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Sign up to stay informed with the latest skin care and conditions updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE! Is it contagious?A Warts are contagious to those who are susceptible, but because the virus is so common no special precautions can be taken.
When you thing that warts on Dogs are worst, you better do other method in the pet shop and pet care. This article on warts is about having a short look at some of the different kinds of warts, and to help you diagnose the warts you may have. In the case of the warts virus family, this is done by making the skin cells grow much faster than usual, causing a roughly cylindrical, fat tough growth of skin, at the end of which the new wart viruses are released into the outside world. As the wart growth stands out from the surrounding skin, the wart is prone to getting knocked and damaged; the wart also can be painful if pressed on, due to the added pressure it causes to local skin as you press the wart in.
There are many different subtypes of the wart virus, but they all behave in more or less the same way, causing this disfiguring growth of the skin. Over 90 different wart strains are known to exist, and it is likely that the warts virus will develop new wart strains over time, as any virus can.
The warts virus is extremely contagious, and you pick it up through direct contact through broken skin such as a graze or burn, either with a wart or through contact with a surface that has been in contact with a wart recently. The warts virus doesn’t always cause warts, so it is possible to be a carrier without exhibiting symptoms. Warts are more likely to break out if the immune system is compromised, either with stress, exhaustion or fighting other infections. Warts are essentially distinguished by where they occur on the body, but they also can have slightly different appearances. Common warts have a rough, lumpy surface, which is sometimes described as looking like a cauliflower, and will often contain tiny black dots, which are caused by bleeding from the tiny blood vessels that supply the wart. As the common warts get larger, they may appear grayish in color, or even slightly translucent. Common warts are most often found on the hands and feet but can appear on other skin surfaces, such as the elbows or knees. Common warts may be tender if they grow in an area that restricts their growth, like next to a toenail, but common warts aren’t usually especially painful by themselves. Warts that occur on the soles of the feet are called plantar warts, although most people know them as a verruca (plural verrucae).
Plantar warts may appear flat, or even as though they are growing into the skin, but this is mostly because they get squashed when you walk on them.
Plantar warts can be difficult to diagnose, as they may grow under calluses on the feet; plantar warts are also often confused with corns.
Plantar warts actually have almost exactly the same structure and appearance as a common wart, even with the same tiny black dots, but they are more likely to be painful on account of the pressure plantar warts are under.
This picture of plantar warts is following their treatment, but you can see that where the pressure is, the warts have flattened.
Periungual warts can be quite sore, and are harder to treat than common warts purely because of where they are. It is possible to get a sort of rash or carpet of many small warts - these are referred to as seed warts, but are just another manifestation of the same virus. Filiform warts are longer and thinner, and possibly more protruding (like a short fleshy stalk) than warts elsewhere, and may have a thicker, horny cap.
Filiform warts are mostly commonly seen on the face or neck, particularly round the nose and mouth.
Although filiform warts are the same as common warts, and caused by the same group of viruses, the different appearance of the filiform warts is caused by the different quality of the skin they are occurring in. Plane warts are a rarer kind, caused by specific subtypes of HPV, and tend to be smaller than common warts and have flat tops.
Plane warts are smoother, and either the same color as the surrounding flesh or a little darker with extra pigment.
Plane warts are most often found on the back of the hand or on the face, and usually occur in multiple groups.
Plane warts may also occur in a thin line where the virus has entered a scratch on the skin - this is called the Koebner phenomenon. Anogenital warts are caused by specific types of HPV (number 6 and number 11 are common offenders).
Anogenital warts are usually transmitted by sexual contact and are thus classified as a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Anogenital warts are very much like common warts, their main distinction being from where they occur on the body, but may be harder or softer depending on what kind of skin they grow on. Vulval warts, for example, will tend to be soft, whereas penile warts will have a tougher, harder appearance.
Anogenital warts are very common, with about 1 in 100 people having the virus, although many people will just carry it without actually developing warts. For almost all kinds of warts, the chances are that if you leave the warts alone, the warts will eventually get better of their own accord. But it may take months or even years before the immune system sees the warts and gets rid of them, and you may not want to wait that long to see your warts gone.
Donald believes that these Essential oils for warts appear to have an established place in treating warts, and you can find out more about them by clicking on the link.
In fact, warts can be quite hard to treat, or at least the wart treatments can take a long time to be effective. Most warts can be removed by minor surgery, either through burning the warts off with heat or frozen nitrogen or by cutting the warts out.
To help reduce the size of a wart, possibly before minor surgical options if it is very large, there are many different wart creams and solutions that can be applied. Don’t share towels whilst you have warts, and try not to walk on uncovered plantar warts - remember that they are extremely contagious, and you will probably end up giving the plantar warts to someone else without a bit of care.
If your wart is persistent, painful, changes color or grows extremely large or quickly, get it examined by your doctor to make sure it is a wart and not something else. Anogenital warts are slightly more of a concern - both you and your sexual partner(s) should be screened for the virus as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Anogenital warts can be treated the same way, although the topical agents, such as wart creams or oils, are usually different (milder and less irritating, as the skin in the anogenital regions is more sensitive). Some of the warts viruses that cause anogenital warts are associated with an increased risk of developing carcinomas later in life (that’s a kind of skin cancer), so it is well worth getting them checked out by a doctor. Don't forget, a doctors opinion is best sought, as regular pap smears for cancer detection and so on may be required, even if the genital warts clear up.
One interesting thing he has used as a plantar wart treatment is a drug by the name Aldara, this is a compound that is occasionally used to treat skin cancers. This patient also taped the plantar wart for long periods with Duct Tape at the end of a year he saw no result. We used laser on his wart and a few days later it had turned a brownish colour, the patient did report a mild pain sensation for a couple of weeks.
At Brighton Podiatry plantar wart treatment is a specialty of ours we are interested in helping patients getting rid of plantar warts even if others have failed. To find out more about laser plantar wart treatment give us a call and make a time to discuss your case.
There are many kinds of HPVs, some of which increase the risk of certain cancers, especially cervical cancer. When the virus invades the skin it causes the skin cells to grow rapidly, forming the wart. There is quite a social stigma attached to having warts, especially if the warts are on prominent parts of the body like the hands, face or neck, or on the genital area.
Like most viruses, HPV changes the way that the cell behaves, mostly by hijacking its internal DNA to make more copies of the virus, but also to help the virus to spread on to other hosts.
This is especially likely to happen on damp surfaces, and swimming pools are an example of a prime place to pick up warts.
Some people, however, seem to be able to carry the virus without ever getting the symptoms, and exactly why this should be isn’t well understood. Although it may take the immune system a long time to notice the warts, when it does it will get rid of the warts surprisingly quickly, within a couple of days and without leaving a scar. But warts, other than looking unpleasant and occasionally being in painful areas, are for the most part benign and harmless. Be advised that these wart treatments can be painful, sometimes extremely so, and also have the risk of leaving a permanent scar. Partly this is to stop it getting knocked or cut, which will be painful as well as risk causing the wart to spread locally, but it’s also to help stop spreading warts to other people.
Warts are easily treated by simple methods, but if you can be patient, time will certainly heal them for you. It is NOT designed to diagnose nor treat but to offer understanding, ideas and options for you to discuss with your doctor first.

He had a consultation with me to see what sort of plantar wart treatment I could offer him. We will give you an honest appraisal of your plantar warts and tell you what your chances of successful resolution of your wart may be.
He obtained his BA degree in bacteriology, his MA degree in microbiology, and his MD at the University of California, Los Angeles. This affects mostly the feet and hands and do not spread overtime in other parts of the body. Vaccines are available that reduce the risk of becoming infected with the most common strains of HPVs that cause cervical cancer. When your dog cannot care of their warts, their warts will spread to other body parts of your dog and you will not easy to make your dog free from warts too. It needs recovery time and you should car of the injury so it will not spread and become worst again.
The chemical compound used in this has been known to be a carcinogen since 1986 and it is still on the market today.
Over the coming weeks the brown areas sloughed off leaving healthy non infected skin below. Stöppler's educational background includes a BA with Highest Distinction from the University of Virginia and an MD from the University of North Carolina.
Among various types of warts there are dome-shaped warts that grow on the back of the keens, toes and fingers. Children generally have less immunity to the wart virus than adults; therefore they are more commonly infected. It is extremely dangerous so much so that the National Cancer Institute (America) the American Cancer Society and many other peek groups have determined it is a carcinogen and placed it on a list of most hazardous compounds.
As I explained with this wart the best hope I could give him using surgical removal as a plantar wart treatment was 40% to 50%. I reviewed him a couple of months after all the lesion had sloughed off and there was NO sign of any wart. She completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Georgetown University followed by subspecialty fellowship training in molecular diagnostics and experimental pathology.
A few unfortunate adults never seem to develop significant immunity and they are continuously plagued with warts. I told him that my experience using laser was far higher and I would rate his chances of resolution as 80% to 90%. I informed him that the plantar wart treatment we had carried out with the use of laser had been 100% successful, he was so happy and just wishes he had come directly to me. Sometimes flat or Plane warts grow on different parts of the body and that too in large numbers. Unsightly or painful warts may be removed with cryotherapy (freezing), burning (electrocautery), surgery, or laser therapy. The chemical in Aldara is imiquimod and there are numerous reports of patients that have used this being left with a damaged immune system.
The warts with single elongated stalk like appearance are called Filiform warts and they generally grows on the face. It works by stimulating the bodies immune response so that hopefully the immune system will attack and destroy the plantar wart. You must know how to care them so they will always healthy and they will free from some problems. Pharmacology reports that Aldara can open skin lesions and through this mechanism can gain entry directly into the blood stream and hence circulates systemically. When you are very busy with your jobs, you can bring to pet shop and pet care because there you can find help. In the modern time, you will easy find some pet shops that offer you various types of food. It is good for you to bring your pet to your doctor and your doctor will check the condition.

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