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If you have not experienced a pregnancy yet, you may utter a question; what is the earliest sign of pregnancy?
Though most of couple wants to have baby but there are many people who want to abort the pregnancy. Low back pain in early pregnancy is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. Early pregnancy can be very surprising for the first time pregnancy since there are many changes in your body. The female reproductive system functions are really important and complex so as its highly complex system.
New Orleans Saints wide receiver Saalim Hakim (18) grabs a pass as Miami Dolphins defensive back De'Andre Presley (23) defends during the second half of an NFL preseason football game, Thursday, Aug.
CLEVELAND — The Browns signed wide receiver Saalim Hakim after he had an impressive tryout last week in their voluntary minicamp. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound Hakim made several nice catches during a practice on Thursday, when he outjumped a defensive back to haul in a long pass from quarterback Austin Davis and earned immediate praise from new Browns coach Hue Jackson. Cleveland desperately needs receivers and the Browns are expected to address the position in this week’s NFL draft. By clicking Accept, I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. We've seen flying cars recently in Harry Potter (flying bikes there too), Back to the Future (and a flying train) and going back to Chitty Bang-Bang. I'm wondering what the earliest instance of a flying car (being a motor powered vehicle, rather than a cart (or chariot) with flying horses, so Apollo and Greek mythology don't count) in either book or film. The french painter Albert Robida drew many pictures of the future (from the perspective of about 1900). However these seem to be flying machines that are used in similar ways to cars are now, rather than a normal car that flies. They are described in the Ramayana which the earliest complete version can be dated to the 11th century CE (though fragments are dated as early as 6th century CE). It is the first flying vimana mentioned in existing Hindu mythology texts (as distinct from the gods' flying horse-drawn chariots).

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged history-of vehicles or ask your own question. What is the earliest instance of the use of term “blaster” in sci-fi to denote energy-based weapon?
What is the earliest instance of a SciFi work describing a massive universal database of knowledge? What is the first instance of advanced races becoming beings of light in scifi and fantasy? What the earliest instance of an average human being magically summoned to another world, while being ignorant about the actual summons?
Diego Maradona has sparked controversy by claiming that Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly would be a Barcelona or Real Madrid player if he was white. In his attempts to praise the Senegal international, Maradona quickly turned the conversation into a race row. Napoli’s 1-0 defeat to Roma on Monday handed Juventus their fifth straight Serie A title.
Maradona spent seven seasons at Napoli as a player and was clearly bitter as he extended his congratulations to the Old Lady. Generally, there are a lot of common symptoms and signs which can indicate that you are pregnant. If you are a person who has regular cycle of menstruation period then it will be easy to know whether or not you miss a period. It has already been confirmed by most pregnant mothers that in their early pregnancy, the very first sign they recognize is tiredness. If you have never had a problem in this case in your health history then it will be a great possibility that you are pregnant. There are many ways to abort pregnancy, if you are wondering about how to abort pregnancy at home, you can find the solution in health care provider. For the integrated systems, to make a good work, several hormones, glands, and organs must do their jobs in the right order, at the right times. There are a lot of women, especially those who have not been pregnant before or the first timers, who currently uttered this question.

I admit this answer is a bit out of the box and doesn't demand a mechanically motorized car. But, if Maradona is to be believed, Napoli might not have to worry about the defender leaving for a while.
Today [Napoli boss] Maurizio Sarri looked at the bench and did not have as many alternatives as Max Allegri. Clearly, Juventus’ incredible turnaround - they won 24 of 25 league games to recover from a miserable start - rubbed him the wrong way. However, the symptoms appear to each pregnant woman may vary depending on their body and genetic condition. On the other hand, it will be quite difficult for those who have irregular menstruation cycle. The sudden change and rapid metabolism within their pregnant bodies make the mother to get tired easily, so it is very natural that the pregnant mothers’ bodies react this way. This is caused by your body’s adaptation to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding later on. They also experience and altered sense to taste food they usually consume, that is why they will ask for sour taste to ease the metallic taste on their tongue. In fact, Pap smear examination nowadays is used to detect possible cancer ore tumor in women’s bodies. Here are some potential earliest symptoms of early pregnancy you may experience, so you can get more aware in the future.
On the other hand, some women are recorded to have severe morning sickness and continuously vomit for several times in a day. Although this sounds a bit inaccurate but it will be a potential addition to the previous signs.

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