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The holiday season can be tough on your budget with gifts, entertaining, and meals all putting an extra strain on your bottom line.
Before you start picking up gifts for everyone you think you need to shop for—and maybe some people you do not—start by making a list of who you need to get a gift for this season. Gift-giving is a pricey proposition, and you may find your friends and family in the same holiday budgeting conundrum that you are. If you have must-do holiday spending, but are having trouble scraping up the cash to cover it, now’s the time to cut back on unnecessary expenses to save. The holidays are a time to celebrate—but whether you’re hosting family or friends that can mean a hefty price tag. You are going to be spending over the holidays, so why not put it on a credit card that offers rewards or other extras?
Right now when you get a new qualifying PenFed credit card you’ll get a $100 account credit when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days—something that’s awfully easy to do over the holiday season. This is a moderated blog; all content will be reviewed before posting and is considered accurate as of the date posted.
The content found on this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be used as tax or investment advice.
With every new mobile operating system that Apple releases, there always seems to be new issues with the battery that their users experience, and there are always some basic tips that we can offer the community to enhance their iOS experience.
One of the biggest tips that we can give to users of any phone is to turn the brightness down if you’re looking to increase the battery life of your mobile device. Just like with Auto Brightness, Location-Tracking applications constantly run in the background.
In iOS 7, Apple released a feature where users no longer have to go to the App Store to manually update their now. They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore.
The goal here is not to make a budget that has you spending the least possible—or a budget that lets you do as much shopping as you could possibly want. Talk to them about setting dollar limits for gifts, banding together to buy gifts as a group, giving things like babysitting or a homemade meal rather than traditional presents, or even eschewing gifts entirely.
One easy solution, to both save some cash and get your guests more involved in the celebration, is to make the meal a potluck.

Plus, the $100 bonus can give you a head start in saving for that vacation you’re planning for next summer. Views and opinions expressed in comments are for informational purposes only and do not constitute official endorsement by PenFed.
With that said, turning them off will keep them from using battery to constantly track your location for apps such as Reminders and Evernote and other location-tracking apps.
One of these features truly makes the iPhone be able to multitask is the Background App Refresh feature that is now built in. Now, and this feature isn’t one I would turn off unless I absolutely had do, Apple has their operating system setup to automatically check for updates and download them. This stage is a great point to start considering your budget—does everyone on your shopping list really need a gift? Abandoning practicality here likely means you’ll ignore your budget altogether, so it won’t be a useful tool to help keep your spending in line.
You don’t need to exchange pricey gifts to make the holiday season special, and even setting moderate limits on your gift-giving can be a big help for everyone’s expenses this season.
Everyone can bring a food dish, drinks, or other supplies to help offset costs—plus you’ll have a more varied selection of dishes and the chance for guests to swap recipes and compare favorites. We recommend turning your brightness down to about 50%; however, you may need to turn it up or down depending on the environment you are working with.
This is the feature that makes your wallpaper feel as if it moves with your phone and separates your icons from your wallpaper on a new layer. If if comes down to it, and you must turn this off to save battery, you can do so by going to Settings > iTunes and App Store.
Would they be just as happy (or happier) with a batch of homemade cookies or a hand-written holiday card?
Once you have a budget, the next step is to track your spending: Hang on to receipts ant total them up regularly to see how your spending matches up with your planned budget.
While this is a great new addition to iOS 7, it absolutely kills the battery if you aren’t closing apps right after finishing with them.
While this is a great feature, it constantly eats battery by tracking the motion of the phone. The Automatic Downloads options are located a little ways down the page, and you can select which features are worth turning off.

Laying out these shopping guidelines up front will help you avoid overspending and help you set up a holiday budget. If you go off track you can reign yourself back in before your holiday spending goes overboard. Even though one cup of coffee may not seem like enough savings to matter, cutting back on small expenses like this will add up over the month. Auto Brightness constantly looks to change the setting based on the environment you are in, so it is constantly working in the background and using battery. If you’re wanting to save battery in iOS 7, this is by far one of the best things you can do for yourself. We recommend looking at what you’re spending on extras like this, doing the math, and deciding whether the savings is worth the trouble. Check out the Summit Stage for transportation around Summit County, including Breckenridge, Keystone, Dillon, and more. You can turn down your brightness now simply by opening Mission Control or by going to  Settings > Brightness and Wallpaper and sliding the brightness bar down. In the end, making more meals at home and packing a travel mug full of coffee in the morning can save a good amount without making you feel like you’re tightening your belt too much. Multiple locations have campsites available for free or for a small fee you are able to experience the real Colorado outdoors. Camping in many of the National Forests is a great way to save some cheddar and experience the real Colorado outdoors. Have A Meal or Two In While vacationing, dining out every meal costs a pretty penny. Hit up the local grocery store and pick up food to cook over a campfire or at your own residence. Although most restaurants in Colorado are very delicious and healthy, it always help to save and have a pleasant meal in the comfort of your own home.   There are many resources to help save on anything and everything while vacationing in Colorado, from transportation to food. Check online or ask any of our awesome Peak 1 Express reservation agents about local information to help make your trip to Colorado the best possible experience.

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