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A theme is an idea or topic that a teacher and children can explore in different ways in each lab and during outdoor play.
A theme is based on culture, environment, shared experiences and specific goals within a lab.
A central element of the method is the “plan-do-review sequence” in which children make a plan, carry it out, and then reflect on the results. To ensure holistic development, learning is imparted across 9 domains – Physical & Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory Motor, Self-Help, Cognitive Development, Social Skills, Emotional and Spiritual Development. Kriti Play School considered one of the most innovative and child centric schools in India, was the most sought after school for pre-schoolers from June 2002 to April 2015. It was started with a vision to empower children through meaningful learning in a stress free environment where the potential of each child was valued and there were endless opportunities for learning, development and excellence. Kriti Play School nurtured more than a thousand young children in over a decade of excellence and more….
Every child has the right to learn and to explore their world in an atmosphere that understands them and helps them realize their true potential. We provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment filled with unlimited opportunities where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society. Holistic Growth via Multi-Domains At Kriti Play School, we believe that the essence of education lies in its being all-pervasive, all-encompassing and truly all-around.
A theme is an idea or topic that a teacher and children can explore in different ways in each activity and during outdoor play. The right blend of instruction, facilitation, experience and observation in the learning process is imparted by balancing scientific teaching practices and technology-assisted learning. Scientific AssessmentTrue progress is made possible by effective objective and scientifically sound evaluation of the child’s performance. I appreciate all your life-long work with Kids, teachers, parents, schools and various social organisations. As a parent of 2 year old kid, I was greatly impressed when I came across this fantastic book "Parenting: Innocence to InnerSense". How much time does it take for anyone to become a great educator, an expert psychologist, an effective counsellor, an interesting writer? What amazes me the most is the way she successfully switches between these different roles and the passion she plays them with.
Training hundreds of teachers, counselling thousands of students and guiding innumerable parents are perfectly complemented by her efforts to make people aware of and fight autism and other psychological problems of children and elders.
I have known Aarti C Rajaratnam, for over a decade now, in her roles as a Counsellor and Educationist.
I laud Aarti, at the launch of this new website to help counsel, parents, children, and school clients.
Ms Aarti C Rajaratnam, offers uncommon acumen and leadership abilities with an extraordinary strategic vision towards child centric education; she offers tremendous educationalist talents that are clearly demonstrated in her impressive professional portfolio.
For us at Peepal Prodigy School, getting an opportunity to work along with Aarti from scratch to build a meaningful learning space for the future generation children is a real blessing; Very few individuals upkeep and stand up for their principles without letting go for any reason- Aarti is one such person! Her remarkable work particularly among children, which I have had the privilege of experiencing is par excellence. Consultancy services for schools, social organisations and corporates on education, psychology, creativity and innovation. Provide platforms for learning to guide and help our students to develop their MAPIES domains to the full so that they will grow in knowledge, skills and values, and glow to become good and useful citizens.

The mission is applied to our staff as we strive to build quality relationship with one another as well as with our Partners (Home and Community) (hearts) and engage in our learning (minds) as we continue to learn for continuous improvement, innovation and excellence. Providing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills as well as inculcating the spirit of scientific inquiry and equipping our students with the 21st Century Competencies – Information and Communication Skills, and Critical and Inventive Thinking Skills. We believe in nurturing the whole child by guiding and helping our students to develop their moral, aesthetic, physical, intellectual, emotional and social (MAPIES) domains to the full so that they will become good and useful citizens. In developing Holistic Servant Leaders, LPAC guides children, youth, and adults through our Continuum of Holistic Servant Leadership Development™, a three-phase developmental process based on our Four Principles of Holistic Ministry™.
As children, youth, and adults become more purposeful about their growth and development, they participate in more of the program areas—even though we do not expect the dimensions to operate at optimal levels all at once.
Success in the Spiritual dimension includes exercising leadership and service roles in schools, communities, and religious congregations. Success in the Emotional dimension includes managing conflicts non-violently and serving as conflict mediators. Success in the Physical dimension includes exercising regularly, maintaining nutritional diet, being literate in the arts, and playing a sport. We here at Weplay develop our systematic products according to children's holistic needs, ranging over visual-auditory-tactile perception, motor skills, balance coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play. Our design concepts is to bring cultural and natural elements into Weplay products, and therefore children can enjoy outdoor ambiance indoor. Either for institutional or household uses, Weplay enriches children's situational activities and creative thinking. Though basic themes will be the starting point in our curriculum, future themes will arise from events significant to each child and will arise from each lab.
We prepare children for the real examination called life without compromising on academic achievement.
Which is why, our endeavour is to bring life to learning and let our children explore education in all its forms. The assessment is not limited to one term end exam or test but on more important aspects like the child’s motivation, openness to learn and explore, participation, ability to work in teams, aptitude to lead, behaviour, etc.
Personally, you have been invaluable in helping me through the last 15-years in leading me through the self examination and discovery necessary to address my life-goals and issues effectively.
She wouldn’t have reached the zenith in all these intellectual areas if she hadn’t given the emotional touch to them. But deeds like helping thousands of children in rehabilitation need a humane approach & emotional sensitivity.
Apparently the perfect sum of all delight, a woman of outstanding potential, skill and talent is our Aarti C. In my numerous interactions with her, I have always been struck by the fact that she does not pander to anyone, except God and her own conscience. At a visit to one of her schools recently, I was amazed at the camaraderie and joy with which they greeted and interacted with her. It would be a noteworthy extension of the commendable work that she has already been doing, all over the country and abroad.
In addition Aarti’s profound knowledge on child psychology and stress free education methodology are impeccable; her pedagogy’s proven outcome has created wonders among the children and parents of our school.
Providing opportunities to develop interests and talents in the physical activities and sports, and visual and performing arts. Symbiosis School has designed the syllabus to achieve this holistic development among all the students.

Made in Taiwan based on Universal Design, Weplay products help children grow up happily and healthily. With excellent quality, multi-functions and high play value, Weplay belongs to worldwide children. This way, high standard of education and high levels of motivation in learning will be maintained in every child. The aim of this approach is to encourage children who learn at different levels to benefit from every session of learning without boredom or feeling overwhelmed. To ensure holistic development, learning is imparted across 9 domains – Physical & Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory Motor, Self Help, Cognitive Development, Language Development, Social Skills, Emotional and Spiritual Development. The evaluation is also child friendly and does not discourage or label any child therefore children and parents get an opportunity to enable change in the positive direction. And it is precisely this, that has helped her surmount the difficulties posed by the vagaries of human nature!
They know that, in her, they have a kindred spirit, who will make learning a joyful and enriching experience.
Children will be involved in planning the theme and taking active part in every step of the implementation.
This way high standard of education and high levels of motivation in learning will be maintained in every child.
It is really rare to see someone with such a great passion in the field of education these days. My own children have been immensely benefitted at her rejuvenating and motivating Summer Camps.
Her wisdom, graciousness, humility, selfless love, integrity and passion for life are inspiring. To each counselling session, you bring a special blend of knowledge, wisdom, caring, spirituality and humour.
She is the pioneer in introducing cluster method in our schools which is to link related lessons together and take them to the horizon of students’ understanding through activities and meaningful learning practices.
All the more a perfect blend of east and west, that all serve to make your work most beneficial and practical. She has been instrumental in bringing teachers & students, and parents & their children closer with her innovative techniques in education, guidance and counselling. Your newer ideas to sensitize parents to handle the most challenging situations and your crystal-clear, unpretentious problem-solving skills make a huge impact on the many people you touch through your work. Her motherly attitude towards the students who have learning difficulties is undeniably a tribute to god. Whether the issue is dealing with a spouse, children, co-workers, the rude neighbour next door, or all of the above, you help with the tools necessary to assess and address the relationship in a healthier and a love filled way. Our schools have benefitted a lot from her parenting workshop which was eye-opening to many to groom their children effectively to bring about drastic positive changes academics & behaviours.

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