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Consciousness is the solution to the problems of deception and manipulation that results in external control over our lives. Understanding the individuated unit of consciousness that constitute a part of the universe promotes an understanding of the universe as a whole.
We have to understand ourselves more, what is going on in human consciousness, how it functions, what are its qualities, how it manifests, and how it has an expression through the physiology. A manipulator can dangle an appealing and comforting lie in front of us as bait and we will buy into it, hook, line and sinker! Most of the methodologies of mind control are in operation all around us and they are implemented on a mass scale, hence they are mass mind control as opposed to a Hollywood-induced conception like a Manchurian candidate brainwashing. The sacred masculine and the sacred feminine of consciousness are qualities that may seem to be polar opposites but are actually unified to form the whole of consciousness. In our efforts to raise our level of consciousness we must strive to bring these two qualities into balance and unison with each other.
Consciousness consists of a dual nature between the masculine and feminine components as represented through each individual unit of consciousness often referred to as the monad, the one that is an expression of the all. Thought activity is a fundamental basis of the two internal manifestations of consciousness. Emotions are the second internal aspect of consciousness that we express within our body through our physical makeup in the form of sensations, feelings and body language. The marriage between the divine father creator thought, and divine mother emotional energies of consciousness, create a divine child of action, a synthesis or byproduct that manifest as the things we do in the world, our behavior. Following only the “heart” without taking the “brain” with you is not the path of Truth and Love, yet many people mistakenly believe this in the pseudo-spiritual and New Age movements and beliefs. Understanding certain basic structures and functionality of the human brain is part of the discovery of self. The brainstem can be considered the foundation and hence the oldest and lowest part of the brain.
This is the middle-brain that is responsible for the chemical interactions through which we experience our emotions as feelings, and despite emotions not being derived from here, without this “middle chamber” we would not feel emotions.
The Neocortex is the most developed part of the brain containing the most neural activity and manages all higher order thinking. This triune component of the brain is setup as a hierarchy of three different aspects of being into one, and information is processed in a certain way if the functionality between these layers is operating correctly. Failure to understand how we function, as a component of who we are, places us in a position where we are susceptible to manipulation and mind control. Presenting one of the best and highly effective body building supplements in the world, CrazyMass. Used by more than 6 million consumers across the globe, these health supplements are taken along with daily workout regimes to enhance peak physical performance and improve lean muscle mass. Created and marketed by a leading anabolic supplement manufacturing company based in the United States, CrazyMass is known to offer promising results that are visible within 30 days. Crazy Mass works in manifold ways to help users increase testosterone hormone growth in their body in the safest and natural possible ways. After taking Crazy Bulk products for many years now, I can safely endorse that the brand offers some of the most reliable supplements that are 100% effective and natural. It is not simply being awake from being asleep as most people view it, as one can be awake but still asleep and ignorant of the spiritual journey and path towards truth. The solution to a lower base-level vibrational frequency of consciousness is to raise consciousness to a higher level. The first step to finding a solution to a problem is acquiring knowledge in order to understand the core nature of the problem that manifests the conditions we would prefer not to have. Mass mind control programs fundamental axioms into people which are the core belief systems that people take into themselves as true and then live their lives, behave and act in accordance with. Expanding our consciousness through the ability to recognize patterns of information will increase our self-knowledge. While each of us may be a part of a unified ocean of consciousness, we are still individual unique expressions of consciousness. Thoughts are the primary expression, emanation or essence symbolized by the creator aspect.
Thought activity energy passes through our body and is then expressed through our physiology as a feeling in response to consciousness manifestations in our environment and in ourselves. We now see the Trinity of the creator father, divine mother Holy Spirit and the divine male child completed.
Many of us do not understand what the components of the brain are, how they work and what they give rise to with respect to qualities of our personality-identity-ego construct. Rigidly applying rules in one direction will prevent us from perceiving greater revelations through the frequencies of color and shape being used. The brainstem and cerebellum are responsible for physical activity, motor skills, and the instinct for survival or the fight or flight mechanism.
However, in our modern society we are not in many dangerous situations where we physically need to make a decision to fight of flee, yet this mechanism is activated frequently because we are often engaged in stressful activities.
The cerebrum is bilaterally symmetrical being divided into the left and right cerebral hemispheres. Proper functionality means the cerebral hemispheres are cooperating together, balanced, unified, harmonious, coherent, consistent, and integrated, as can be demonstrated through EEG coherence where neural and synaptic activity is distributed throughout both hemispheres. Understanding the basic functionality of the brain brings us closer to becoming a being that governs ourselves and less subject to the influence of those attempting to commandeer our mind and behavior.

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These steroids are gaining popularity owing to their zero or minimal health risks and quicker results, better than other anabolic steroids. From fixing erectile dysfunction and masculine disorders to curing obesity conditions, the steroids have by far helped both males and females across diverse countries to fight against weight loss issues and metabolic disorders. These anabolic steroids are identified as highly effective supplements that can take strenuous workouts to a new level altogether. The product is made of several important ingredients that complement the growth of core muscles together with reducing the unwanted body fat. It is ideal for people looking for a powerful formula to help them improve their workout sessions and gain faster muscle mass, without any worry on negative side effects on their body or health. The more we observe, experience and come to know aspects of what ‘is’, the truth, the more our awareness of that which exists increases, and as a result our consciousness will expand. We can use the concept of “as above so below, as below so above” to help us grasp truths about ourselves and the universe. To “know thyself” is also known as self-knowledge, self-actualization, self-realization, self-awareness, as well as knowledge of the Higher True Self. When someone does not understand how mind control functions, they are ignorant of it, and therefore do not have the tools to prevent themselves from actively being manipulated. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are not in contradiction, opposition, conflict or duality with each other, but are unified, non-dual and acting as one.
The more we become aware of what is taking place within and around us, and the more connections, correspondences, patterns and meaning we come to recognize, the more our consciousness expands and the more we learn about ourselves, hence self-knowledge increases. Each individuated unit of consciousness has three forms of manifestation or expression in our reality: thoughts, emotions and actions. Correlating with the creator symbolism of the father, emotions are the Holy Spirit or divine mother in the Trinity of consciousness.
There is also the Trinity of the body-mind-spirit connection where our body represents action, our mind represents thought, and our spirit represents emotion in the sense that our emotions are the spirit in which we do things. Understanding the human brain is to understand a core aspect of ourselves and is critical for our understanding of what is going on in the world.
Taking another symbolic look at the components of a Trinity based on the father, mother and child, we can see how the Christian narrative is represented by the hindbrain, limbic and forebrain respectively. In a dangerous situation, a decision needs to be made between staying and fighting or fleeing to survive. This beneficial survival technique has become a detriment in modern society because we engage and remain in this modality of consciousness for a large portion of the time. Reptiles are more instinctual and based in survival and are where we get the term of being a “cold blooded” person. The left brain is symbolic of the masculine principle and is related to the thought functionality of logic, analysis, science, mathematics, language and the use of words. The forebrain is the executive command center of the whole brain responsible for our reasoning capabilities to determine how we use our actions in harmony with our thoughts and emotions. This allows us to recognize, correlate, compare and correspond patterns and meaning in more and more of these things that exists as we become more aware of them.
Lower vibrational states of consciousness prevent one from being able to accurately discern between Truth and falsity. Recognizing patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place around and within us is a central component to reaching higher levels of awareness, specifically, the internal patterns that take place within the body, mind and feelings.
We don’t know enough about consciousness, how our minds and emotional makeups function. Ignorance of something disempowers and makes you a tool to it: deceived, manipulated, fooled, tricked, duped, conned, scammed, screwed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and under its thumb. Neurolinguistic programming makes use of language through specific word choice and speech patterns to embed ideas into people’s consciousness so that they behave according to predetermined outcomes. If someone thinks or feels something is morally wrong, yet acts against one or both of those manifestations of consciousness, they are in internal opposition with themselves, fighting against themselves, against their own consciousness.
The Trinity concept is represented in different traditions under the name of the Law of Three or the Triune (3-in-1) aspect of consciousness.
Our species is gifted simply by possessing a brain of the order and magnitude that we have. Our lifestyle is hectic and busy, from one thing to the next without having much time in between the various activities we occupy our lives with: a job, children, traffic, other people, and other daily activities.
The right brain relates to the feminine qualities of holistic thought, intuition, creativity, art, music and all other forms of creative expression. Having a balanced neocortex without one side dominating over the other allows a person to become capable of higher-order conceptual thinking and reasonable behavior which is governed through our ability to recognize patterns and derive meaning. Our client wanted to increase the value of his apartment with some simple, creative and cosmetic design solutions.
Increasing awareness increases consciousness, and the correspondences and pattern linking we discover paints a larger picture to understand the world we live in and ourselves more deeply. This is another perfect scenario for those who wish to manipulate and control our behaviors through deception, just as solipsism allows.
Knowledge about something prevents you from buying into lies and empowers you to make the right choices, decisions and actions.
Symbolism is an archetypal language that most of us are vulnerable to being manipulated by at a subconscious level because we do not understand the building blocks and syntax of this particular language.

Satan is the opposer, the adversary, and that is the state we put ourselves in when we contradict ourselves internally, regardless of the justifications or excuses we fabricate to lie to ourselves into accepting what we are doing.
I have created a more complex version to the left that will visually show the various facets of the 3 manifestations of consciousness, unity and the gender principles. Any series of events or invention we make first existed as a thought in the mind or consciousness of the people who made it occur. Blood will be pumped away from the vital organs of the torso and brain because a fight or flight response of survival to fight or run away requires blood to be sent to the areas of priority which are the extremities. The neocortex is the most advanced computer that exists and the most complex substance we know of in the universe and therefore our greatest gift.
This expansive force that brings us to greater heights of comprehension and consciousness is the force of Love in its true essence.
Asking the question why is a fundamental element in learning about the reality of what ‘is’. Having knowledge about how the human mind, psyche and consciousness functions provides one with an advantageous position to exercise control over others who are ignorant about themselves.
Living in harmony and alignment with the truth is not what is occurring when we are being manipulated and controlled. Archetypal language is based on the use of frequencies of sound, color, shapes and forms, and can be used to influence our thoughts and subvert our consciousness. It is directly related to our emotions which are the internal quality of consciousness within us.
This is the main reason for why we are in our current condition of not expanding our consciousness. It might be confusing unless you already understand the color symbolism and the information to follow in this article. For example, someone first thought about the need for an eating instrument and then proceeding to create a fork, spoon, etc. When we are trying to survive we are not going to be thinking about deep higher order conceptual ideas nor do we need to be doing much digestion or other intensive functions of other organs. This creates a construct whereby responsibilities of adhering to a scheduled way of living traps a person in a survival modality of being with no standard ability to fight or flee from the situation presented.
The feminine midbrain that governs emotions sends data upwards to the masculine reasoning-processing center of the brain, both to the logical-analytical masculine left-brain and creative-intuitive feminine right-brain, which then sends signals down to the motor centers of the brain complex referred to as the reptile brain in order for our actions and behavior to be based on higher order reasoning and not automated responses based on instinct and survival. Reality, what ‘is’, truth, is what brings about greater awareness and consciousness and allows us to care more about what is happening in the world and ourselves, to eventually come to a place of right-action based in true intelligence of understanding our situation correctly.
People do not want the responsibility for everything that goes with living in existence, we are so demanding for someone else to take responsibility, think, and solve our problems for us.
We must learn the methodologies of mind control in order to not be deceived as we currently are.
Mind control is consciousness control through the manipulation of the three experiential forms of consciousness. We create our own suffering collectively in all the ways we go against ourselves and go against Natural Moral Law. Our richly oxygenated blood will be sent to our muscles, such as the arms to be yielded as weapons if we have decided to stay and fight, or to the leg muscles for us to be able to flee the situation. We abdicate our personal responsibility for many things, and most importantly of all is our personal responsibility to understand the truth.
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The more we see with our real eyes, the more we realize the truth, and the more we expand our Love and consciousness. The rate that your facial hair grows depends mostly on genetics, but if you are anxious for your beard to come in, you can try different techniques to bring forth the stubble.
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