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The staple food in Zambia is called nshima which is a porridge made from mealie meal (ground maize) – much like polenta. This ‘relish’ is another interesting dish in Zambia.  Relish refers to any kind of stew, whether made from meat or fish, vegetables or beans. When passing through our herb garden the other day I stopped to chat with Clement, who has been with us for over five years and has been in charge of the herb garden the entire time. I asked Clement if the chefs come to pick the herbs often, to which he replied: almost daily.
Clement took me on a tour around the herb garden, telling me their names and how to grow them.  Just as I was about to leave I thought I would quiz Clement on what some of the herbs were used for.
I suppose I should not have been surprised at Clement’s answers – he has not spent any time in the kitchen and has not been privy to the chefs’ creativity with the variety of produce we grow on site, and what our guests enjoy eating.  Maybe I should suggest ‘relish’ as a new addition to our menu at the Royal Livingstone! The Falls Resort and Convention Centre is located only moments from the Zambezi River with the dramatic torrent of the Victoria Falls as its natural backdrop.
The Zambian mole-rat is a rodent of 9-12 cm length and a body-weight of 30-60 g that lives and forages underground, and under natural conditions is rarely, if ever, exposed to light.
Zambian mole-rats live in families consisting of a single breeding pair and their non-breeding offspring, who remain with their parents and forage and maintain the burrow system.
That mole-rats who breed live about twice as long as sexually inactive animals of this species?

For air transport, Container Note 81 of the IATA Live Animals Regulations should be followed. Zambian mole rats are of educational interest because of their extreme adaptation to a subterranean lifestyle and their interesting social system. NEWS POLITICS BUSINESS SPORT BLOGS FEATURES LETTERS ETC.. LIEUTENANT General Wisdom Lopa yesterday caused laughter in court when he said it is better to refer to libido boosters he received from Lieutenant General Andrew Sakala as herbs. In re-examination yesterday, Maj Gen Yeta’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota, asked Lt Gen Lopa why the libido boosters and the two bottles of brandy came from former ZAF commander Lt Gen Sakala alone to the two other accused. At this point, Lt Gen Lopa’s lawyer, Lastone Mwanabo, said he was also interested in the sex boosters and that he would consult his client after the court sitting. It is alleged that in 2011 prior to the general elections, the former defence chiefs pocketed the K1.5m meant for the operations of their respective wings for maintaining peace and order before, during and after the 2011 elections. Asked in cross-examination by lead prosecutor Kapetwa Phiri as to why he did not query Lt Gen Sakala over the K1.5 million agreed in the September 14, 2011 Central Joint Operations Committee (CJOP) meeting for the three defence wings, Lt Gen Lopa said the money was not important because his wing was sufficiently funded by State House. The prosecution wondered why Lt Gen Lopa had earlier told the court that covert operations were important ahead, during and after the September 2011 and yet the money for the same was not vital. Lt Gen Lopa further submitted that there were reports of violence in the country especially on the Copperbelt ahead of the 2011 elections, hence the importance covert operations by the three defence wings.

Lt Gen Sakala’s lawyer, Nganga Yalenga, applied for an adjournment in view of the circumstances to subpoena two more witnesses. All three defence lawyers, Yalenga, Mwanabo and Sikota, submitted that they would bring two witnesses each. I asked him how the herbs were doing and he replied that they had been bad during the rainy season because a ‘river’ had formed through the garden and washed away many of the plants.
Situated in the 46 hectare Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Wildlife Park, The Falls Resort incorporates the three-star Zambezi Sun  and the sophisticated five-star Royal Livingstone Hotel. This eusocial system was first found in the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber), but whereas in that species the queen monopolizes breeding through behavioural suppression of her daughters, in Zambian mole-rats, both daughters and sons refrain from mutual mating because of incest avoidance based on continued familiarity with each other. A lot of research has been and is being done on Zambian mole rats kept under ex situ conditions. Now, though, he felt that the herbs were returning to their former glory, and with the new seeds, the garden was back to its old self again.
They readily initiate courtship when encountering unfamiliar conspecifics, including their own siblings, however, after separation of 16–18 days.

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