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I love getting questions asking this, really I do, because I get to give you the straight dope on what I think about it. I also like to say no, because if we approach it as trying to achieve a cure for social anxiety – it can make it more difficult to help resolve it.
Focusing on the cure, makes it harder because the focus remains on the social anxiety, instead of transferring most of the attention on your life, which naturally removes the focused attention you’ve been placing on your social anxiety.
I think they have a condition fueled by a certain set of beliefs that live in the mind, emotions and body (all are connected) of the individual – who might be looking for a cure for social anxiety. Well if it is, that would be your social anxiety belief system trying to keep you where you are at. Because you are much bigger than your beliefs, and though it’s hard (at first) it gets easier and easier.
One of my students, let’s call him Tim, gave me permission to tell this next little story.
Tim is enrolled in what’s now called the Rapid Results Program of the Dissolve Social Anxiety system. Tim’s been one of the best students, doing the homework, and responding to my feedback with even more questions and effort. On our call, Tim said that he’s been going through the lessons, doing the work but something was holding him back.
For lack of a better term, we attempt to attack social anxiety from all sides, so in the end, we can beat it.
That’s why I give you as much as I can, but also try to guide you to find WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. It just adds more fuel to the fire to overcome social anxiety, which is what’s needed to keep picking yourself back up when it knocks you down, to not give up, and to get control of your life again. Even though I give my 100% in guiding you as a social anxiety coach and mentor, there’s just no way I can make the commitment (and continued recomitment to recovery) for you, let alone do the work.
David is a very funny and easy going coach that is passionate about helping people dissolve their social anxiety. If you are really serious about getting more mindful and aware (which you will learn) about your anxiety I highly recommend David to help you out.
The vast majority of research being done on diabetes today is conducted by pharmaceutical companies. Generally speaking, the more serious the disease, the more desperate patients are for any type of solution that may improve the condition. David Andrews has devoted his life’s work to finding a natural cure for diabetes, and he presents his most updated information so far with The Diabetes Destroyer.
The purpose of The Diabetes Destroyer is to improve people’s lives by finding essential solutions for diabetes type 2. This book identifies the underlying causes of the disease, and David Andrews claims that diabetes type 2 symptoms can be reversed and even cured.
First and foremost, this book provides simple methods and information that is easy to understand for anyone with the disease. Detoxification techniques which gets rid of acids from your body system and which helps in the healing process.
Factual information about the diabetic drugs which you take everyday and how they may contribute to making your diabetic condition worse. The Diabetes Destroyer also provides valuable information regarding proper food portions and sizes, which is the key for maintaining a regular diet and healthy weight. David Andrews has a history of battling diabetes under his belt, and with his help you can see some considerable improvement in diabetes symptoms and your overall health. According to what most clients say, David Andrews Diabetes Destroyer is the perfect option to buy for those who are tired of taking diabetes medications and who want to have effective and natural cure for diabetes type 2.
Type 2 Diabetes explainedThis animation describes insulin resistance, an underlying cause of type 2 diabetes.

The procedure has completed both preclinical and clinical trials, according to one of the co-founders, and is based on processes referred to as skin-perturbation and follicle neogenesis.
Although Follica haven’t provided exact details of how they’re translating the research into clinical findings, it’s not the first time that cells have been re-purposed. Follica describes itself as a company with a world class team of scientific, clinical and industry experts harnessing recent advances in epithelial stem cell biology to develop novel therapeutic approaches to conditions and disorders of the hair follicle. Follica is backed by PureTech Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital firm investing in life sciences companies with a focus on novel therapeutics, medical devices, and research and platform technologies. Hair transplants address this problem by relocating healthy follicles from hirsute areas to those that are barren or semi-arid.
In layman’s terms it turns out that the wound-healing process causes skin cells to de-differentiate, providing a limited time window during which the cells can be re-programmed to form new hair follicles. Follica is said to have patented a minimally invasive “skin perturbation” device which removes the top layers of skin, causing the underlying skin cells to revert to a stem-like state, after which a molecule is applied topically to direct the formation of new hair follicles. Bernat Olle, Follica co-founder and PureTech principal, says that the skin-perturbation procedure isn’t painful, but that the area could be numbed anyway. Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have clearly been busy. The virtual absence of this growth factor in humans helps to explain why humans don’t regenerate their hair after wounding. It doesn’t take a University of Pennsylvania researcher to grasp the significance of this finding in the context of the earlier hair follicle neogenesis discussion.
Now, before you get too carried away, we should probably have the obligatory reality check. On the flipside, Follica will, at the very least, still need to conduct longer trials and follow-ups with patients, for example, to determine how long the new hair lasts.
Although the concept is certainly compelling, details on clinical progress and the science itself are lacking.
The new hair follicles are said to have functioned normally, cycled through the normal stages of hair growth and exhibited normal architecture, including a full complement of stem cells. On one of our coaching calls, he said something so brilliant, that I asked him permission to share it with you guys. Though the methodology is sound and solid in the DSA program, it’s absolutely not a cookie-cutter approach to solving your social anxiety problem. I felt this way because I knew that I would come out of each session with a profound thought, concept or technique that would help me towards becoming more confident and comfortable with my social anxiety. Right from the start I could tell that he was extremely knowledgable, and his insight goes way beyond just regular cognitive therapy. His guidance and expertise in the field will show you that it is not a disorder (or a prison sentence) that you are condemned to for life, but a condition that can be successfully treated with hard work and perseverance. I agree that when I sign up I'll receive frequent emails with kick-ass training, advice and offers to help me upgrade my confidence and social skills.
Very little research being conducted today by these companies is in search of an actual cure.
Pharmaceutical companies stand to make very little money from a permanent solution for diabetes.
Chronic, debilitating illnesses, such as diabetes, are extremely lucrative markets to develop treatments for, since there is not only a high demand among patients but because these treatments are generally needed for a patient’s entire lifespan. When you compare it with other such programs in the market, it is more budget-friendly and reliable.
You have to be consistent to make the most of this program.This system must be followed for as long as it requires and taken as a daily part of your regimen.
The Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews is a great tool to find a natural solution for diabetes, because this program is based on natural products, and does not focus on any chemical elements, you will not experience any side effects. Scientists have already successfully re-programmed cells to produce muscle tissue for damaged hearts, for example.

According to The Boston Globe, “PureTech prowls conferences and scours academic publications for the potential seeds of a new company.
George Cotsarelis, from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine is one such Follica co-founder.
Cotsarelis, noticed hairs growing in the middle of small cuts they’d made in the skin of adult mice in 2007.
By applying a catalyst during this window (likely via topical formulation), to manipulate the key signalling pathways that communicate follicle formation, new follicles can be produced. Which molecule(s) are being used is not clear although I’ve read that a growth factor referred to as Fgf9 (see below) as well as lithium treatments may have been tested.
He adds that in both preclinical and clinical trials, “we’ve been able to consistently show that we create substantial new hair follicles in humans, and that’s something that no other approach in hair loss as far as I am aware has been able to achieve. However, when elevated levels of Fgf9 were applied in the experiment there was a two to three-fold increase in the number of new hair follicles produced. Researchers believe that Fgf9 could be used therapeutically for people with various hair and scalp disorders.
Even if the science proves to be commercially viable, it will likely be some time before it becomes commercially available. Known drug compounds have already been proven to manipulate the key signalling pathways involved in hair follicle formation. Follica have their own version of events for this: according to Bernat Olle “We’ve had to be careful about how we deliver the news because there’s all these huge responses”. At least at this point in time, it ‘s still largely unknown which growth factors were added to create the new follicles, how much growth was actually achieved, and how lasting the results will be. Why not sign up to receive new articles the minute they’re published in the e-mail subscription box on the homepage here. Cotsarelis appeared to be similarly optimistic with regards his team’s PDG2 discovery and its time to market.
He motivated me each week to go further and further into social situations that at the start were very difficult. Most research money is currently being spent on finding new and improved treatments for high bloodsugar. Drug companies generally make profits by developing and marketing treatments, rather than cures.
Furthermore, this detailed book can offer useful tips on how to break free from dependency issues related with diabetes medications. A catalyst can then be applied that essentially re-programs the cells to be hair-producers.
Cotsarelis says of the observation “We figured out they were de novo hair follicles formed in a process that looked a lot like embryogenesis.” Yep, didn’t mean a lot to me either. Cotsarelis and colleagues published a Nature Medicine paper in which they claim to have identified a protein called fibroblast growth factor 9, or Fgf9, which helps hair follicles form and regenerate during the wound healing process. The next step will be to test the findings in human skin grafts, followed by clinical trials. Known drugs are generally well studied and would likely not have to be as extensively tested as a new chemical would be. His involvement, both as a key figure in the research which underpins the Follica technology, and as member of the executive team, lends credibility to the venture. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking on the verification link you’ll receive in your inbox.

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