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Financial institution business models are being challenged and shaped by profitability pressures, increased financial sector regulation, more demanding, better informed customers and multi-channel, multi-platform capability being a modern day reality. Reflecting on only the last 15 years it is astonishing to note how much has been accomplished in technological advancement. Standout milestone technology innovations since the turn of the century include the launch of the iPod in 2001 with Apple today holding the banking details of almost 800,000 million consumers. These highlights provide just a glimpse into the sort of changes that we have seen over a very short period of time – yet now form part of our everyday life.
Our ability as a society to develop and embrace innovation is astounding and will constantly change the way we live. Financial institutions globally are increasingly focussed on a number of key industry trends that are fast shaping the financial products and services environment resulting in the convergence of the traditional Wealth and Capital markets. These trends have led to financial institutions rethinking their business models in the pursuit of scalable, capable and cost-efficient operating models within rigorous risk management frameworks. Traditional product focus models typically have very little back end integration and no real single customer view resulting in multiple engagements with little connectivity for the consumer or opportunity to cross-sell for the provider. The emergent new holistic single client focus business models view the customer as a single entity with multiple product and service needs. Financial institutions wishing to adapt their business models to take advantage of the new regulatory and customer environments will need to ensure that technology is integrated into their entire advice and business proposition, incorporating an integrated client front office system with a common infrastructure connected into multiple channel support systems.
Technology is facilitating the rapid convergence of Wealth and Capital markets as demanded by customers and regulators in this digital age.
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A Holistic Marketing approach looks at your whole business (people, processes and products) and tailors a solution to align systems, services and customer touchpoints, so that consumers’ experience of your brand is seamless and consistent across all channels.
Holistic Marketing is integrated marketing strategy with human-centred process design, for the practical application to manage actions and responsibility, implementation and measurement. The benefit of using a holistic approach is the efficiency, consistency and alignment it brings to the marketing process. Testimonials“Kathryn McMann made a tremendous difference to our understanding of how prospective customers viewed Research Services. If you had the time to luxuriate in day-long retreats and multi-month programs with your clients that bring out your most creative healing work? And if you had the freedom to move your practice to another state — or even another continent — without losing your clients?
Become Certified and Licensed to Use Our 5-Step Holistic Manifestation Method™ of Coaching and Healing With Your Clients … Even From Halfway Around the World!
This new 6-month certification program gives you the training, mentoring, experience and credentials you need to coach your clients effectively. So you can create immensely satisfying healing programs and retreats that bring you an additional $1,597 to $6,997 a month or better.
A connection with their inner wisdom that brings them focus, clarity and creativity in all facets of their career or business. The self-respect that empowers them to pursue healthy relationships that feed them on every level … physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I felt ready to claim my manifestation powers, but I was stuck on a few big beliefs that needed to be transformed.
Through the program, Sharon and Michele helped me understand the difference between my reactive, ego-based desires and my inspired, soul-based desires. Transformational, Easy-to-Follow Coach Training With Sharon and Michele on every step of the Holistic Manifestation Method. Simple Assignments to Help You Immediately Transform what you’re learning into practical action. Plus, an Experiential Learning Environment that includes enlightening activities, exercises and handouts. Now my signature system is making an impact on the world as a published book endorsed by NY Times best-selling author Eldon Taylor and actress Lily Tomlin.
And as a growing community of people around the world who are devoted to their own self healing. At the Holistic Coaching Academy, you’ll learn from two award-winning business coaches and healers who’ve spent years helping other healers just like you transform their practices.
Halfway through your coach training program, we’re coming together in a 2-day intensive to help you design the foundational components of your signature suite of offers.
Your Signature System is the key that weaves all your healing modalities together into one sought-after process.
You’ll discover your unique system using an intuitive channeling process that’s so much fun, you won’t call it work. Once you learn the process, you can use it again and again to manifest more creative income streams … like programs, products, even books! At the Holistic Business Birthshop, you won’t just learn how to design a lucrative program or retreat.
We’re going to walk you through exercises using our fill-in-the-blanks templates to create your unique offers. One of the biggest questions we get after coaching healers to create their programs and retreats? That’s why we’re guiding you through a enlightening pricing strategy — on the spot — so you’ll feel confident charging what you know your work is worth. We’re going to hand you our proven scripts that tell you exactly what to say — from your first telephone consult to your first offer … and beyond! This one technique alone has earned our clients collectively hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I’m expanding beyond my hands-on work, coaching my clients out of their own fear-based beliefs toward empowerment and a stronger sense of self. The precise structure of an effective coaching relationship based on the Sacred Trinity: You, Your Client and Spirit. How to help clients set inspiring goals that motivate your clients to manifest what’s most meaningful to them. Why you should never give away free coaching sessions to entice people into your practice … no matter what those other coaching schools say.
What to send clients before every coaching session to make your time together laser-focused … so they can confidently get into ACTION. How to quickly bring a client into alignment with their higher purpose so they can make fast, powerful decisions — and follow through to make real progress they couldn’t have made without you.
What to send clients before a program that triggers their commitment to the coaching process on every level. A meditation script drawn from principles of the Kabbalah and Neuro-Linguistic Programming that guides clients to a vision of their most satisfying future.
Done-for-you templates, checklists and scripts you can tailor to your practice and begin using right away. A vibrant community of healers who have all come together for the highest good of the planet. Now I bring to the table my whole self, more grounded without judgment, so I can be there in that present moment with my client to help the healing process.
Then that week, the people I needed who are experts in their field showed up out of nowhere to help me manifest a project that had been in my head for 9 years. In this multi-audio training program originally delivered as a full-day group retreat, you’ll discover our 5-step system for harnessing the natural rhythms of the Moon.

Discover our 5 simple steps to creating fun and inspiring spiritual or holistic workshops that attract highly motivated, high-paying clients to your practice. This was the #1 marketing tool Michele used when she first grew her spiritual practice into a 6-figure business. Our time-tested plans to create a powerful experience that will leave your audience wanting more.
Our Flawless Workshop Flow Chart, which spells out, step-by and week-by-week, exactly what to do –– and when to do it –– to host a fantastic workshop and fill it with people who would be absolutely perfect for your healing services. The 3 Pillars of Personalization, which guarantees that your workshop will stand out from all the rest. Smart marketing strategies that’ll make your life easier –– and your workshop more enjoyable –– for you and your guests. A series of done-for you templates, checklists and flowcharts to get started hosting your own spiritual and holistic workshops today.
Presenting a simple Signature Talk is one of the most effective ways to create valuable visibility and momentum your practice.
In this audio training, you’ll learn our proven formula for creating and booking a Signature Talk that inspires new clients to call you. Our done-for-you template for crafting a Signature Talk that’s as inspiring for you to share as it is for others to hear.
The best ways to make an immediate connection with your audience … and the #1 common pitfall to avoid.
The top 3 mistakes practitioners make when they’re trying to book speaking engagements … and what to do instead. Exactly what to say and do to get your speaking gig onto the calendar … and more clients into your practice. At this very moment –– within a 10-mile radius of where you sit right now –– there are thousands of people who are waiting to work with you. In this audio training program, you’ll discover our top 10 strategies to find these new clients now. Our expert, done-for you templates, checklists and scripts that make it effortless to get high-quality referrals from both current clients and colleagues.
A step-by-step exercise that tells you exactly what to say when someone asks, “What do you do?” Especially when what you do is deeply transformative and hard to describe. Simple tweaks you can make to your networking today, so your networking actually works to attract new clients. An in-depth introduction to the world of teleseminars, including the four best formats to start out with, even if you’re a hands-on practitioner. A host of additional done-for-you templates and handouts that teach you how to write a powerful sales page and much more. You just haven’t discovered how to invite potential clients to work with you in a way that feels generous and authentic.
How to introduce potential clients to your services in a way that’s risk-free and enjoyable. Our word-for-word script that tells you what to say, and when to say it, when you’ve got a potential client on the phone.
How to handle common objections like, “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have time,” or “I’ll do it myself,” with elegance and ease.
What to do before and after each call to almost guarantee a “Yes!” again and again and again. Join us for an inspiring gathering of some of the planet’s most gifted holistic, intuitive and spiritual practitioners. The key is in the Elegant Alchemy Healing Technique, which is one of the 5 steps in the Method. Whatever your resolution was, chances are you went into the New Year with a heart full of conviction.
But over the coming days — or maybe even hours — you began to fall back into your old patterns. Today, as much as we believe we’ve evolved past those old instinctual reactions, they’re still hiding out in our brains — ready to trigger emotions like fear and uncertainty that pull us back into our old habits.
So when we stretch, our instinctual brain says, “This doesn’t feel right.” And it instantly triggers those feelings like doubt, fear and uncertainty.
When the impact and emotion of that expansion hits their body, they’re able to step into a strength, a determination and a joy that was incomprehensible before.
Now I have the foundation that supports my ideas and programs with consistency, class and beauty. Once you complete the training and meet the certification requirements, in exchange for an extremely low annual licensing fee of only $197, you’ll receive the ongoing benefits below. License to use the Holistic Manifestation Method name and all of the forms, templates, exercises, systems, structures and training in your private or group coaching programs, teleseminars, workshops, retreat days and more … plus, in all of your branding and marketing. Done-for-you downloadable exercises, handouts and materials you can use with your clients, in your programs, teleseminars, workshops and more.
Ongoing connection, inspiration and support through our private coaches-only Facebook Group. Holistic Business Birthshop Weekend Intensive will take place in South Florida in early April, 2015.
As of 3 minutes ago I’ve signed my FOURTH client into my 6-month program that’s barely been fully outlined.
You have helped me become more organized in my thought process and more confident in my ideas.
I hope to sign at least four more clients by the end of the year, and then create some wonderful group programs. As of today I am enjoying making a living doing what I love and it is propelling me forward to have even more. Right now, this very moment, there are people in your circle of clients who would gladly invest in a high-end retreat or program with you. Remember, we’re going to help you put your first program or retreat together, and then walk you through the pricing and share simple secrets on how to get your first client. That’s why you can quickly go back to your existing or past clients and make money right away with this fresh and meaningful content. Plus, the Holistic Manifestation Method content, checklists, templates and done-for-you marketing materials alone will shave years off your practice-building efforts. So not only can you pay for the entire investment in the Holistic Coaching Academy with one client, it becomes an income stream for life. Which means you can finally enjoy the recurring revenue — and financial freedom — that’s been eluding you until now. The Holistic Coaching Academy represents a vision, a mission and an intention we set for healers just like you years ago.
Now we’re pouring our heart and soul – and decades of experience – into this curriculum and community. That’s why we invite you to join this exclusive community risk-free with a conditional money-back guarantee: Immerse yourself in the entire Holistic Coaching Academy and work the program with dedication and follow-through. Then if you don’t at least double your investment within a year of completing the program, you can request a refund. When you’re consistently working with long-term clients who are eagerly looking forward to the transformation you offer. When you’re living and working in a higher state of consciousness where you have access to wisdom, resources and creative freedom you never even knew existed before.

When you’re making more from a single client in one day than you previously did in an entire week. When you’re finally free to fund your dreams, whether that’s writing a book, traveling the world, investing in higher education or giving generously to your family and friends — all by doing the healing work you love.
PS ~ Remember, you can get started for as little as $499.50 with our flexible 6-pay plan.  Save your space and lock-in your low investment now! The 3 must-have ingredients for a wildly successful holistic, spiritual or intuitive practice.
How to assemble a client-attraction system that grows your community of loyal followers with almost no effort from you.
The secret to blending all your modalities into one compelling approach more people are asking for. You’ll hear us give Malcolm advice on how to transition from his physical therapy practice into light-touch therapy. Plus, if you have any questions about the Client-Rich Academy, you’ll hear that answered, too! Learning how to connect with clients, create a signature system and share my message has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. And discovering the blueprint for living in harmony with my Divine business is a blessing I didn’t even know I signed up for. I’m so grateful that I listened to my wisdom and stepped into the transformation Sharon and Michele offered.
Developments in technology are providing financial institutions with unprecedented opportunities from which to grow and optimise their business models. More than 1 billion of the world’s population born after 2000  will only know a hyper-connected and technology rich social and commercial environment. Uber launched in 2009,  becoming the world’s largest taxi service, without owning a vehicle and today operating in 57 markets with an estimated 20,000+ registered drivers across its global network. In a recent IRESS UK consumer study, nearly a quarter of people (23%) said they would like the ability to view their financial world in one place. Multichannel and multiplatform capabilities integrate back, middle and front office in a manner that ultimately leads to a single client view, bringing benefits to both provider and client. While clearly no substitute for traditional customer face-to-face or direct engagement, technology provides the opportunity to build advice propositions that allow for multi-channel engagement, supporting the development of lasting, trusted relationships between financial services providers and their customers. It is as much about developing streamlined system processes as it is about integrated marketing communication channels strategy and delivery.
By working with a cross-section of internal and external stakeholders and looking at the “big picture” of how a company works, synergies are developed that reinforce the brand message. Plus, buddy coaching to practice what you’re learning in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Call in at various points in the program to get immediate 1-to-1 help from your mentors for targeted support on a key challenge or obstacle.
You’ll share ideas, get valuable feedback and support, celebrate your new client offers and programs, connect with your buddy coach, create mutually rewarding joint-venture partnerships and more. You’ll leave with your plans in hand for your Signature System, Program or Retreat, including elegant pricing strategies. And how it’s designed to help your clients “embody their breakthroughs.” So they start each new session from a higher perspective … and with far more creative potential. Just cut and paste and you’ll have ready-made tools (from an award-winning copywriter) to promote your practice. So you can practice in a safe, judgment-free zone with another healer who’s learning right along with you.
This was the strategy Sharon used to take her coaching practice from $48,000 a year to more than $100,000 in just 9 months. And why it’s the most effective way to convert conversations into clients while being true to who you are as a healer. That’s the same process that’s happening when your clients set their own big transformational goals.
But they can’t break through the internal blocks that are holding them back from making lasting change.
If they stretched too far past their comfort zone, they wouldn’t be disappointed if they failed. It’s a physical process you can facilitate at a distance that allows your client to spontaneously awaken to their eternal grace and power.
I wanted structure and organization without feeling constrained, but most days I was all over the place. And I connected to my uniqueness in a way that frees me from re-inventing myself with every new idea. I have programs and events that give my clients more opportunity to unwind, de-stress and live the lives they dream of. Feel free to use this logo on your website, in your newsletter, and in any of your marketing materials. You’ll receive your certified status once you complete the training and submit your final certification materials.
At various points in the program, we’ll open our phone lines for quick conversations to discuss any aspect of your coach training. I have used your script from your ‘How to Turn Consults Into Clients’ audio program diligently each time. There are still struggles, but I’m finding that they matter less and less as what I am doing seems to be working. Using the Holistic Manifestation Method and coach certification, attracting just ONE client can easily cover the affordable investment.
Except for a modest $150 administrative fee, we’ll gladly pay you back out of our own pocket. Other life changing innovations we now take for granted include Facebook, (February 2004), and YouTube, (February 2005), changing the way in which we visually connect, share and view our social and commercial world. Further to this, 18% of people want fully integrated customer service options across phone, online, social media and text. In essence, embraced and used correctly technology provides the ability to scale and enhance the customer relationship. Then we’ll follow up with Q&A calls and community support to complete your offers and get you started enrolling eager new clients. And who can help lift you up into a higher level of consciousness where you have access to wisdom and resources you never even knew existed before. You can use this time to get breakthrough laser-coaching … feedback on your program titles or content … answers to your most pressing questions and more! Then I started working with Sharon and Michele and I learned how to grow my business from a place of elegance and ease. We were introduced to the e-reader with the Amazon Kindle as recently as 2007 and the ubiquitous iPad only in 2010.

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