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A flue gas heat recovery system is a ground-breaking device that helps salvage the excess heat that your boiler emits.
Instead of heat escaping through your flue or chimney, the recovery system collects this energy to pre-heat your boiler’s incoming water supply.
Our primary aim is to provide our customers with reliable, quality products and services without breaking the bank! Find out more about YES Energy Solutions’ boiler installations and flue gas heat recovery systems.
Choosing the right boiler or central heating system could help you save hundreds of pounds a year on your fuel bills.
YES Energy Solutions work with a network of Gas Safe accredited engineers that specialise in home heating solutions and boiler replacements. YES Energy Solutions are currently working with some of the UK’s major boiler manufacturers including Glow-worm, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch. We can help you choose a reliable and highly efficient system that suites your home and lifestyle.
YES Energy Solutions is the group trading name for: Yorkshire Energy Services CIC and YES Energy Solutions Ltd.
YES Energy Solutions is working in partnership with the gas network operator – SGN to help eligible residents connect to mains gas for little of no cost. If your home is close to a gas supply and you live in Scotland or the South East of England, then you might be entitled to a free or discounted gas connection through the SGN Help to Heat Scheme. We can claim funding to cover or contribute towards connection costs for residents that meet the Help to Heat criteria (see details below).
Did you know that compared to electric, coal or LPG, mains gas is still one of the most cost effective domestic fuels. The SGN Help to Heat scheme provides funding to help eligible householders in Scotland and the South East of England connect to the mains gas network. For the majority of eligible residents that live near to a gas supply, a connection will be fully funded through the scheme. YES Energy Solutions have been appointed by SGN to check to see which residents are eligible for support. There are almost 4 million homes in the UK that are not connected to the mains gas network.
If you use oil, bottle gas or solid fuel to heat your home, you could be wasting hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills.
YES Energy Solutions, in partnership with SGN can access funding to reduce the cost of a gas connection. Please note that the SGN Help to Heat Gas Connection scheme is only available to residents in the SGN region. Replacing your old combination boiler with a brand new A-rated condensing combination boiler. Replacing your old heat only boiler and hot water cylinder with a brand new A-rated condensing combination boiler. Installing a brand new condensing combination boiler with 7 radiators with thermostatic radiator values (TRVs). Condensing boilers capture the excess heat that would otherwise escape through the flue or chimney. YES Energy Solutions only work with Gas Safe registered installers that are committed to excellent customer service.
Installation costs can vary depending on the size of your home, your existing boiler and the amount of pipe work that is required. YES Energy Solutions only work with expert Gas Safe registered  heating engineers that pride themselves on their level of customer service and attention to detail.

We can help you slash your fuel bills with an energy saving boiler, fully installed with a MagnaClean filter, digital programmer and manufacturer's warranty. This December, the Corbett Administration will start handing out up to $20 million of taxpayer dollars over the next three years to businesses, local governments, non-profits and schools to buy natural gas powered trucks up to $25,000 per vehicle.
The Governor is on record as declaring state incentives which aid shale gas development are positive and cost effective while incentives for solar energy are expensive and a drain on taxpayers. The details of the Corbett Administration’s incentive for buying natural gas trucks is found in the recently passed State Act 13. Governor Corbett stated “The more we create demand for the natural gas; hopefully we’ll see that cost of dry natural gas go up some, so that [energy companies] continue to drill,” referring to the recent and dramatic downturn in the Pennsylvania Marcellus less than 2 and half years after the state saw a shale gas drilling boom led locally Chesapeake Energy and Range Resources among others.
Drillers have recently decreased operations in Pennsylvania in favor of wet oil infused shale gas in Ohio.
As natural gas truck incentives were being passed, Pennsylvania House Bill 1580, to extend the financial credits for businesses and homeowners for installed solar systems was attack soundly and is now considered dead.
Earlier this year State Republican Senator Mike Turzai quickly rallied support from the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce to oppose the bill according to solar lobbyist Maureen Mulligan. Some feared that more solar in Pennsylvania will decrease the demand for natural gas used to make electricity and thus somehow harm the State’s shale gas industry.
Senator Turzai has made national headlines recently with his staunch and aggressive support of several high profile bills which many believe unfairly targets women and minorities. Governor Corbett was asked recently about his position on support for the state’s solar and wind industries he replied, “When it comes to wind and solar, I believe we haven’t renewed exactly what there was before, but that was all subsidized,” “Taxpayers paid for that.” “Is it nice to be able to do that, would it be nice to give some tax credits? Starting this October, PECO Electric has announced an effective 21.5% price increase on its base line electricity generation rates going from roughly eight and half cents a kilowatt hour to ten and half cents a kilowatt hour at a time of some of the lowest prices for natural gas seen in the last 10 years despite the addition of solar and shale gas development within the state. The Governor is rolling out his natural gas truck incentives at the same time he is pushing hard for a $1.7 billion tax relief package for Shell’s proposed fossil-fuel based cracker plant in western Pennsylvania.
Recently it’s been reported that the Texas Barnett and Louisiana Haynesville shale gas formations now appear to have begun peaking in shale gas production based on several years of per well field data.
If the amount of shale gas as promised by the industry is not technically recoverable or if the price to extract the shale gas must be significantly higher than today’s price for the industry to continue drilling, some would argue it’s then a gamble to only develop just a shale gas resource.
Throughout Europe and Asia, balanced energy portfolios of fossil fuels and renewables including significant amounts of solar and wind are now becoming the norm with little fear renewables will displace oil, coal, natural gas or nuclear use anytime soon.
Fossil of mom cradling a baby unearthed: Stone Age maternal bond frozen in timeResearchers were taken back as they looked down at the fossil of a mother cradling a baby during an excavation in Taiwan that unearthed 48 humans fossilized in time. Trump Tower on lockdown, six people isolated after suspicious white powder foundEver since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has been in the headlines for making controversial and questionable comments on the campaign trail.
Honda is shifting gears, so to speak, in regard to the building and marketing of their lineup of alternative fuel cars over the next several years. According to Reuters, a€?John Mendel, speaking with reporters in Detroit, said the company had sold about 16,000 natural gas-fueled Civic compact cars since 1998 in a limited sales area of the United States. Honda also said they will be introducing more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and a full battery electric vehicle within the next 3 years.
Contributions Since 1997 of Domestic Oil, Gas and Energy Efficiency Resources to Meeting U.S.
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors. All site imagery and iconography content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. We are also working with the leading boiler manufacturer Glow-worm to offer customers effective flue gas heat recovery systems with affordable, high efficiency condensing boilers.
This compact device fits directly on top of their Ultrcom2 CXi Boiler – one of their bestselling condensing systems. What’s more, we can also check to see if there are any green grants available to help further reduce your costs.

We will discuss the funding available, review your circumstances and collect evidence that proves you qualify for a grant under the scheme.
If your gas network operator is not SGN, then you may be able to claim support through the EST Gas Connection Advice Service.
By utilising this heat, the boiler doesn’t need to work as hard and reduces the amount of fuel that it burns.
Typically, for a standard semi-detached house, a gas boiler will be installed within one working day.
The warranty is provided on condition that the boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer or registered with the manufacturer's boiler servicing programme.
At the same time the Governor has refused to support a proposed law to extend financial incentives for state’s solar industry. Ironically, the Governor stated one of the purposes of State’s new natural gas incentives is to bring about higher natural gas prices which could result in higher fuel operating costs for the very buyers of those trucks the state is providing incentives for.
When the shale gas industry came into the state, Pennsylvania landowners and governments had virtually no forewarnings such a dramatic shift by the drillers could happen so quickly. The bill was created to extend the renewable energy credits which can be sold in the open market thus allowing the State to meet its mandated Renewable Portfolio Standard. The Chamber stated the solar incentives would add more than $1 billion to Pennsylvania’s electricity cost but then never provided details of this calculation. The low natural gas price per gallon of today for buyers of natural gas powered trucks under the state program could become much higher in the near future. He has held senior management positions in GTE Sylvania, American Standard and provided consulting services to BP Solar and Shell Solar.
Honda is saying a€?Noa€? to their Natural Gas Civic which they have been selling since 1998 and they are saying a€?Yesa€? to their future hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
In southern California where Ia€™m located I have seen quite a few people driving the Honda natural gas car over the years.
And, even though it was a bold experiment, it is now time for those fracking natural gas cars to ride off into the sunset and for the cleaner and greener hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to take their places.
We believe that the United States can harness the full potential of energy efficiency to achieve greater economic prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection for all its people. We invest the money we make into helping local communities save energy and improve living standards. Our energy saving advisors are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote for a gas boiler replacement. The solar incentives in HB1580 are not new but rather an extension of previously created incentives to meet prior legislative law passed by the state. These shale plays were developed a few years prior to the Pennsylvania Marcellus leading some to question if the same will not happen at some point in the Marcellus based on now well documented historical shale gas depletion curves. Today he runs his own management consulting firm Navitus Solar LLC and works primarily in the greater southwest on solar and wind development. He is not being paid to write by any shale gas industry group or any enviromental group, pro or con.
A believer that no one energy source is a complete answer to today's American economy, he writes on energy issues impacting the greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley region.

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