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At this years NESEA Building Green 07 conference I got the chance to listen to Larry Harmon, from Air Barrier Solutions, and Peter Talmage, from PE Energy and Design. So here in no particular order at the top ten most effective ways to reduce your energy costs without spending a dime.
It sounds obvious, and it should be, but the lower you keep your heat the less energy you will use. Do you find yourself spacing out in the shower and before you know it you have run through all the hot water? If you live in the northern hemisphere trim the bushes on the south side of your home so that sunshine can get in and warm up your house. Baseboard heaters and appliances with air intakes like refrigerators and some others with condenser coils need to have clean vents in order to function properly. While cooking use the correct size pot for the burner you are using (does not work as well with gas stoves). Thank Will and Steven for the great tips, Steven you are right I should do a special southern climate tip feature. Nice posts, but sometimes I wonder who needs these tips anymore… ain’t it clear by now to turn of the light when leaving the room? Michael: It might make you sad to realize how many people do not know about these simple tips, and how many more do not follow any of them.
You should always fill you washer to its fullest setting, for top loaders this usually means you have to leave some space at the top, with most front loaders (especially the newer ones) it means you can just cram cloths in until you just cant get anymore to fit. I was wondering if there is a web site or if any one knows which is more efficient, baseboard heaters (which are about 30 years old) or new 7 fin oil filled radiators? Darren: I am just going to guess that the newer ones are more efficient, but are you talking about electric heaters? If you want to figure out what produces more co2 (the old radiators, or the new electric ones) you will need to know what the main source of fuel is for both kinds.
Research indicates that a leading cause for energy wastage is that people have little or no understanding of the amount they spend on electricity or gas while using domestic appliances ! If you go way too long between filter changes, start brainstorming some ways to remind yourself to change them.
At Autumn Air Conditioning, we deal with a lot of customers, and many of these customers do not contact us until they have major problems with their HVAC systems. Our team can install a programmable thermostat that automates the temperature in your home. If you’re going on vacation, you can keep the temperature in your home higher, and you can program your thermostat to return your house to a cool level a few hours before you arrive home. If you would like to learn more about how to heat and cool your home without spending a fortune, contact our team at Autumn Air Conditioning today.
In a struggling economy, more people are looking to reduce the cost of common expenses and have more flexibility with their budget. For those looking to reduce their energy usage, there are several ways to cut corners with your home energy costs. Outdated appliances may continue to run well but are likely one of the main contributors to your energy bill.
Upgrade to EnergyStar appliances, which use up to 30 percent less energy and save $1,200 for a single appliance. Several different government rebates are also available to households that switch to EnergyStar products.

Replace incandescent lighting in your home with LED bulbs, which have a longer lifespan of up to 60,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours with traditional bulbs. Less heat is emitted from the bulbs due to less energy that is used, which will reduce the cost to run the bulbs.
With temperatures rising throughout the year, more people are depending on using their HVAC systems to keep the home cool, which can accumulate to thousands of dollars annually. Reduce the temperature in your home by painting the roof white with elastomeric coating, which will reduce your energy usage by 40 percent. Dryers are one of the most costly appliances to run and can be avoided by drying your clothes on a line in the backyard during the warmer seasons. Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees from 140 degrees, which can be done in a matter of seconds and will reduce heat standby and demand loss that occurs each month. When looking for ways to reduce the cost of energy in your home, there are practical steps to take to lower your bill without large sacrifices needed. By making the small changes, it can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually while also reducing your home’s carbon footprint.
If you want to reduce or eliminate your grid energy dependence, here are some simple suggestions. Make sure you don’t have any open gaps in your insulation that could cause convection through your walls or roof.
Shading is the easiest and most cost-effective way to lower air conditioning costs and provide some relief from the scorching Columbus sun.
While saving energy is important, conserving water is just as important especially during the dry summer months in Ohio. Focusing on these four energy saving landscape ideas can cut your heating and cooling costs, and save energy.
I am committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for change.
A typical filter will cost only $10 to $20, depending on what you hope to filter from the air, but it can be challenging to remember to replace them when you never see them.
Some customers prefer to set an alert on their phones, while others write CHANGE FILTER in big red letters on the family calendar.
No one wants to find themselves without air conditioning on a hot Florida day in August, and you can reduce your risk of serious problems and help your system work more effectively by making routine maintenance a priority. This means that your system has to work harder to keep your house at the same temperature from one year to the next. You lead a busy life, and it’s difficult to remember to turn the thermostat up when you leave the house in the morning. Each family’s needs are different, so you can program your thermostat to ensure that you stay comfortable without using any unnecessary energy. Varying the temperature throughout the day can equal big savings over time, and your programmable thermostat will do all of the work.
Energy costs often fluctuate and can be manipulated to lower rates each month with simple changes made in the home. Columbus can accommodate many varieties of sun and shade plants, and even tropical species because of the summer heat we experience.
The key to proper shading is to know the exact details of the size, shape and location of the casted shadow from the landscape.
For example, Oak trees with a low crown and full foliage are great for shading from afternoon sun angles that are lower as the day progresses.

When planted close enough together, and even on their own, their thick canopies provide a wind barrier. At Autumn Air Conditioning, we want to help you keep your energy costs as low as possible without sacrificing your comfort. Regardless of what it takes to remember, your system will run more efficiently when your filters are clean, which ultimately saves you money.
However, you’re wasting money if your system is keeping your house nice and cool when no one is home to enjoy it. However if you become reliant on your own energy you’ll quickly find yourself looking for ways to reduce your energy use. While the sun is good for crops and gardens, there is one thing it definitely impacts- home energy costs. For example, a tall oak or maple tree placed behind a home facing west would cast a shadow into back windows and the roof throughout the morning while the sun is rising. Climbing vines and bushes that use a trellis for stabilization and growth are great options to shade a patio. These are ideal during cold winter months because they can block the wind chill from entering through your windows, and in the summer they provide sun relief.
Aeration allows water to penetrate the roots through improved water flow, which has a greater effect on the grass than running the sprinkler constantly.
You will not have to use as much water, and it will feed the plant for a longer amount of time. We’ve helped customers in this area save on their energy bills for many years, and you can enjoy the savings, too, by implementing some of these ideas.
Our company offers reasonably-priced maintenance plans to keep your system in the best possible condition. Properly insulating your home will make it more comfortable, save energy and it’s cheap to install yourself. Knowing your biggest energy draws and focusing on reducing those draws is a great start towards energy independence! Many people overlook functional landscape when planning a garden, as well as the effects it can have on home energy bills. They don’t cover as much square area as a tall tree, but they provide direct protection in a designated place ideal for porches or outdoor entertaining spaces.
Another good thing about a windbreak is that the dead air space within the trees provides additional insulation during summer and winter. When your system is inspected annually, we can catch small problems before they turn into major, more costly issues. We’ll start with your insulation and checking your HVAC because they have the most savings potential.
From small shrubs to tall maple trees, here are four ways landscape can reduce your energy costs this summer. Evergreen shrubs that are planted on the north and northwest side of the home will provide a barrier from wind in summer and winter, which can save on heating and cooling costs.

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