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As previously announced, ANMAT has already approved the sale of Naturaferon in Argentina for the treatment of refractory or recurring external condylomata acuminata (genital warts).
Three years ago I contracted genital warts from hooking up with a woman without a condom. Read about common warts causes (viral), types (flat, seed, hand, mosaic, filiform, plantar), removal, and treatment (salicylic acid). Common warts — Comprehensive overview covers causes, treatment, self-care of this infectious skin condition. Warts are small, protruding skin infections that occur as a results of the human papillomavirus. In fact, liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy medical treatment to burn away skin abnormalities, such as warts.
These warts are similar to our skin tone but can also be pink, light brown or yellow in color. Medications that are readily made available to the public are silver nitrate, salicylic acid and topical creams. Plantar warts are caused by the HPV Virus they result in lesions on the feet which may spread and form large areas of warts. Dr Bastin recently presented a paper at the 17th Annual Dermatology meeting in Xian China, great interest was shown in this technique of Laser Plantar Wart Treatment the results are excellent. Patient is a 16 year old male who developed one Plantar Wart on his Right Hallux (big toe) he tried over the counter treatments with no luck, he noticed more and more warts developing.
At Brighton Podiatry we have specialized in the treatment of Warts for over 15 Years we know which treatments will work on your wart and which treatments are a waste of time or too painful for you.
Over the years we have practiced we have treated thousands of cases of Plantar warts we are interested in Warts and the well being of the patient that has the warts. At Brighton Podiatry Wart Specialist Melbourne we trialed 4 different types of lasers using different wavelengths of laser light. We are now proud to announce that we have a 95% resolution rate with just one treatment, of course we follow up all our patients with regular checks to ensure the wart is resolved but we only have to treat the majority of warts once with laser.
If you are suffering from plantar warts and are not having success with your treatment call the Wart Specialist Melbourne. This Patient is a 60 year old male who had had plantar warts on his heel for over of 5 years initially there was only 1 wart and this was treated unsuccessfully by his GP using liquid nitrogen. Finally this patient sought out a Wart Specialist in Melbourne, we discussed all options including surgery but finally settled on Laser as there were so many warts present.
The Patient could not be happier with the results, he just wishes he had come to us in the first place which would have saved him considerable time and money. One can find many remedies for treating Plantar Warts on the Internet do they work well to be quite frank NO, well to clarify that they might work in some cases but in the majority of cases they simply fail to produce results. At Brighton Podiatry we have been using laser to treat Plantar Warts for 2 Years now the results are simply amazing we can claim to provide a Plantar Wart Remedy with a success rate of over 90% with one single treatment. The case below was a 10 year old boy his parents had tried everything with no success if anything the feel that the Plantar Warts had grown in size we treated him with one session of laser and you can see the results for yourself. If natural remedies do not remove your wart, or if you simply prefer to use medication, purchase an over-the-counter wart removal cream or liquid from your pharmacy.
If you are diabetic or if you have circulation problems, do not attempt to treat your plantar wart at home, Instead, contact your doctor promptly for treatment. At Brighton Podiatry we specialize in the treatment of Plantar Warts we are confident we can help you find a remedy for your Plantar Warts, there is some more reading on treatments below we know that laser treatment will work where most of these will not. Plantar Wart Treatment can be very difficult we unfortunately see a number of patients that have been treated poorly. This leaflet has been written to help you understand more about plantar warts.  It tells you what they are, what causes them, what can be done about them, and where you can find out more about them.
Warts are localised thickenings of the skin, and the term ‘plantar warts’ is used for those that occur on the soles of the feet (the ‘plantar’ surface). Plantar warts are caught by contact with virally-infected skin scales; these are usually encountered on such surfaces as the floors of public locker rooms, shower cubicles and the tiled areas around swimming pools.
Some plantar warts are uncomfortable, particularly if they are on a weight-bearing area when it may feel like having a stone in your shoe. Plantar warts can occur anywhere on the soles and toes, and they often involve the weight-bearing areas.
Yes, but no single treatment can be guaranteed to be effective in every case.  The highest cure rates are in young people who have not had their warts for very long.
Some warts can be very stubborn; treatment does not always work and may be quite time-consuming.
Treating plantar warts can be painful, especially when liquid nitrogen is used, and can occasionally leave a scar which, on the sole, can be uncomfortable. Sometimes it may be sensible to leave a plantar wart alone and allow it to resolve spontaneously. Most plantar warts that require to be treated can be dealt with satisfactorily at home or in your general practitioner’s surgery, rather than by a dermatologist.
Salicylic acid preparations. A reasonable start is self-treatment at home with one of the many commercial preparations that contain salicylic acid, a chemical that helps remove the hard outer layer of the wart. Formaldehyde preparations. Mosaic warts (see above) in particular may respond to a gel containing formaldehyde. Alternative treatments. These include occlusion therapy with duct tape, tea tree oil application, hypnosis and complementary medicine.
Removal under a local anaesthetic. The usual technique is to scrape the plantar wart away using a sharpened spoon-like instrument (a curette), and then to cauterize the remaining raw area.
Other possible treatments that a specialist may consider include topical dinitrochlorobenzene and 5-fluorouracil, intralesional bleomycin and interferons, photodynamic therapy, and laser treatment. When paring or filing down warts, take care not to damage the surrounding skin, as doing so might result in the warts spreading. Plantar warts are a fairly common occurrence in children the argument has always been do we treat them or leave them alone in the hope that they will spontaneously resolve. Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus and occur in almost fifty percent of children at some time.
Warts usually don’t cause any symptoms and do not require treatment, although plantar warts may be painful.
There are many over the counter medications that contain salicylic acid that may work if used daily for an extended period of time. Neither of the above treatments actually kills the virus that causes warts, they just kill the skin in which the virus is growing.
Other treatments may include using a pulsed dye laser, injection of bleomycin or interferon, application of Retin-A liquid, or taking oral cimetidine. Update: The newest treatment recommendations are to cover the warts with duct tape for 6 out of 7 days at a time.
Plantar warts are caused by a virus infecting the epidermis many sites and articles suggest using a pumice or file to rub the dead skin away this is the worst thing that one can do it simply will spread the plantar wart. The certain form of HPV that causes plantar warts normally dangle out in heat and humid environments, together with swimming pools, manifeste showers, communal footwear, and even locker rooms. Your chances of getting plantar warts will also increase if your immune system is weak or your ft are cracked and dry. Cryotherapy, also acknowledged as wart freezing, can also guarantee the long lasting elimination of warts. Plantar warts are the skin growths, which most frequently create beneath strain factors in your ft, like soles, heels or balls of the feet. Plantar warts can spread to the other locations of the entire body, as they are extremely contagious.
There is as these no plantar wart cure, but it can be achieved by several therapy possibilities. The most normally utilized treatment for plantar warts is the use of delicate acids like salicylic acid, cantharidin and dichloroacetic acid.
It is easy to get plantar warts but more difficult to treat them effectively I have found that Laser is the best form of treatment around, it certainly has the highest cure rates. Plantar Warts on your feet can be very difficult to deal with most of the treatment protocols used within the medical profession simply fail to produce results. Plantar warts are benign growths that develop on the bottom of your feet caused by direct contact with the human papilloma virus (HPV) — the same virus that causes warts on other areas of the body. You should always seek care from a podiatrist when warts interfere with your daily life, aren’t responding to home treatments, or if you have circulatory disorders.
Without treatment, plantar warts can grow, spread and prompt new warts to grow as fast as the old ones disappear.
Using laser to treat plantar warts on feet generally results in success rates greater than 90%. Overall, it seems that unless you have a real reason why your verruca is a problem, you should just leave it alone other than to try to keep from passing it on to others. Verrucas can be very difficult to treat successfully laser is the best form of treatment we have used in 20 years of practice it will resolve over 90% with only one treatment. Warts are not easy to remove, and most home remedies or treatments from the doctor take time. When you don’t need to see a doctor (or just don’t want to) there are plenty of at home methods used for getting rid of warts. The best “natural” method for wart removal is similar to the “warm salty water” treatment found above, but may actually work better.
Dermatologists tell us that the least invasive chemical treatment for a wart is using a product called salicylic acid, a substance derived from willow bark that is basically identical to aspirin. There are at least 7 distinct types of wart, though most fall into the common wart category.
The freezing process is quicker, but has the greater chance of you hurting yourself with skin burns. Salicylic acid usually takes days and even weeks to burn off the wart, so it’s harder to absentmindedly harm yourself with salicylic acid, though it is still possible. You are likely to find all kinds of products besides Compound W that contains salicylic topical acid. If you experience extreme skin irritation from salicylic acid, you may be allergic to the substance. Doctors have a number of wart removal methods, including cryosurgery, laser removal, electrical currents, surgical incisions, chemical treatments, and drug treatments. Electrocautery doesn’t get to the wart’s roots, while Cantharidin chemical treatments (chemicals taken from a “blister bug”) causes blistering after a few hours, and might require multiple visits. Treating Plantar warts with laser is by far the most effective way we as practitioners currently have available to us the results of this treatment method is simply outstanding.
Plantar warts are benign epidermal tumors that occur because the wart virus penetrates the epidermis. My husband is a tour guide and just yesterday received an inquiry from a prospective client who, with her family, wanted to book some tours with him. How upsetting it is that this young woman had to endure the painful procedure plus the recovery afterwards. There are websites dedicated to telling people how to overcome the pain of having warts removed by the freezing method so it is obviously a common side effect. There have been many methods described for the treatment of plantar warts here is an interesting article on different methods used for treatment of warts. The certain form of HPV that causes plantar warts normally dangle out in heat and humid environments, together with swimming pools, manifest showers, communal footwear, and even locker rooms. We have been practicing for over 20 years and have used most common methods of treatment and tried several more obscure forms of treatment.
One interesting thing he has used as a plantar wart treatment is a drug by the name Aldara, this is a compound that is occasionally used to treat skin cancers.

This patient also taped the plantar wart for long periods with Duct Tape at the end of a year he saw no result. We used laser on his wart and a few days later it had turned a brownish colour, the patient did report a mild pain sensation for a couple of weeks.
At Brighton Podiatry plantar wart treatment is a specialty of ours we are interested in helping patients getting rid of plantar warts even if others have failed. To find out more about laser plantar wart treatment give us a call and make a time to discuss your case. There are many Plantar Wart treatments available on the market some of them work occasionally  others simply do not work.
Over the counter medications contain an strong acids that will destroy the skin cells the big problem with these is that they can cause damage to healthy tissue that surrounds  the plantar wart. One of the main things we are asked regarding warts in children is do I use plantar wart treatments or will the warts go away in time, sure some warts in children will spontaneously resolve with no intervention, it is safe to leave a single wart however  if it gets bigger or a second third or more develop then it is essential that you have a professional consultation to decide which of the plantar wart treatments should be used. My advice to parents is they must have a plantar wart professionally assessed before simply ignoring it unfortunately we see far  to many children present with 7 or more plantar warts this makes treatment much more difficult, and it is more distressing for a young child. At Brighton podiatry plantar warts are a special interest of ours, we have developed an new method of plantar wart treatments this method employs the use of a laser to treat plantar warts. If you are suffering from plantar warts make an appointment and we will discuss all the plantar wart treatments available and discuss which is the best one for your particular case. Donohue and Roach • I am 80 years old and in the past few years developed two or three warts on my fingers.
It is very useful for killing bacteria and fungi, and can even be applied to the human skin as a treatment for warts. The warts are surrounded by dead skin cells, and the root cause can be pointed to specific strains of the human papilloma virus.
These therapies are helpful in burning the dead skin around the wart thus resulting for them to fall off. These are typically very difficult to get rid of easily, treatments like freezing often do not work successfully and we will often see the wart returning some months later. If you suffer Plantar warts and have tried to treat them without success give the clinic a call I am sure we will be able to help you.
We carried out one Laser Plantar Wart Treatment and after 2 months the Plantar Warts were all gone. We have used just about every form of treatment available and from this experience gained over many years of practice we have refined our technique.
Different wavelengths are absorbed at different rates and absorbed to different depths depending on the type of tissue involved. The Warts were treated and the pictures are below over a 3 month period all the warts resolved.
Plantar Warts are in fact much more difficult to remedy simply because they are located on a part of the body where the epidermal skin is at its deepest so most of the treatments never get to the bottom of the Wart. They are caused by the human papillomavirus, and they usually develop after you receive a small cut or abrasion on your foot.
The solution may contain acid that gently removes the wart layer by layer over several weeks or months. If you experience a lot of pain or if the wart bleeds, cracks, or releases pus, stop any treatment that you are using and see your doctor.To prevent spreading warts to others or to other areas of your body, do not share emery boards, pumice stones or foot files with other people. At Brighton Podiatry we use the latest form of treatment using Laser we have an extremely high success rate (around 90% with 1 treatment). There are many different strains of this virus, and plantar warts are usually due to just a few of these strains. However, the virus is not highly contagious, and it is unclear why some people catch plantar warts while others do not.
However, most verrucas will go away by themselves in due course, so it is very reasonable to leave them alone if they are not causing trouble. However, if treatment is necessary, your doctor will usually start with the least painful options, especially for children.
In order to improve their effectiveness, before applying them the wart should be pared down or filed with sandpaper or an emery board.  Soaking the wart in warm water for at least 5 minutes will soften it and help with treatment, which should take place daily, for at least 12 weeks. If you have large numbers of small plantar warts, it may be worth soaking the whole affected area for 10 minutes at night in a weak formaldehyde solution, as instructed by your doctor.
Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen, using either a cotton wool bud or a spray, may be the next option. Plantar warts should be covered with waterproof plasters or rubber ‘verruca socks’ if you go swimming.
Well our take on this subject is 1 wart is OK in a child however if it multiplies or gets larger then the parent must take the child for treatment of the plantar warts. These types of warts may resemble calluses or corns, but you can tell the difference because plantar warts disrupt the natural lines of the skin and may have small black dots on their surface, which are tiny blood clots in blood vessels.
Although there is no specific cure for warts and most will disappear on their own in a few years, if the warts are painful or causing cosmetic problems, there are steps you can take to remove them. This will cause a blister to form around the wart and hopefully, when this blister falls off, the wart and virus will come off with it. It is similar to freezing in that it destroys the skin around the wart, but it is less painful when it is applied. It is a cream that was first used to treat anogenital warts, but is now being used more to treat other types of warts and molluscum contagiosum. You can soften the warts by soaking them and then paring them down with an emory board or pumice stone and then apply an over the counter medicine with salicylic acid.
Walking barefoot in these locations might improve your susceptibility to this sort of wart.
The far more typically you are left exposed to the virus, the more possible you will develop plantar warts. Over-the-counter salicylic acid is the most popular mainly because it can get rid of warts in as little as 4 weeks. Medical doctors use a compound termed fluid nitrogen to freeze warts by implementing them specifically or using a cotton-tip applicator.
It is also less hazardous than other cosmetic remedies simply because it does not bring about injury to the delicate epidermis close to warts.
They are triggered when individual papilloma virus (HPV) enters the blood stream both by smaller cuts or cracks in the pores and skin. The remedy choices include things like use of delicate acids, duct tapes, cryotherapy, laser therapy etcetera.
There are many over the counter treatments available however these simply do not cut it in the majority of cases we see. Some people are more susceptible than others to HPV, and not everyone will develop plantar warts if they come into contact with the virus. If you can’t confidently identify a growth on your foot, visit Put your Feet First to ensure a correct diagnosis. This is a treatment where liquid nitrogen is applied to the verruca to freeze it and kill the cells. There are several of these: tea tree oil, aloe vera, garlic oil, vitamin E oil, cider vinegar. We are now using laser plantar wart treatment and the results are over 90% with just one treatment. From old wive’s tales to more modern over the counter treatments, you may not have to see a dermatologist to take care of your wart. It is all natural, and doesn’t require any painful scraping or dangerous cutting that can lead to infection.
I’ll give the common location for these different warts, so you might quickly determine which type of wart you’re dealing with. The first is to burn the wart off with salicylic acid, which is a weak acid (compared to other acids you know) that burns off skin little by little. If you keep the frozen tip on your skin too long, you can damage your skin with serious freeze burns, so follow the instructions to the letter. Follow the same instructions with any product including salicylic acid, as you would with Compound W.
Don’t use salicylic acid on moles or birthmarks, because the acid is not intended for either skin condition.
Those who experience undue skin irritation should immediately stop using salicylic acid products. I haven’t tried each and every one of these, but I am passing the information along, in case you are desperate enough to try them yourself. Papaya, for instance, works because it contains an enzyme known to break down dead skin tissues. When you use duct tape (5 to 7 days), file off the wart with an emery board after removing the duct tape, then add more duct tape. This is a more effective (or practiced) treatments than the wart freeze-off cures you’ll buy over the counter. Miquimod is often used for genital warts, and less commonly for plantar warts and flat warts.
There is a lot of bad information on treatment located in the Internet I have read several articles that suggest the use of topical anaesthetics help numb the pain. Her only condition was that they could not walk too far because their 19 year old daughter had just had a plantar wart removed by the freezing method and her foot was too painful to do too much walking. If the family had known about choosing a natural healing remedy to remove that wart, they could have made their travel plans without having to worry about her suffering any discomfort. The maximum dose of ibuprofen an adult should take at one time is 800 mg, and no one should take more than 3200mg in one day.
Two weeks prior to cryosurgery, begin applying an over-the-counter 17 percent salicylic acid gel to your warts at night. The remedy choices include things like use of delicate acids, duct tapes, cryotherapy, laser therapy.
We have been using laser for almost 2 years now and have found it to be the best form of treatment by far.
He had a consultation with me to see what sort of plantar wart treatment I could offer him. We will give you an honest appraisal of your plantar warts and tell you what your chances of successful resolution of your wart may be. A little about skin anatomy there are three  layers of skin firstly the epidermis under this is the Dermis and below this is subcutaneous fat. Plantar wart treatments can consist of over the counter medications, laser treatments, cryotherapy (or freezing usually done with liquid nitrogen) and surgical removal. The customary first-line treatment is salicylic acid cream, found at your local drugstore or pharmacy.
With the different strains of HPV, the kind that causes genital warts and the common warts are HPV types 3, 10, 28 and 49. Dr Greg Bastin has developed a new protocol to treat these with the CoolTouch Cool Breeze Laser. The patient is very happy with Laser Plantar Wart Treatment  and said he felt a little discomfort post treatment for 3-4 days apart from this he had no problems.
We now use what we feel is the best form of treatment on the market laser, but we don’t just use any laser we have selected what we believe is the best laser on the market tor this procedure it is the CoolTouch Cool Breze laser.
We use a 1320NM laser which through careful clinical evaluation we found to be the best laser for this purpose. He visited a Dermatologist and was given a mild acid solution to put on the warts himself this was done for several months with no apparent change in presentation. After soaking, use an emery board or foot file to gently file away the dead skin on the outside of the wart.

If you use one of these instruments on your wart, do not use it on healthy areas of your foot or on your other foot.
The photo below was a 16 year old that had had this Plantar Wart on the top of her foot cut off. Infection of the cells of the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis) with this virus results in this top layer of skin growing and thickening, creating the non-cancerous skin growth that is a wart. The virus enters the skin through tiny breaks in the skin surface, and moistness and maceration of the skin on the feet probably make infection with the wart virus easier. Each has a rough surface that protrudes slightly from the skin surface, surrounded by a horny collar.
One helpful point is that plantar warts interrupt the fine skin ridges on the sole, whereas corns do not.
Treatment should be used every night – to the wart only and not to the surrounding normal skin – but if the area becomes too tender, you should stop treatment for a day or two. The sand paper or emery board will also have living wart virus on it, and so do not use it for any other purpose, or you may spread the virus. There are many ways of treating a plantar wart in a child however most are not that successful.
The virus that causes warts can be spread to other parts of the body and to other people who have contact with the wart.
Paring down the wart before freezing, using several freeze-thaw-freeze cycles, and freezing for extended periods of time (perhaps up to a minute) may help this treatment work better. It is applied to the warts three times a week, either with or without an occlusive dressing.
In one recent study, this treatment worked 80% of the time after about two months, while freezing only worked less than 60% of the time. Human being-to-human being get in touch with might also result in this troubling epidermis issue. To get the finest results, you have to use the acid daily to the wart and rub off the useless epidermis off it. Even though it will cause less ache and difficulties than other therapy options offered for eliminating warts, it may possibly be way too terrifying and distressing for youngsters.
This strategy is ideal for those who want to get rid of plantar warts when and for all, specially if standard house solutions did not function for them. So then how should a patient treat plantar warts and what exactly causes these horrible things on one’s feet. Individuals with weak immune systems or damaged skin on the feet are at a higher risk for plantar warts.
Early diagnosis and treatment from our Scottsdale office can decrease the risk of the wart spreading and multiplying. Perhaps it’s a name for a soft southern breeze felt in the autumn in Trieste, or maybe it’s the name of a candy sold only in Luxembourg. I am afraid that I must tell you–if you did not already know–that verrucas are warts that may be found on the sole of your foot. The virus is highly contagious, so you most likely got it–if, indeed, you have it–from contact with another person who has it or from walking where someone else who had the virus had walked; the virus can survive for some time without a human host. Put a piece of fresh duct tape over your verruca every day for six days, then soak the wart area in water and rub off the rough skin with an emery board.
They’re worth a try, and at best will work, at worst, will leave your feet smelling…interesting. That may not sound very fast, but getting advice from a doctor on the safest and fastest way to treat your wart could keep you from trying a series of other “home remedies” that may not work.
This may sound like an old wive’s tale, but there are components of the banana peel that help to shrink the wart. With the “sea salt” method, you want to soak the wart in warm and salty water for as long as you want.
If it’s a lone wart and it’s not on your feet, eye or genitalia, you probably have the common wart.
The doctor freezes off your wart, though this frequently causes scarring and sometimes requires multiple visits. The fact is this will not work on the epidermal skin where the plantar wart is located they will only work effectively on mucous membrane such as is found in the mouth. The chemical compound used in this has been known to be a carcinogen since 1986 and it is still on the market today. Over the coming weeks the brown areas sloughed off leaving healthy non infected skin below. It must be understood that all warts including plantar warts infect only the epidermis which is the very top layer of  the skin the epidermis is generally of uniform thickness throughout  the body one notable exception to this is the plantar surface of the foot this is the reason why plantar warts will get deeper on the bottom of the foot, simply because the epidermis is deeper. We have refined this protocol to the point where we can use just one Laser Plantar Wart Treatment and the plantar wart will be destroyed.
Two more practitioners treated these warts with Liquid Nitrogen but again there was no result. While there are medical and surgical treatments available, you may prefer to start with non-invasive natural home remedies, such as using vinegar. Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the area around the wart to protect the skin, and then place a piece of cotton ball that has been soaked in the vinegar on top of the wart. Close inspection of a plantar wart may reveal small black dots (which are blocked blood vessels).  An individual may have one or many verrucas, sometimes associated with warts elsewhere on the body. Freezing that is done by many GP’s is very painful and in most cases has little effect on the wart. You might need to soak and then pare or trim down the wart and then apply Aldara for it to work well. While the health care group does not know why some persons are more resistant to HPV, the immune process has been discovered to enjoy a massive function in the acquisition of warts.
You can also implement it either as a patch or a solution and use a nail file or pumice stone to clear away dead skin from the wart.
The article below is quite interesting we are currently using the best method available and that is treatment of plantar warts on your feet using a laser. Maybe it’s something that flamenco dancers cry out at the height of particularly ecstatic performances. Verrucas  are usually about 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter in size, and may look  like they’re covered in tiny black dots; these are blood vessels. Injured or wet skin is more likely to contract the virus, so swimming pools or any place where the walking surface is damp are veritable HPV parties.
It may have some side effects like painful blisters and the effectiveness varies widely; it works for some people, but does nothing for others. When at home treatments for warts don’t work, they tend to make the wart and the surrounding skin worse and not better. This method runs counter to traditional wart removal methods that suggest “scraping” or even cutting the wart. Then, with a band-aid and a few chunks of sea salt at the ready, dry the wart and press the sea salt carefully up against the wart.
Freeze removal can be painful, so ask your doctor for a topical painkiller, if you have a low tolerance for pain.
By the time you go in for surgery, you will have weakened the top layer of the wart, and the doctor can get inside and freeze the root.
It is extremely dangerous so much so that the National Cancer Institute (America) the American Cancer Society and many other peek groups have determined it is a carcinogen and placed it on a list of most hazardous compounds. As I explained with this wart the best hope I could give him using surgical removal as a plantar wart treatment was 40% to 50%. I reviewed him a couple of months after all the lesion had sloughed off and there was NO sign of any wart. Cover the whole thing with a bandage until the next day, then repeat daily until the wart is gone.
Use an emery board or foot file to file away the dead skin, and then allow the wart to be exposed to air for about 12 hours. The term ‘mosaic wart’ is used when many small plantar warts pack together into a small area (resembling mosaic tiling). Then I read articles such as the one below and the last paragraph suggests to pumice the wart down this is in fact the WORSE thing you can do as it will often spread the wart. There are many ways of getting rid of verrucas from ones feet but the most reliable way, which incidentally is the most up to date form of treatment is by using laser.
Or isn’t “Verruca” the name of that adorable little dog being walked by the glamorous Russian woman in the park? Now you have another reason why not to walk around locker rooms, pool areas, or public showers barefoot!
In other words, keep your shoes on and if you’re going swimming, put waterproof plasters on them or special swimming socks.
Again, effectiveness varies wildly–some swear by it, others duct tape their foot for two months and find that it doesn’t work at all.
Your dermatologist knows how to treat warts properly, and can even advise on some courses of treatment that may make the wart go away faster, such as treating the wart with a product containing salicylic acid. Secure them in place with a band-aid, and allow the salt to sit on the wart for about a day.
I told him that my experience using laser was far higher and I would rate his chances of resolution as 80% to 90%.
I informed him that the plantar wart treatment we had carried out with the use of laser had been 100% successful, he was so happy and just wishes he had come directly to me. The flat warts are said to occur in clusters especially on fragile skin, making it so delicate for treatment. It is just really unfortunate for her that she will be left with the scar from the surgery for life. It is painful and may lead to blistering afterwards, and so it may not be suggested by your doctor for small children. If you’re unsure about whether something is a verruca, you may  want to have it checked out to rule out other possibilities such as skin  cancer. The dermatologist also has special tools to help you remove warts with haste — devices that “burn” off or “freeze” off the wart.
The most popular wart removal method is probably a medicine called Compound W or its main competition at the drug store, Ocusal.
Follow the package instructions, or buy your own salicylic acid and apply it to the wart after soaking the skin in water for 5 minutes.
The chemical in Aldara is imiquimod and there are numerous reports of patients that have used this being left with a damaged immune system. But take note, this is not a dangerous condition; the main problem that this state supposes is physical alteration. If you do this every two to three days, you should be able to get rid of even the most stubborn warts.
It works by stimulating the bodies immune response so that hopefully the immune system will attack and destroy the plantar wart.
Pharmacology reports that Aldara can open skin lesions and through this mechanism can gain entry directly into the blood stream and hence circulates systemically.

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