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3.  How to get a good deal online A checklist of all the things you need to do to get the best possible deal when you shop online.
We could all do with saving a few dollars here and there but sometimes it is hard to find where to cut back. If you drink smoothies for breakfast, buy fruit like strawberries and bananas when they are on sale and cut them up to pop in the freezer. Instead of buying lots of wrapping paper and cards, buy a roll of plain brown or white paper plus some cardboard and have the kids design their own cards and wrapping paper.
AboutKid Magazine is an online magazine for mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. About Kid MagazineFor mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families, Kid Magazine is a blog and free digital magazine.
Going to the doctor can really put a strain on the budget, and if you have kids it can get even worse. If you schedule any doctor’s appointments you have on the same day and (maybe) the same times, money on gas, time off from work, and you can hopefully get away with just one co-pay. Think of your body like a car shop around for parts and mechanics, or doctors and the right prescriptions.
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7 May by FitBritt · 2 Comments With classes, gym memberships, dvd products, clothes and sneakers, staying fit can slim down your wallet as much as you. 3.) Take It Outside- You can save a lot of money but forgoing a gym membership and working out outdoors.
4.) Online Classes- Online classes offer some of the best in the fitness business but for a fraction of the price.
5.) Free Passes to Health Clubs- Most gyms offer a free pass for a day, three days or even a week. 6.) Refer a Friend- A lot of studios and gyms will give you a free class or a reduction in price if you refer a friend. 8.) BLOGS!-  This one seems almost too obvious but more and more blogs are adding workout plans and videos for you to use completely free!
10.) Dance Studios-  People rarely turn to dance studios for classes but I have to tell you, these studios have some of the least expensive classes around!
Install an instant water heater near your kitchen sink so you don’t have to run the water while it heats up. Reuse leftover water from cooked or steamed foods to start a nutritious soup, it’s one more way to get eight glasses of water a day. When shopping for a new dishwasher, use the Consortium for Energy Efficiency website to compare water use between models. Set the AC temperature to 25oCelsius that the AC would not work too hard and spend too much energy.

Bring fresh water bottles everywhere so you don’t need to buy every time you eat out. How I saved $2,000 on my Disney vacation  This was my first article.  Anybody planning on taking a trip to Orlando will want to read these tips. But then again, given all that you have said about it doubled with enough discipline, it could work. Unless they are in use, we always turn off the TV, kettle, toaster, lamps, chargers and other appliances at the power point.
I’m really bad at this one but have been making more of an effort as it is a good way to save.
If you are cooking one meal for the adults and then another (or multiple) for the kids then think of the food waste, electricity and not to mention your time. You can make really tasty casseroles and pasta sauces and also use up any vegetables from the fridge.
Whenever I buy a nice loaf of bread from the bakery, we never finish it before it goes stale.
You can join the local library and borrow books for free. Libraries also often have free activities for kids so go once a week and everyone can borrow a new book for the week. There are so many fabulous online magazines available out there (cough, Kid Magazine, cough). You’ll save money, can pause if the kids need to go to the toilet and have a lovely family night in.
If you don’t have a toy library, set up a toy swap with friends so the kids can all try different toys without the extra expense of buying them. Sign up to the Kid Magazine weekly newsletter to receive beauty, style, recipes and parenting tips plus each issue of Kid Magazine straight to your email inbox!
This is a well timed post for me after receiving an unexpected, and massive, plumbing bill!
I think we do all of these, except the turning appliances off at the power point, it is just an inconvenience that I haven’t been able to get around yet. As a subscriber you will also receive each issue of Kid Magazine straight to your inbox plus the latest from the blog each week. In the bi-monthly digital magazine and daily blog you will find best and latest products for kids and mums, exclusive features from industry experts and stories from other real mums.
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If you are looking for ways to save money on taking the whole family to the doctor, check out these really easy ideas that can help keep money in your pocket. Many doctors will see siblings at the same time and only charge for one, because this saves them time, too.
Check their website and other sites on coupons for dentists, specialty doctors, and reduced co-pays. We are firm believers in "sharing what you know" - so that's why we love sharing tips, ideas and the latest and greatest products that make life easier amidst the craziness of everyday life.

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Everyday I strive to find balance in my life through fitness, healthy eating, occasional indulgences and generally enjoying all life has to offer.
The average spend of faucet is 10 liters water in a minute, so better turn it off while brushing teeth or shaving.
Some cell phone manufacturers like Nokia accept donations of phones, batteries or chargers.
The clothes can be donated to an orphanage or shelter, or even a brother or neighbor in need. Careless racing, inappropriate usage of gears, and the sudden brake hit would spend more fuel. Locally produced materials do not need to be distributed in thousands miles that can waste much energy. Although there have been many supermarkets and stores offer for not using plastic bags, but we still often forget and still are not getting used to it. I know it can be difficult cooking something that the whole family will like but a book like Something for Everyone by Louise Fulton Keats has great ideas to get you started.
Apart from the movie nights in (and inviting a friend over for sleepovers can make these more fun for the kids), we often do Staycations – where we just stay at home but do lots of fun stuff and day trips at home during the holidays.
Instead it is usually fresher and more environmentally friendly products since they do not use excessive packaging. Now everywhere, there are many choices of canvas bags that can be folded and inserted into the bag while you’re not using it. Avoid eating a lobster, grouper, shrimp, or even sharks because of its breeding and fishing procedure which are not safe for the environment.
On certain days and times of the week, doctors will offer no co-pays and reduced prices on certain treatments. Furthermore, try to stay within your insurance’s coverage plan, but expand your driving to rural offices. Tune up the car on time, so that this can increase the efficiency of fuel use between 4 to 40 percent. You may spend a bit more time and gas money, but rural offices tend to be less crowded and cheaper. If each house on earth put more efficient effort in the washing habit, every year we can save water in the same amount that can fill up 7 million swimming pools.
The safe fish consumption for the environment is mackerel, tuna and cakes, anchovy, barracuda, tuna, milkfish, pomfret, sardines, tuna, squid.

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