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Instead of powering most of cars we see on the street today, there are some unusual four-stroke engines. The largest four-stroke gas engine in the world is exactly of the last kind – 18V50SG constructed by the Finnish company Wartsila. The engine uses lean-burn technology, which simply explained means that air is more than fuel inside the cylinder before the ignition stroke. Wartsila was created at the end of 19th century and is now working in two main fields: power plants and marine solutions. The testing programme was carried out by Wartsila in close collaboration with Evergas, an owner and operator of seaborne petrochemical and liquid gas transport vessels. The capability to efficiently burn ethane boil-off gas as engine fuel significantly reduces the need of gas re-liquefaction during the voyage. The engines have the capability to seamlessly switch between liquid natural gas (LNG), ethane (LEG), liquid fuel oil (LFO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO) without the need for any modifications to hardware and with uninterrupted operation, thereby setting a new standard in fuel flexibility, according to the statement. Wartsila has publicized delivery of the first of a series of Dragon-class ethane carriers for Denmark’s Evergas.
Wartsila has reported the May 28 delivery in China of the first of a series of Dragon-class gas carriers with Wartsila 50DF and 20DF engines, Wartsila LNGPac fuel storage, and Wartsila cargo handling systems, to Denmark’s Evergas.
An initial order for three of the 591-foot (180-meter) carriers was doubled just one year ago (HHP Insight, May 29, 2014).
Wartsila is talking up a “comprehensive” package, including two of its 50DF dual-fuel main engines, Wartsila gearbox, two Wartsila 20DF auxiliary gensets, a Wartsila LNG fuel system and a Wartsila cargo handling system. The Dragon class vessels are 180 meters long (591 feet) and 26.6 meters wide (87 feet) with a draft of approximately 9 meters (30 feet).
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The engine can be run on either natural gas, light fuel oil (LFO), or heavy fuel oil (HFO), and can smoothly switch between fuels whilst operating. B - Height from the crankshaft centreline to the highest point when the turbocharger is located at the flywheel end. The UNIC system is designed to ensure extended lifetime for large marine diesel and gas engines operating in the toughest of conditions. Thanks to the electronic control, the engine can be adapted to different operating conditions.

The company, which powers a third of the world’s ships, could fund purchases worth up to 400 million euros ($497 million), he said. Ship owners are under pressure to switch to gas fuel as tougher regulations, to be introduced on Jan.
The EU measures, agreed in 2012, seek to cap the sulfur content of ship fuel at 0.1 percent, compared with 1 percent now, for more than 5,000 vessels in designated emission control areas.
Dropping gas prices in the wake of the booming North American shale-gas production are another incentive for ship owners to switch fuel, he said. Increased demand for gas-powered engines would help Waertsilae, which is also a major supplier of specialist power plants, meet its goal of boosting sales 5 percent this year, a target that Rosengren said may get tougher as major economies stutter, and continue growth in 2015. Wartsila is established as market leader in engines that can switch between liquid fuel and gas, allowing ships to meet environmental requirements in inshore waters while burning less costly fuel oil and diesel when plying the open ocean.
The company yesterday announced an order from the Daewoo shipbuilding and marine engineering yard in South Korea for 54 dual-fuel engines to power icebreaking, liquefied-natural gas carriers in Northern Russia. The potential market in marine gas engines extends to all 28,500 ships in the global fleet, though it could take a decade for stricter rules to become the norm, while uptake of scrubber technology has been lower than expected, Rosengren said. JBC Energy said in a note this month that no more than 65 percent of ships are likely to comply with the EU regulations due to modest penalties and a low risk of getting caught.
The marine industry is inherently conservative and many owners will only act “when the fine gets large enough,” he said. The size of these engines may vary strongly, from small domestic engines that power electric generators through regular automotive engines and reaching enormous sizes inside some power plants. As the model name shows, there are 18 cylinders with 50 cm diameter nested within 18,6 m long and 396 tons heavy body.
This is achieved by using turbo chargers and leads to better burning, reduced harmful emissions and lower peak temperatures. This means that less power is needed for the cargo handling, thus providing a more efficient and environmentally sound overall system, Wartsila said in a statement. The ship is the first of six with dual fuel Wartsila engines and liquefied natural gas fuel systems built at the Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering shipyard in China.
Evergas said this past autumn that it was extending its agreement with INEOS to eight ships. Lean combustion enables a high compression ratio, which in turn increases engine efficiency, reduces peak temperatures, and therefore also reduces NOx emissions.

The engine functions are controlled by an advanced automation system that allows optimal running conditions to be set, independent of the ambient conditions or fuel type. Special attention has been paid to temperature- and vibration endurance throughout the design, while the highest priority has been given to operational reliability. Furthermore, the pre-tested configuration allows the engine or generating set to be made ready for operation with a minimum of commissioning and installation work. 11 (Bloomberg) — Wartsila Oyj Chief Executive Officer Bjoern Rosengren said he’s confident of announcing an acquisition this year as the Finnish company pushes into the gas-powered marine engine market to tap demand from ship owners switching fuels to accommodate tougher regulation.
For bigger deals of as much as 1 billion euros, it would have to turn to shareholders led by Investor AB, the holding company of Sweden’s Wallenberg family. Further legislation is likely to follow, pushing ship- owners to embrace new technology, Rosengren said. Sales at the Finnish company rose 1 percent to 3.23 billion euros in the first nine months.
Rivals including London-based Rolls-Royce, the second biggest maker of aero-engines, have been slower to to embrace that model.
Espirito Santo Investment Bank analyst Nick Wilson said the authorities may need to enforce the change with hefty fines. Each cylinder is controlled individually by ECS (Engine Control System) which regulates the air-fuel ratio, ignition timing and everything else.
Rosengren said he’s interested in any purchases that will help develop Wartsila’s gas-engine arm, as well as so-called scrubber technology that minimizes pollution from ships that continue to burn heavy fuels. However, there is a modification capable of using different fuel types – Wartsila 50DF, which also could be “fed” with heavy or light fuel oil.
With 27,500 cubic meters of cargo capacity and 180 meters length (591 feet), ‘they represent the largest ethane carriers in their class in the world,’ Wartsila says.

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