab table. You need to get second level construction to get the farm, but you won't be able to fix it unless you have both a master scientist and a master builder. Once you open the lab science collectibles will start showing up, collect them with your children. When you get 3000 tech points use them to buy 2nd level food production, which will increase your yield from the noni bush and mushrooms.
Then keep researching until you have the 5,000 points needed for second level construction. To get the farm you need 2nd level construction, as well as a master scientist and a master builder. Once you have all of those, turn your attention to the farm and the broken aqueduct above (north) of the lab.
At this point the purple masked farmer will convert to your tribe and drop a piece of the necklace. It will take 2 hours (in fast speed) for food to grow, but you can make it bloom instantly if you have the instant bloom "godly" power.
Have your builders finish the second hut as soon as possible, then switch them to farming or research. After food mastery and construction, buy the level 2 technologies in this order: science, learning, medicine, spirituality. When you have level 2 construction and spirituality, drop builders on the statue and they will refine it again, boosting your maximum energy bar.
Hit the pain totem with the lightning power, then drop your builders on it to take it apart.
This requires lightning power (or the bees) and at least two (preferably more) master builders. Once you start to work on this totem, the guards and others from the mausoleum will come and try to rebuild it. When the red and blue masks come back and start repairing the totem, hit them with lightning again.
Once the Blocking Totem (puzzle 7) is gone, wait and the heathens will drift away to other places. Towards the end, the purple mask heathen who sits by the mausoleum may try to put the blockage back. After the clothing hut is complete, three dye pots will appear at the top of the screen, to the right of the pool and above the farm. You can use these to drive all of the heathens out of the pool long enough to take down the totem. After you purchase 2nd level science, the lab cleans up a bit and there is a large "blackboard" on the back wall made of animal skins. Drop a master scientist on this board and they will proceed to write out a mathematical proof. If they are correct, the purple masked master scientist will celebrate, then walk over to the mat and sit down, thinking. The adult will take the pan up the stream and drop it near the mysterious pot, halfway between the food bin and the science lab. When they put the eye in the totem, the hidden section of the forest will clear and you will see the chief. You may have noticed the heathen "mommy" sitting in the ruined village in the southeast corner of the map.
Mommy is almost never alone, the guards are always there except when they are drawn away, or when it rains.
Basically you want all three mommies to be talking to the heathen "mommy" at the same time. As long as you have the blooming godly power and enough energy to use it, that farm can support a village of 50 without much strain, so getting the final source of food is not the major necessity it was in earlier games. So now you need to come up with a strategy of which technologies to push for while growing your village. You're going to need a lot of scientists, so put at least three women at parenting and let them go. Also, continue to try and convert the blue masked heathens, they will add to your workforce.
You need 3rd level construction to get the third hut, and you need the third hut to grow your village past 35 people. 3rd level food mastery means you will yield more from your farm and from collected mushrooms. 3rd level learning means your villagers will learn more quickly, and you will get the foundations for the nursery school with which to train the kids. My personal preference for 3rd level technology order: science, construction, spirituality, medicine, learning, food mastery. Wait for an hour or two until the lights above their heads go out, then trigger another earthquake.
Requires a master builder, 500 energy, the purple master builder to be in the area, and the time warp godly power.
The necklace piece will actually drop near the statue, near where the other three pieces of the necklace are.
When you have the energy, use the revive godly power on the lake and the fish will come to life. Once you have the levels of technology, start dropping your builders on the statue and they will complete it. Requires that you have converted all of the purple masked masters and gathered their pieces of the necklace (puzzle 1, puzzle 5, puzzle 9, and puzzle 13).
Once the necklace is complete, drop someone (adult, child, it doesn't matter) on it to take it to the chief. Level 2 science allows the clothing hut to be built and the lab to be restored enough to convert the purple mask science master. Level 2 medicine allows your villagers to live to their late 60s (they will get elderly in their early 60s).
Level 2 learning makes your villagers learn their tasks more quickly, and means they will reach master status sooner. Level 2 construction allows for the second hut, the repair of the aqueduct for the farm, and the next level construction of the hand statue.
Level 2 spirituality gets you more energy capacity, and allows the statue upgrade (in combination with construction level 2). Food mastery doesn't open up a supply of food, it merely increases the amount of food you can get from your source and improves your storage methods so it disappears more slowly.
Gray mushrooms: level 1 = 6 food points, level 2 = 9 food points, level 3 = 12 food points.
Red mushrooms: level 1 = 35 food points, level 2 = 52 food points, level 3 = 70 food points. Godly powers are things that you, as the "power" in the game, can use to affect the environment. You can increase your capacity by finding new relics, by converting heathens to your tribe, and by having children. You can increase your energy by collecting duplicate relics, by talking to the blue mask heathens, and by performing certain tasks.

There are five types of heathens in the game, and you will hopefully convert them all to your village. Some of the heathens will ignore your people, some are actively hostile, and some are too scary to approach.
Blue Masks: These are friendly folk who are not scary and who will not chase your villagers.
Orange Masks: These are aggressive guards, who try to keep your villagers away from certain areas and also the blue heathens. The Chief: You will occasionally see the chief wander in and out of the forest area to the north with the Blind Totem. Most totems are a focus for the orange and red masks guarding the useful spaces, the pool, the science lab, the mausoleum, the dry lake, and the noni bush. Supposedly you need a master builder, but I have found that as long as you have the master scientist, any builder will do. Requires: Master Builders (preferably 3 or more), Lightning power, children for distraction. Requires: A builder (adept or master), time warp power, 500 energy, and the purple masked master builder to be sitting in the area. This also works with the colors in the order of the totem, red, yellow blue (requires 3 adults). Requires: The mausoleum to be completely cleared (puzzle 6 and 7), random adults, fire in the fire pit. Requires: Conversion of all of the purple masked masters (puzzles 1, 5, 9, and 13), all pieces of the necklace, several children. After each of the purple mask conversions, you should have a child take the piece of the necklace that they dropped to the statue. This is an extra puzzle that will only appear in games sold in the first few weeks directly through Last Day of Work. Relics show up on the ground from south near the mausoleum all the way north to the stairs to the forest. Science collectibles only show up once you've solved puzzle 4 (The Knowing Totem) and taken over the lab.
Please check the section above the FAQ, section IV, which lists all of the puzzles in order. That is an extra puzzle that will only be included in games purchased from Last Day of Work in the first few weeks of release. Oh no, I have a villager who is nearly a jack of all trades, but they're old and about to die!
It is possible to make a jack of all trades before a villager dies, but it is difficult and they are pretty old when they finish, especially now that there's a sixth discipline.
Once the nursery school is built you can train children to have some skill before they hit working age. In order to teach at the school an adult must be at least adept in three different subjects. Puzzle 6 - You need to complete puzzle &ndash5 first and have a villager with level 3 harvesting. Search the sandy areas on the south part of the island between the food bin and the temple. Everything you need to get through the game is here, including a lot of spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.
They are basically the same as Virtual Villagers 4 with the addition of the energy bar and the "godly" powers icons. At the top of the screen are the totals of your population, your food supply, your current tech points, your faith energy, and what "godly" powers you can access. Your ability to have more energy increases with the size of your population and the level of spirituality tech, as well as your conversion efforts. To double collect an item with children do as follows: once you spot a collectible or mushroom, find the nearest child. Mushrooms can mean the difference between life and death to your tribe in the early stages, and the boost in tech points from collectibles allows you to purchase necessary second stage technology quickly. Mushrooms and collectibles produce faint white sparkles, which enable them to be spotted more easily.
Some tasks will require villagers with more than one skill, and it is helpful to be able to quickly shift your workforce from one task to another if necessary. If you pick up a villager that is in the process of a task or is carrying something, they will drop the item and it will be lost. Once they reach age 14 you can put them to work, but they won't be fully "adult" until age 18.
If you forget and leave a male villager on parenting, you may wake up to a tribe that has doubled or more in size, or one that has starved from too many people and not enough food.
Virtual Villagers 5 plays in "real time", which means things will still happen even when the game is closed. Playing in "fast" mode live is fun, but if you're going to be gone for a while consider switching to "Normal", "Slow", or even "Pause". Not only can this mess up other things on your computer, it can create havoc within the game. A fire not only keeps your villagers warm and cuts down on illness, it boosts your ability to gain tech points.
When the foundation for a hut shows up, you can pick it up and move it to a place of your choosing (within reason). If a villager becomes sick before you have access to the hospital to train doctors, find the nearest child, set their preference to healing, and drop them on the ill individual. They will chase your villagers and make them drop whatever they are carrying, especially disrupting food gathering and building tasks. It's good to have one person with building skills, one with farming skills, and one with research skills.
Until you can afford third level medicine, your villagers will start becoming elderly in their 50's or early 60's and die earlier. Set your adults to building and drop them on the bamboo and they will start tearing it down to build a food bin. Be persistent, eventually you will see a yellow light appear above their (the blue mask) head showing that they are thinking about it. Have a child pick it up and they will run it over to the stone statue just north of the enclosure. This will do two things: (1) Increase the number of noni berries, and (2) temporarily drive away the red mask heathen. Once you have enough food, grab two of your adults, set them to building, and drop them on the statue. The red masks will not chase your villagers, so you need something that will distract both types of guards. As soon as they are far enough away drop every adult you have on the totem to dismantle it. If you don't have a master builder, start on the second hut with one builder until they become a master.
The food is a finite resource, but using the instant bloom power you can make it grow instantly rather than wait.
You still need to earn tech points for the rest of the level 2 technologies, and you need farmers to bring in the crops. Don't worry about it, just make sure that there are three or more builders clearing the rubble. Do not wait for the first one to reach the pool, if you do the yellow dye will wash away before the red can get there. At this point, the only place they can go is the broken down village in the south east corner of the map. Wait for the light to go out (an hour or two depending on what speed you are playing the game at).
When it does, drop an adult on it and they will take it to the Blind Totem at the edge of the forest. This means you need to either have a large village or have completed the statue in the center of the village.
It is usually best to do this in stages, and perhaps wait until you have completed puzzle 14 (the hand statue). Then trigger a second (you must trigger the second while there are still puddles in the dry lake). Just wait until after it rains and there are puddles in the dry lake, then trigger a tempest. Unfortunately, until you convert the orange and red masked heathens, they will interfere with your farmers as they pass by their village. Level 3 construction gets you the third hut and the final level of construction of the hand statue.
Level 3 spirituality gets you more energy capacity, you are more efficient at converting the heathens, and you can do the final statue upgrade (in combination with construction level 3).
At level 1 you get a base amount of food, at level 2 you yield 50% more, and at level 3 you double your yield. Each duplicate relic you collect increases your energy, common pieces give you 10 energy, uncommon give you 50, and rare give you 150. If you have a capacity of 75 energy and you have 75 energy, collecting duplicate relics won't give you more energy at all. Each duplicate collectible gives you tech points, common items 100, uncommon 250 and rare are worth 1,000 tech points.

Science collectibles will not appear until you have torn down the Knowing Totem and taken over the science lab. Icons for the powers will appear across the top of the screen as you accumulate the energy to activate them. Energy also comes from your villagers (your "followers") and will slowly replenish over time even without any collecting or talking. Triggering the butterflies will draw all of the children (including the heathens) into the area where you placed them. Triggering the bees can cause mayhem as the bees attack nearby villagers and heathens alike, so they can be used as distractions to get guards away from totems.
When applied to the ground it will cause a bunch of flowers and mushrooms to suddenly sprout. As advertised, this is a big storm you can unleash to scare the guards away from their village or to fill in the dry lake bed. This creates a really dense fog which the heathens cannot see through, but which your villagers can. They won't chase your villagers, but they are so scary your villagers will run away if they get too close. Two totems don't have guards: the pain totem (which shoots off electricity) and the blind totem. Distract the guards with bees or children to allow your builders to pull this one down (puzzle 3). Distract the guards with bees or lightning (and children to distract the orange guards) to tear this one down (puzzle 4). This one can only be brought down by master builders, and requires a lot of distractions in the form of lightning and children to accomplish (puzzle 7).
There is also a jack of all trades designation, for a villager who has mastered all six disciplines.
The way to increase devotion is to have the person (it needs to be an adult) talk to the blue mask heathens, trying to convert them. First, drop a builder onto the completed statue and they will polish it, which will earn them building points, and earn you more godly energy. It's possible to solve all of the puzzles without converting the orange or red heathens, so you can still do that. The best thing to do is use the restore youth power on them, taking them back to childhood.
Children of extremely talented villagers (masters in their crafts) are also born with a little of that skill. If you didn't get your strategy guide you should contact them or you can post in their technical support forums.
The most useful control to learn is the detail "camera" located at the bottom right of the screen. Make sure you have a balance of male and female, and one (or preferably 2) children to collect mushrooms and collectibles. Collecting relics helps fill up your energy bar quickly, and also helps extend it the more relics you find. That means if a story time for the children is going on, the 14-17 year olds will drop work and attend.
You will need both wood and dry grass to start a fire, and usually only adults can start a fire. Look closely at the outline of the foundation, green means an area that the hut can be built in, red means you can't build there. If you are dropping children onto collectibles first check to make sure no orange-mask heathen is in the area. Do this with adults as well, to identify certain items and hotspots that are important to the game. While they are doing that, scan around with your kids and collect mushrooms and relics if they appear. That will leave the orange and red masked folks still hanging around, and causing problems as the lake (a major food source) is near their broken down village. Level 3 medicine allows your villagers to live into their 70s and beyond (they will get elderly in their late 60s). Once it is built you can train the children in there (you need someone who is adept in at least 3 areas to teach).
They can also be beneficial, when applied to the noni bush it will pollinate it and produce a little more fruit.
Towards the end of the game, when you are trying to convert the last blue heathens, they will be in the village surrounded by red and orange heathens.
This is necessary to beat the purple masked master builder build-off competition (puzzle 9). When the conversation is over you will see a light over their head, indicating that they are thinking about it. Even when they end up confined to their broken down village towards the end of the game, they can cause problems for fishermen passing too close on their way back from the lake. You will find these guarding totems and major sites, and eventually they will congregate in the broken down village with the rest of the orange masks.
Trigger an earthquake under their village and you will see lights go on above their heads (they're thinking). Avoid any villager who dislikes "work", "learning" or "running" as they will be fairly useless. The heathens in the run-down village don't like rain, and will flee to the forest which can be helpful or hurtful, as they often take a route that crosses the path of your farmers or builders, causing work to stop as they chase your villagers.
Choose locations wisely: try not to impede frequently used paths, and especially watch out for areas that the orange guards like to walk through.
They will come back quickly, so use a child or children to keep them away until you've done what you need to do.
One of the orange masked guards is also a child, and will wander all over in the game, showing up when you least expect it to interfere with food gathering, building, and collectible gathering.
If you have 150 energy, then use the Bloom power on a bare patch of grass and have lots of kids standing by to collect the red mushrooms.
Click on the right arrow (when the screen is blank) and it goes to the youngest tribe member.
Also avoid those who dislike wood or stone (they make bad builders), dislike plants or herbs (bad farmers and bad doctors), dislike fish or swimming (bad farmers), dislike lifting (bad builders) or things of that nature. Just because you have the capacity doesn't mean you have the energy, using your "godly" powers uses that energy and it takes a while for it to accumulate again.
The bottom row of numbers (1, 2, and 3) cover the "south" area, the middle row of numbers (4, 5, and 6) cover the "middle" area, and the top row of numbers (7, 8, 9) cover the "north" area. Red mask heathens will not give chase, and will scare your people away, so you will need to use your "godly" powers to move them from an area.
If you happen to spot a blue mask that doesn't have a light, grab one of the adults and drop them on the blue mask to talk.
The necklace pieces will go to a spot to the left of the hand statue until all four are accumulated. You will eventually convert all of the blue heathens by talking to them (even the "mommy" heathen in puzzle 17).
A villager will drop what they are carrying when chased by an orange mask, and you will lose the food or the collectible they were carrying.
You need 800 energy to trigger an earthquake in their village, and they will start to think (you will see the lights over their heads).
If you've built the farm but have to wait 2 hours for the crops, use the Bloom power on the farm and it will sprout instantly.
Continue to click the right arrow and you will scroll through your villagers from youngest to oldest. Just having living villagers will slowly increase the energy, but you can gain more if you convert a heathen or in collecting duplicate artifacts.
Once you are hovering over the object (and the first dropped child) hit the space bar to unpause and quickly drop the second child right next to the first. The Fog of Doom is especially helpful as the heathens cannot see through it and your villagers can. If done properly and the timing is right, both children will run away with the same object.
WARNING: Don't try to talk to the ones with a light, they are already thinking about it and don't want to talk right now.
This is invaluable in bolstering food supplies when collecting mushrooms, and in gaining tech points or energy when collecting other collectibles.
Use the right and left arrows of the camera to select a villager and the screen will zoom to where they are.
Click on the left arrow (when the screen is blank) and you will go to the oldest person in the tribe. WARNING: do not drop a child directly onto the other, this will cause them to drop the item and go off for a jumping contest.

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