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These warts are similar to our skin tone but can also be pink, light brown or yellow in color.
Medications that are readily made available to the public are silver nitrate, salicylic acid and topical creams. Usually, the warts which come out on the face are small flat warts which are even and pink and often grow in groups.
Other than flat warts, there are also filiform warts which are prominent on the eyelids and lips characterized by long, narrow, thread-like skin growths.
Flat warts are a known skin disorder, and are often called as Juvenile warts, Periungual warts, subungual warts, Verruca or Verruca plana. The main culprit of why people have flat warts growing on their body is the HPV or the so called Human Papilloma Virus.
It is very difficult to diagnose or identify flat warts since they are of similar color to that of the infected patient’s skin. Even without necessary medical treatment, some warts resolve after some time making treatment unnecessary. In removing flat warts, it involves the use of essential herbs and oils which are necessary in the application of the warts.
It is a known as an effective home treatment for common warts, planter’s warts, genital warts and the like. It is known, that even during ancient times, to be used as an ingredient in various herbal remedies. Intake of fruits under this category, such as orange, lemon and grapefruit, are known to serve as an effective natural home remedy for warts. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Having warts on face is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing, even if they are harmless. Children mostly suffer from flat warts which appear as flat, small and round growths with brown or yellow hues.
This form of facial wart develops in areas with thin skin such as the face, eyelids and neck.
This procedure uses chemical agents, such as immunomodulators, formaldehyde or salicylic acid, to get rid of dead skin cells. This method involves freezing the facial wart with liquid nitrogen.  The growth will eventually fall off after 3 or more sessions. Laser treatment could involve more invasive procedure using carbon dioxide laser or the less destructive pulse dye laser to remove facial warts. The skin on the face is very sensitive, so care is needed to ensure that the choice of removal method for warts on face produces less scarring and does not cause irreversible damage to the skin. Several types of warts exist: common (verruca vulgaris), flat (verruca plana), filiform, mosaic, plantar, and genital warts.
Also called verruca vulgaris, these warts appear like hard, elevated lumps with uneven exteriors. True to their word, these warts are usually located in the genitalia, particularly the vulva, penis and anus. Facial warts, being the most visible, are some of the most common concerns for consultation to a dermatologist .Like the other types of warts, it is brought about by the Human Papilloma Virus. As previously stated, facial warts can either be of filiform type, having an elongated, elevated, narrow and thread like development, or a flat type, with smooth and non elevated lumps.
These warts are usually associated with bleeding, pruritus, and may even be noticed to spread on other areas of the body. A thorough physical examination is vital, but the complete past medical history can also provide clues to diagnosis. More advances methods for diagnosis include immunohistochemical detection, viral DNA identification by Southern blot hybridization, and Polymerase Chain reaction. If the facial warts are quite numerous or are large in size, keratolytic agents may be of help. Application of Cantharidin can also cause drying up, blistering, and thus removal of the wart.

Laser therapy using either a carbon dioxide or a pulse dye laser can also be performed to remove these warts.
The warts are surrounded by dead skin cells, and the root cause can be pointed to specific strains of the human papilloma virus. These therapies are helpful in burning the dead skin around the wart thus resulting for them to fall off. Because of its location, irritation is likely to occur as a result of shaving especially in men.
These strains are mainly transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact and through contact with contaminated inanimate objects. But if the condition becomes chronic and serious, treatment is required including topical treatments containing salicylic acid, duct tape, freezing with liquid nitrogen, laser and infrared therapy, chemical treatments containing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and podophyllin. It is important to take note that topical agents like salicylic acid destroy surrounding healthy skin area, so before application, the skin should be protected by using petroleum jelly. It is recommended that prior to placing this medication, is that you use a pumice stone to scrub the wart after letting it be soaked in warm water. The gel of this plant is used in curing the conditions that are linked with this kind of skin disorder. The latex that is taken from the papaya tree trunk is used in peeling the warts and cancerous tumors. There are home remedies for facial warts but these require time before the results can be seen.
Filiform warts are long thin structures, resembling toothbrush bristles, that project from the skin.
However, sufferers should know that it may take some time to see results and they may have to try different methods before they find what works best for them.
They represent miniature clusters of abnormal epithelial cells with surrounding dead cells, resembling either a solid blister or even a cauliflower. They vary not only their shape, but also on their sites of preponderance, as well as the types of papilloma virus implicated.
These are smooth, non elevated, flesh colored lesions, with a diameter of 1 to 5 centimeters. Also called venereal warts, Verruca acuminata and Condyloma acuminatum, they appear as grayish lumps with a cauliflower shape. However, amongst the many types of warts, only two can be found on the face: the filiform and flat warts.
They are generally characterized as elevated bumps, either single or in a series lined as a straight row, having a rough or smooth exterior, and averaging from 1 to 10 centimeters. They are mostly painless, but can also become tender when located in areas predilected for friction.
Appearance and duration or growth rate can also serve as basis of diagnosing the specific facial wart type.
Topical salicylic acid one of the most common keratolytic agents used, thus can be utilized for warts located in the face. These include application of disinfectant, baking soda, aloe gel, dandelion saps, and even rub wood ash. Efficacy Comparison Between Cimetidine and Zinc Sulfate in the Treatment of Multiple and Recalcitrant Warts.
With the different strains of HPV, the kind that causes genital warts and the common warts are HPV types 3, 10, 28 and 49. There are other several types of warts occurring on the face and each is caused by a certain strain of human papilloma virus, a double-stranded DNA virus. It may cause infection to the surrounding area thereby increasing the number of new growth.
It is through direct contact with someone else or in an inanimate object that the infected person has touched.
This will remove the dead skin cells and will make the medication to have direct contact with the flat warts itself.
The body’s immune system will normally and naturally attack the HPV virus until it is out of your system.

Aside from that, it can also be removed following the electrodessication process where a cautery is used to cauterized the warts.
Aside from that, it is also known in delaying the cancerous spread in the patient’s body and it stimulates the immune system as it increases the natural resistance of the body from viruses. It inflicts other through direct contact and through open cuts or breaks, which is the entry port of these viruses.
Besides, stubborn warts do not respond to home remedies and need more intensive medical treatment. Some of the home remedies effectively used by many people in treating facial warts are tea tree oil, flaxseed-honey mixture, duct tape, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel and lemon balm oil. Affecting 7 to 12% of the general population, these are mostly caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Usually long and narrow, these are brought about by the human Papilloma Virus 1, 2, 4, 27 and 29.
Once exposed, the virus invades the epithelial layer of cells and then replicates in the upper layer of epidermis. Trials have also been done proving the efficacy of topically administered zinc, and zinc oxide. Initially after the virus has entered the skin, it resides in the bottom layer of epidermis and starts to reproduce into nearly natural-looking skin.
It doesn’t occur in older adults since the immune system of the older adults are much equipped in dealing with the virus that is associated with this condition.
Its color is similar to the skin, pinkish, light brown or yellowish in color which may be sometimes mistaken as a pimple. Yet, there is still a need to get rid of it as safely and quickly as possible or else you will be at risk for permanent scarring. Victims or people who have flat warts may have the infection for a year before the sign first erupt. Once the virus is in the person’s body system, the body becomes the primary reservoir of this virus. Warts are caused by a virus which can be contracted easily through direct or indirect contact. It is often grouped together in one place which can usually be found on the face, forehead, neck, hands and arms. It is not recommended that you remove the warts in a surgical manner for there is a greater risk that if you won’t be able to remove the entire wart itself, including the facial warts and the root, it will end up growing back.
In prevention of transferring the contagious virus to others, you must never forget to wash your hands.
Symptoms would usually be present 1 to 6 months after, but latency periods of as long as 3 years can also occur. The flat warts are said to occur in clusters especially on fragile skin, making it so delicate for treatment. Both these product helps in burning the dead skin cells and allowing it to eventually fall off by itself. The viral particles of the virus primarily enter into a person’s body when he or she has a break in the skin such as small cut, wound or scratch, to be able to cultivate, to invade and more likely become a wart.
Other removal method may be done through laser surgery which is a bit costly or topical immunotherapy is still much preferred by some.
With this information in mind, you need to prevent this contagious virus from invading your body and when it is already inside your body, the only thing to do is to do precautionary measures or find effective remedy and treatment that is fit for you. But take note, this is not a dangerous condition; the main problem that this state supposes is physical alteration.

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