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La d?n xu?t guanosin, vao co th? du?i tac d?ng c?a thymidin kynase va m?t s? enzym khac t?o thanh acyclovir triphosphat, ch?t nay m?t m?t ?c ch? c?nh tranh v?i AND polymerase c?a virut nen ?c ch? s? nhan doi c?a AND; m?t khac no g?n vao cu?i chu?i ADN va dong vai tro la ch?t k?t thuc chu?i AND, vi v?y no ?c ch? s? nhan len c?a virut. Di?m dang chu y la n?ng d? c?a acyclovir triphosphat trong t? bao nhi?m virut cao g?p 50 – 100 l?n ? t? bao lanh va ADN c?a virut nh?y c?m v?i acyclovir triphosphat hon ADN c?a t? bao v?t ch? nen d?c tinh c?a acyclovir triphosphat v?i t? bao lanh it hon r?t nhi?u so v?i t? bao b? nhi?m virut.

Acyclovir co th? dung du?ng u?ng, du?ng tiem ho?c dung t?i ch? (boi ngoai da), thu?c phan b? r?ng rai vao d?ch co th? va cac co quan nhu th?n, nao, gan, ph?i… va th?c an khong lam ?nh hu?ng t?i kh? nang h?p thu thu?c. Tuy nhien trong khi dung thu?c c?n luu y, khong k?t h?p v?i zidovudin vi gay tang tr?ng thai ng? lo mo, khong k?t h?p v?i probenecid do lam tang kh? nang dao th?i acyclovir.

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