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Entrepreneurs work extremely hard and just like any car or truck, business owners need fuel to get them through the day. Dark Chocolate- chocolate is only very recently being recognized as healthy and as a good addition to ones diet for a little energy boost and other health benefits. Gresham Harkless is a Media Consultant for Blue 16 Media and the Blogger-in-Chief for CEO Blog Nation. Join the exclusive community for business bloggers and enjoy premium content from CEO Blog Nation. Read more:How to Stay Abreast of Industry TrendsKeep Your Finger on the Pulse It’s been said that the only constant is change.
Some entrepreneurs and business owners shared what particular foods give them the most energy. These include eat a high raw way (at least 80% uncooked food), green smoothies to get packed with oxygen, don’t eat much sugar or starchy carbs, go easy on caffeine which depletes your adrenals, be sure to get plenty of vitamin B12 from liver or beef (very lightly cooked), eat superfoods high in minerals, and more!

Leafy green vegetables are also full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which will provide your body with nutrients to give you energy. This is so because, depending on the activities we are involved in, we use up a different type of energy. Loaded with fiber, protein, omegas and more, it’s something I’ve eaten daily for a decade and also highly recommend to family and friends. Quinoa keeps me full and provides nutrition for the whole day to the point that I’m able to have only one meal a day, then every 2 hours I drink water and eat small portions of fruits.
I think that the foods that sap my energy are sugar, caffeine and processed white flour and sugar products.
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I have come home on a Friday night, exhausted after a 60-hour work week, made myself a green smoothie containing fresh squeezed orange juice and kale and a pinch of cayenne, and have been suddenly energized enough to clean my condo! I want to add here, that when you eat cooked food, your pancreas has to crank out digestive enzymes, whereas when you eat raw, the enzymes are there, in the food, to help digest it. This constant taxing of the pancreas shortens your life, and makes you have a lot less energy while you are alive. Edward Howell, who spent his life researching this, claims that your life span is indirectly proportional to the amount of cooked food you eat—in other words, the more cooked food you eat, the sooner you will die.

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