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Strokes, heart attacks and peripheral arterial disease - cardiovascular risk is about common and important ill health outcomes. Any moves you make to reduce this risk, will have lots of more immediate benefits, however. Common recommendations to wait until after 45 years age before assessing this risk, are made because the authorities are concerned pharmaceuticals may be prescribed when the chance of benefit is small.
Earlier assessment may however encourage us to have more years of healthier lifestyle and correction of metabolic disturbances by natural means. If you are seeking advice on your personal cardiovascular system (CVS) risk, it is worth understanding about relative and absolute risk reduction.
Always make sure that a high density lipoprotein (HDL) is done whenever your cholesterol is measured.
I use the right hand figures, of the number of people in the same situation now, who would need 5 years of conventional treatment to prevent one episode of cvs illness.
This substance is a partial breakdown product of methionine, one of the building blocks of our proteins. The breakdown cannot be completed nor reversed, because of lack of one of four substances needed for these jobs. Increased homocysteine levels are associated with 10% of the variance in risk between middle aged males. Correcting the appropriate deficiency often relieves symptoms such as fatigue, balance problems and sleep disturbance. Their most recent review on this subject, concluded that there is no evidence that reducing homocysteine with vitamins, will reduce CVS risk. The recognition of the SNP in the gene encoding MTHFR,A?a?¶ and the frequency of folate deficient diets, has distracted people from careful correction of B12 status in much of the research. Whether over eating and under exercising are purely habits or due to our belief systems or emotional stuff, this whole scenario often offers the greatest possibilities for useful change in our lives. Evidence is now coming up after introduction of anti smoking legislation, which may be still just an association rather than cause and effect. It is one of the factors which accelerate aging, and has just been shown⁶ to predict cardiovascular disease and all cause mortality in people without diabetes.
From a large, easily digested meal, glucose and free fatty acids are absorbed too quickly to be processed normally and stimulate oxygen free radical formation. Traditional Mediterranean and Okinawan diets were similar to the ancestral hunter-gatherer pattern - minimally processed natural food our metabolism can handle better. Intravascular ultrasound is being used to find ruptured plaques in people with unstable angina. Gum disease can increase a general tendency to inflammation throughout our body, and can lead to dissemination of germs via our blood stream. And the combination of ischaemic heart disease with depression is associated with abnormal platelet activation as measured by platelet factor 4 and beta thromboglobulin tests. Over age 55, ED (not a talking horse) carries 11% 5-year CVS risk, but it carries some extra risk even in one's 30's.
N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide is a mouthful, but was better than C-reactive protein (CRP) at predicting major CVS events in older menA?A?. Low glutathione peroxidase was associated overall with 2.3 times the risk in people with high levels. The spasm of little arteries in the heart, with muscular walls (resistance vessels,) may directly induce symptoms in ischemic diseases. This is a credible theoryA?, and opens possibilities for treatment aimed at reducing the risk of spasm, such as magnesium supplements. Reduced capacity to respond to our body's blood pressure control mechanism (baroreflex sensitivity feedback,) and low heart rate variability, after heart attacks, both indicate reduced vagus (parasympathetic) nerve underactivity.
After recovery from ventricular fibrillation (a potentially lethal disturbance of heart rhythm,) people have markedly increased cardiac sympathetic activity.
Dysfunction of the autonomic (parasympathetic and sympathetic) nerve control of the heart also increases with age. The tiny blood vessels which supply nutrition to the walls of the coronary arteries themselves, have been shown to get blocked. This may be important in the development of plaque instability, or even the development of plaque in the first place.

A strong relationship has been found² between the amount of A1 I?-casein consumed and heart disease mortality.
In terms of mortality risk, urinary albumin excretion is a better risk stratifier than traditional risk factors, such as cholesterola??. A new test for chronic renal insufficiency, called cystatin C, is very useful in young to middle aged people, for cardiovascular risk stratification.
Chlamydia pneumoniae has been found in the fatty plaques from coronary arteries, and may help cause surface damage and instability. It also tells who will respond to statin drugsa??, and the benefits aren't related to how much a statin lowers cholesterol. If you are considering taking an expensive drug with an unknown long term safety, it would be very nice to know ahead of time if it had much chance of helping you. Also, before taking a statin, one should have thyroid function checked, as low thyroid can reversibly elevate cholesterol and LDL.
Pulse pressure depends on how fast the heart ejects blood, how much blood it ejects and the elasticity of the major arteries receiving the blood. Loss of this elasticity with age results in progressive increase in the pulse pressure at ages over 65. The value from ordinary blood pressure measurement, is less than in the aorta, in people with stiff arteries (when it matters.) This is because the stiff arteries dampen the pulse wave by the time it gets to the arm.
Our brain and kidneys are not so lucky, as they are closer to the heart and have high blood flow.
Measurement of arterial stiffness from pulse wave velocity or from analysis of the wrist pulse wave, is not yet mainstream medicine.
It is a case of "watch this space" but even just on spec, nutritional support of the elastic protein (elastin) synthesis by smooth muscle cells in arterial wall connective tissue , is worth considering as part of cardiovascular risk reduction. We naturally wish to believe the best of a mixed bag of pressures, on the basis that the higher readings were just because of more stress etc. It transpires, however, that the highest readings are important - damage from the hammering on the insides of our arteries is more if there are higher pressures, even if not all the time. In deaths due to other causes, there were about equal numbers with and without creases (57 v. Coronary artery calcium measured with CT, is looking for existing coronary arterial disease.
Several studies have suggested that the Framingham Risk Score overestimates the cardiovascular risk in Japanese-American and Hispanic men, in Native American women, and in European and Asian populations. The SCORE (Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation) projecta?? better predicts cardiovascular risk for European patients. It uses age, sex, total cholesterol, total cholesterol to HDL-C ratio, systolic blood pressure, and cigarette smoking. A nonlaboratory-based modela?µ using the same risk factors from the Framingham Heart Study but excluding high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), and total cholesterol and adding body mass index, gave almost identical ability to accurately discriminate cardiovascular disease. In my opinion this just shows the weakness of the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease.
10 Fiona Taylor et al Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease Cochrane Heart Group.
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase is one such protein, and a rate-limiting enzyme at that. In people with this SNP, folate supplementation restores activity of their methionine cycle, reducing their elevated homocysteine. TweetReducing your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease…When Alzheimer’s disease touched our family I became acutely aware of how ill equipped our society and our current medical system is to deal with this horrible degenerative disease. Early diagnosis is rarely made so interventions that could help those afflicted slow the progress of the disease, don’t happen. I have decided to act now and do everything I can to reduce my own risk of this horrible disease. I’m sharing what I have learned about what increases the risks of  developing Alzheimer’s disease so you can see how to protect yourself. What I have found is that, like so many other diseases, much of what we know about what causes an increase in risk is very much under our control.
I urge any adult child who has a parent or relative or friend struggling with Alzheimer’s disease to act now to reduce your risks.

Strengthen your natural immunity and improve your microbiota with probiotic and enzyme rich foods and supplements. If you have sleep problems and rely on medications you can be at increased risk for Alzheimer’s. Reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease begins with minimizing your exposure to those substances that create oxidative stress and over burden the detoxification pathways in your body. Please share this information so we can help as many as possible begin to take steps to prevent AD.
Disclaimer: The materials and views presented here are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Families were found who had very high levels due to genetic mutations, and very increased cardiovascular risk. This is an example of the "J-shaped curve" often seen, where too much or too little of something indicates trouble.
This is one possible connection with peridontal disease, which is a known potent risk factor for heart attacks. However in people with HDL in the lower half of its range, low GPX3 had 6 times the risk of high GPX3. They have been shown to be associated with substantially increased risk of subsequent sudden death. The pleiotropic effects of statins (other effects than cholesterol lowering) are probably more important in reducing cardiovascular risk. 51.) In cardiovascular deaths there were over three times as many people with creases as without (154 v. And often, because of the sigma experienced by those losing their memory, most people don’t take advantage of the growing resources to help themselves early on. To that end I have been researching and reading everything I can find about how to keep my brain healthy. Very often the signs of impaired brain function begin much younger in life than most people realize. Have a full thyroid panel done.[5]  Work with a doctor who knows how to help you manage thyroid health. Work with a practitioner who can interpret the results and help you nutritionally support your body for optimal health.
Changes in diet that support bowel health and motility are essential to keeping our brain healthy too.
Protect yourself (and children!) from head injury with safety helmets and discourage high contact sports. Read and talk to people (face to face is best!) and stay involved and up to date on subjects that interest you. Nor is any claim made to diagnosis, treatment, prescribe or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and as such is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. SNPs are mutations involving a different nucleotide being substituted for the usual one at just one spot in the DNA molecule.A KIF6 variation with one amino acid altered, present in nearly 60% of the population, is associated with about 50% more heart disease or strokes. Sadly, even families who do recognize their loved one is beginning to slip often find it easier to be in denial than to act.
Last December we moved mom, now 87 years old,  to a memory care facility where she has 24 hour a day care. Take steps to work with a health care practitioner who understands how to help you support your body so you can sleep without using drugs.
Always consult with your personal physician before beginning any new program or making any changes on your own.

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