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I mean you have places to go, people to see, and most likely little people to take care of. The million dollar question is how can I increase my energy levels without resorting to drinking coffee all day long? In a world full of adulterated food, inflammation, cancer and autoimmune diseases, no one needs their gut flora messed up more than it already is. Don’t forget the Ningxia Nitro – Also available from Young Living Ningxia Nitro is a little packet of energy boosting components that are a powerhouse when you need a pick me up!
Cut the Sugar – Sugar in the diet is going to deplete your body of Chromium and other nutrient stores that are necessary for a healthy diet.
Take a B vitamin Supplement – B vitamins are very important in order to help increase energy and regulate blood sugar. Eat Protein and Fat  – Everyone is different, but for many people eating protein and fat for breakfast can help start their day off right. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Family Herbalist and DONA-certified Childbirth Doula, I get excited when I can see families taking control of their health and living life to the fullest.
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Sign up for our FREE newsletter, and we'll send you our GREEN: Clean cheat sheet with our top 5 green cleaning recipes! Reach for a healthy snack with protein and fiber to help you pull through the rest of the day. Something as simple as stepping outside for a quick walk can do wonders for your mood and energy levels.
Get up and do some stretches or yoga to help clear your head and freshen up your whole mood. Be careful with this one, because sleeping for too long will only make you even more groggy and can also affect your nighttime sleep; so keep that nap short and sweet at 10-20 minutes for best results.
One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a delicious green smoothie that’s loaded with fruits, leafy greens, and healthy fats.

I know some people swear by these types of supplements, but I’ve never felt comfortable with them as most of them are highly processed and filled with preservatives, soy, artificial flavors and sweeteners. If you’re looking into protein powders and similar supplements, you want to look for something that is whole food-based, organic, and contains none of the artificial stuff.
I recently discovered the Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng, and I must say I am loving this all natural, organic superfood and protein powder mix that’s loaded with probiotics and energizing B-vitamins!
You can add the Daily Green Energy packets to your green smoothies, or mix it into some juice or plain water.
Probably the best part about Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng is the fact that it’s safe for pregnant and nursing mamas – score!
You can learn more about Kaeng Raeng and their Daily Green Energy at their website, and stay in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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You spend a lot of time in your home office, so why not make that time efficient for your home? If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, make the cool air you do have count by replacing the overhead light with a flush ceiling fan. Direct sunlight can heat up your office quickly, so take measures to minimize the direct light throughout the day. This entry was posted in Energy Efficiency and tagged energy efficiency, home office by Devon. You really have to blend it up or shake it in a covered bottle (Kaeng Raeng also sells a separate blender bottle), because this stuff will NOT dissolve by simple stirring. With the extra money you saved us we were able to lease another delivery truck and hire an additional driver. With a few easy and simple steps you can make your office work for you and help save your hard-earned dough.

Adjust the fan to turn counter-clockwise in the summer, that way the cool air will stay lower while the fan pushes hot air up.
In fact, proper landscaping can help save you up to 40 percent on your energy bill, according to LandscapeforLife.org. Since you spend much of your day in your office, in a variety of lighting conditions, it’s important to optimize light for those conditions as well as the kind of work you do. Other ideas include mixed nuts, nut butters, smoothies, fruit and yogurt, and granola bars. Boston Ferns and Bamboo have been shown to be among the most effective at reducing formaldehyde in the air.
Not only will you be protected in case of a power surge (think: summer thunderstorms) but you can simply flip the switch on the strip when you are done working for the day, turning everything off. All lights in your room should have LED, CFL or halogen bulbs, all of which can save you up to 80 percent on your energy bills versus typical incandescent bulbs. Switch from a desktop computer to a laptop and you’ll save money too as laptops use less energy than a traditional desktop. Adding some greenery to your office space will not only help you feel good about your work but will also make you healthier. And any lamps with shades should have opaque or light-colored shades Better than light bulbs is the sun. In both modes, your computer is still drawing energy (same is true with light fixtures throughout your house), so better to shut it down completely.
Light-filtering cellular blinds are a good option because you can still keep your office cool without sacrificing natural light. Or look for a desk on wheels that you can turn as the light moves across your office throughout the day.

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