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I have been contacted by people who are in desperate need of energetic healing because medication treatments are not working. As most of you reading this probably know by now, music legend Prince passed away recently at the age of 57. An alternative treatment for cancer has come to light after various studies have found that it is able to effectively inhibit colon cancer.
Our friends seem to be genetically more similar to us than strangers, according to a new U.S. Apple cider vinegar works miracles on the unsightly skin lesions like skin tags, moles and warts. The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ is an external, non-invasive massage treatment on the abdomen, back, and feet that works to soften musculature, align the pelvic bones, and guide the uterus into its proper position.
Cortical Field Reeducation® is a form of somatic education that renews the brain-muscle-emotion connection. CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method that releases deep tensions in the body and improves holistic health by accessing the craniosacral system — the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.
Feldenkrais® Spinal Awareness is a hands-on touch healing method that combines modern scientific discovery with ancient movement systems to improve general health or help with both long-term and acute problems. LaStone® Therapy uses stones of varying temperatures applied to the body to reduce inflammation and bring relief to stiff and sore muscles, resulting in alleviation of chronic and acute problems. Spiritual Massage is a hands-on healing practice that works directly on the energy body to balance the chakras, cleanse old thought forms, and gently facilitate the release of emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages.
Thai Massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to release tension, balance energy systems, and increase flexibility. Transformational Kinesiology (TK) is a method of self-discovery grounded in the science of subtle energies. We offer a rich and varied integral learning environment devoted to cultivating deep change in self and society. A global network of seekers devoted to the belief that we are all capable of the extraordinary.
I belong to various Birthmother Support groups on Facebook and I have been bothered by something recently. Now maybe I am jaded, but the way I read into this is that they believe it is up to them to find a path to heal from relinquishment. It’s bad enough that the adoption industry is still promoting that somehow it is OK to relinquish a baby to adoption and that the long term effects of relinquishment on birthmothers does not exists despite all the scientific research to the quandary. By putting the onus on the birthmother to heal, there is a whole new crop of mothers coming thorough with some kind of weird checklist of healing activities and searching for the Holy Grail of Adoption Peace. As I sit here, writing now, it is the day before Max’s birthday and I am struggling with the residual emotions.

I am completely  reliving the horror of knowing that I relinquished my baby and a simple signature changed my whole life. You learn to accept the grief when it comes and you learn to ride the waves of birthmother  grief and hopefully not drown. You mourn the loss of your baby and their childhood and the relationship that you could have had.
You maybe, if you are lucky, learn to forgive yourself for thinking that adoption was a good idea. Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy has been online and involved in the adoption community since early in 2001. She has been interviewed by Dan Rather, Montel Williams and appeared on Huffington Post regarding adoption as well as presented at various adoption conferences, other radio and print interviews over the years.
As this channel, Holly, and her partner, Paul, sit by a beautiful lake, high up in the mountains where we have called them to be at this point in time for some rest and rejuvenation and recalibration, we bring forth the metaphor of the water.
As the winds of your life ruffle the surface of your experience in life perhaps creating upset and unbalance or distress, you can dive within by asking yourself what is a deeper meaning of this? Our point today is just drawing your awareness to how your experiences in life can come up like a gust of wind blowing across the surface of your life creating what appears to be chaos and turmoil or distress, but diving down deeper you can find the truth of what those experiences are and how you can find your peace within all of the unsettled energies. Remember also that, as wind is playing across the surface of the water, the sunlight can dance across the surface creating beautiful colors that are almost jewel-like and holding your awareness that sometimes the surface being ruffled and rippled by life’s events can have some beautiful things happening within it and because of it. The idea of creating this section had been planted in my mind for a long time, so here it is. A gently supportive and powerful process of deeply connecting to a place inside yourself that "knows," an inner recognition connecting past, present and future, anchored in the body. Sadly, there are always brand new birthmothers joining and they are so happy to have a place to come to for advice. I don’t care if she has a great relationship with the most wonderful adoptive parents in their whole universe. You can tell me that not everyone feel like I do, but I have already drank the Kool Aide and spit it out. Like really, I am crawling out of my skin , annoyed,  irritated, and really need to just cry. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The water being, whether it’s a pond or lake, or even a pool, any body of water you can see that on the top of it is greatly affected by all of the experiences happening in the world around it.
How much are you focused on the surface that’s so easily ruffled by the slightest breeze in your life, by the slightest occurrence?
Where is my place of peace within these circumstances that are ruffling the surface of my life?

Sometimes it’s just a shift in your perspective from seeing rocky waters to see glistening sunbeams! And the problem is that she can do all these things that are recommended, but chances are she is still NOT going to feel much better!
I am very aware of my adoption feelings and yet, I am still, over six months later, shocked at the depth of the emotions that came forth when I had to leave that kitten behind in the SPCA in April and it triggered a major adoption breakdown.
Of course, and I think only other birthmothers can relate to this, the fear is if I start crying I will NOT be able to stop.
The truth is that what a birthmother feels the day she leaves the hospital and on that first night that she cries herself to sleep will be with her to the end of her days. Yet, I fear telling a new birthmother these things less she is so distressed by the lack of hope…. The surface of the water can easily become agitated by the wind, by rain, by fish and other creatures dancing in and on the surface.
Are you living with the ripples, waves and the disquietude on the top, on the surface, what seems most obvious, or are you spending some time diving deep into the essence of who you are, the essence of the world that you’re within, to find that quietude that you would find diving deep down in the water where it is less affected by the surface experience? Some of you might find that deeper level of peace by meditation, but it can occur through your walks in nature, your time listening to beautiful music, or just sitting and watching the clouds fly by. Need I remind you that my adoption experience was really NOT bad, but rather was actually exactly how domestic infant adoption was supposed to go down in 1987?
And underneath it is still as raw and horrible as it was the day you walked away with empty arms.
I found out from the surgeon afterwards that it was absolutely necessary as he found polyps that he wasn't able to see. Yet, as you dive deeper down, there is a stillness, as you dive deeper into the essence of the water within the lake or the pond. She is going to think that there is something wrong with her that she cannot get past the pain and grief. And if I could really ignore this all and focus on something pretty like rainbows and butterflies to make this feeling GO AWAY I would, but I cannot. There is a constant  mental, emotional and willful battle happening right now to keep the cover on it all and NOT act like I am losing my mind. We wrap it carefully and try not to bump into things like rough corners that make it bleed and ooze.

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