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In today’s economic climate, getting your financial house in order is more important than ever.
Choose goals you can get excited about because that will make you more determined to reach them.
For example, your goals may be “I want to have $250,000 in my retirement plan by age 50” or “ We want to retire to Florida in fifteen years with enough money to buy a house in Jacksonville and enough income to take a month-long, international vacation every year".
If you are like most parents who desire for your children to attend college, you’re probably worried about the rising costs.
Especially if they’re planning to stay for several days, you’ll want to make sure your home is ready for them! If you get your home ready for Christmas guests and forget to check the guest bed, you’ve skipped a critical step! When you get your home ready for Christmas guests, make sure not to forget to check the closets! Avoid any awkward conversations by keeping toilet paper, first aid supplies, towels, and bathroom toiletries in easily accessible locations. You may be able to make it to the bathroom at night without tripping over furniture, but you’ve lived in your home for a while. Get your home ready for Christmas guests by stocking the pantry with some of your guests’ favorite foods! Your guests will appreciate being able to find food quickly in the pantry, whether they’re looking for a snack or trying to help you with dinner. And if you feel like your on a roll with the cleaning and decluttering, check out this 30 day decluttering program!
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Before listing your home for sale, we highly recommend going through a list of items that you can either improve or repair. By taking care of repairs and being active in making improvements, this can be a great marketing tool to show buyers. In this article we will discuss different methods of getting your home ready to sell, that may not only help you get more buyers through the door, but maximize your return on investment.
One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to get your home ready is by packing away personal items. In addition to removing personal photographs, removing religious photographs or objects can be a great idea. By depersonalizing the environment, it’s also a great way to get a jump start on your packing and organizing. The objective is to get the buyers to focus on the home itself and not your personal belongings.
Some of the best places to make sure you remove unnecessary clutter are closets, garages and basements. When a potential buyer walks into a home that is not hygienic or has a foul odor, they are immediately having negative thoughts. Some areas that are often overlooked and should be cleaned are ceiling fans, windows, shower doors, garages and basements. A great cost efficient way to freshen the odor of a home is investing in disposable air freshener containers. A potential cost efficient method of cleaning a few stains can be renting a carpet cleaner from a local hardware or grocery store. In addition to natural lighting, replace any light bulbs that may be dark, not working or show different colors of light.
While we did cover many of the aspects associated with staging, such as removing clutter and personal belongings, the purpose of staging is to make the home look as best as possible to potential buyers. While staging may not be necessary for all homes, it can certainly help an empty home liven up. For homes that are empty or having a tough time selling, staging can be a great investment. Once you have accepted a contract with a buyer, one of the first things they will arrange will be a home inspection. When selling a home, I always advise the seller to subtract at least $2,500 from whatever price they end up selling from.
Your real estate agent should also help you with recommendations on what exactly you as the owner should do to get your home ready to sell. Along with helping others buy and sell real estate in New Jersey, I have a large network of Real Estate Professionals that can help you achieve your goals of buying or selling real estate throughout the United States! I service the following areas: Edison, Metuchen, Colonia, Old Bridge, Monroe Township, Iselin, Fords, East Brunswick, Highland Park, Piscataway, Avenel, Woodbridge, South Plainfield, Carteret and South Brunswick. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Once you have financial goals that you can put a future price on, the price of your goals can then be translated into a savings action plan that you can start today.
While most people don’t like to open the mail because they know that bill statements are in the mail pile, it’s actually better that you do so sooner than later. Every payment that you make is date stamped and, in today’s digital world, it is also automatically reported.
It is important to review all of your creditor statements for unauthorized charges and dispute them right away. You can do this via a paper journal in your physical checkbook or an online money management tool. At Largo Financial Services, our financial advisors strongly recommend that our clients not spend and use credit cards at a level where they are maxed out or over the credit limit. Putting a small amount of money away each month can make your life easier should the unexpected happen.
The challenge is that there are millions of people who are either uninsured or grossly underinsured. Identify an accountability partner - someone who also has financial goals and is committed to changing his or her habits to accomplish them.
Whether your guest bed is an actual mattress or a sleeper sofa, make sure to check it before your guests arrive.

Pretend that you’re a hotel, and provide small bottles of lotion, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other such everyday items. If you don’t have a guest closet, does the main one have space for your guests’ coats, luggage, and any gifts they may travel with? Their favorite snacks will help them feel at home, and will ensure that you can serve meals that they’ll enjoy, especially if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions. From setting up your email and enjoying an e-Book to changing your input methods, you’ll be full of ideas about how to harness the power of your new Android™-powered tablet. Having all the information you need right where you want it and having it look the way you want it to. Not making necessary repairs or improvements can certainly hinder a prospective deal by lowering the value, or not getting as much interest. Buyers will be appreciative knowing their sellers are making appropriate changes to provide a better home. By spending as little as $50 on renting a pressure washer, you can make dramatic visual improvements on the exterior of your home. Some buyers absolutely adore a huge deck where family members can gather during the summer. By removing all personal items, potential buyers can better picture themselves in the home as residents. The goal isn’t to remove your identity from your own home but to provide a neutral environment where buyers can imagine themselves.
Going through each room and packing or organizing items is a great way to transform the room and create space.
In fact, many sellers rent temporary storage units to pack away items they currently do not have space for.
The worse the conditions, the harder it will be for them to picture themselves in the home and appreciate the features of the home. If your window trims, front door, or exterior needs to be re-painted, it is highly recommended you do so.
For instance, if you are expecting to net $300,000 from the sale of your home, subtract at least $2,500 as a reserve for necessary repairs. A great real estate professional is absolutely crucial in helping you sell your home the quickest, and for the best price. Real estate agents look at countless homes per week, and know what current buyers are looking for. They love their animals, or collection of dolls on shelves and don’t want to make changes associated with them. In addition to this article on getting your home ready to sell, if you have any questions regarding buying, selling or relocating, do not hesitate to call Aman Singh at (732)-586-3292! In the majority of cases, even if you pay your credit card bill just one day late, it will be reflected on your credit report as a late payment and will impact your credit score.
Additionally, you should inspect your bank account statements to ensure that you don’t have unauthorized transactions or fees deducted from your account.
There are some very good tools available on the Internet that can synchronize with your bank account.
Because they have not established a budget that works for them and that they are committed to.
If you don’t know where to get started, take a look at these 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas Guests! Make sure your entrance is nicely arranged, and that shoes and backpacks are out of the way. But a nicely organized home is also helpful to guests in that it reduces how many times they have to ask you where things are, or where things go.
You can even provide a little gift bag on their bed to hold all those little items so they know that they are for their own use.
And if you do have a guest closet, is it empty for your guests to use, or is it full of you own things? If your guests have a good sense of humor a well placed Poo Pourri Spray in the bathroom is sure to get a laugh or two – and keep things smelling nice!
Consider getting some nightlights, or leaving some lamps on at night to help your guests see where they’re going. I also try to keep bottled water in the guests room ass well – that way they dont need to ask for water once they are ready to sleep. For example, water supports skin and digestive health, and it helps eliminate toxins from the body. From wallpapers to widgets, there are unlimited ways to make your Tab an extension of yourself.
While there is no guide that can guarantee your home will sell, you can definitely reduce the time it takes to sell the home, by making a few improvements. It’s also in your best interest that you mow the lawn, take care of any overgrown bushes or plants and make sure the sidewalks and driveways are free of debris and clutter.
Despite being a major plus for buyers, an old dirty deck or porch can be just as big of a liability. It’s much more distracting for homebuyers to picture themselves in the house with pictures of current homeowners from their past vacation in Cabo. However keep in mind, no one is asking you to get rid of your hobbies or belongings by tossing away such items.
It is important however to be aware that this does impact how the buyer sees the home, even if you as the seller do not.
Making sure the home is clean and odor free should be very high on your list when getting ready to sell your home.
Believe it or not, the aroma of food cooking can sometimes be trapped within some of the furniture and carpeting. Another helpful tip is to buy some Febreeze from your local grocery store and spray on furniture to give it a clean and fresh smell.
It’s a rather inexpensive way to really separate your house from others on the market. If so, a potential buyer will walk in and immediately think about how all of the flooring will have to be replaced. For example, a lamp that has 3 light bulbs, should have the same type of light bulbs in the lamp. If you feel like your home has a large list of broken items that need to be repaired, buyers may see this as a huge negative.
This $2,500 acts as a piggy bank for repairs and maintenance that will most likely need to take place.
You should expect your real estate agent to do more than just putting your home on the MLS and praying it sells. The important thing to remember is that no one is asking you to quit your hobbies or change your likes. When buying or selling a home, you should expect your agent to meet you on time during your appointments.

Knowing what you owe will help you budget your money better as you take steps to achieving the financial goals you set in Step #1.
Keeping your credit report in good standing is important for building a solid financial future.
At Largo Financial Services, we explain financial matters in plain language to our clients as we educate them.
The key is that you both must be willing to lay everything out on the table, commit to your goals, and be willing to call the other out when financial decision-making and spending behaviors do not align with the goals.
If your table has a leaf or fold out extensions, consider putting them in place so everyone has enough space to sit comfortably.
If you feel like going the extra mile, check out all the holiday themed Night Light you can add to halls to keep things festive! Her chief blogging inspiration is being the proud & slightly neurotic mom of a preschool age daughter. Here’s HowYou may customise your Galaxy Tab by touching and holding anywhere on the Home screen to bring up the Add to Home screen menu. Our goal as sellers is to stand out, so that when buyers walk in and around your home, they are highly interested. Homes with terrible curb appeal, such as patchy grass, overgrown weeds, or broken walkways, will more often than not turn off potential buyers. Washing these areas with a pressure washer will get rid of a majority of the dirt and off a new look.
One of the best ways to provide new life to a porch or deck is by pressure washing it and re-painting it.
By neatly organizing these belongings or storing them away, you can often create more space previously not visible.
Depending on the severity of how damaged the carpet may be, you may want to consider replacing all of the carpet. A lamp with 3 different types of light bulbs will throw mixed colors in different directions. Your real estate agent should be able to help with minor staging solutions if you are not interested in hiring a staging company. If you really want to be thorough, you can hire your own inspector and begin doing necessary repairs in advance. It’s great when the seller knows that the home will most likely need some repairs from the inspection and it is not a surprise.
A great real estate agent will go in depth about their marketing strategy and how exactly they will get you the best deal. When it’s time to pay a bill, you will be better prepared and feel good that you were able to pay it on time.
If you have a busy schedule and lots of demands between work and family, then you can set up automatic payments for your bills to ensure they are paid on time. If you are uncertain as to whether you have the right type of protection for your family or your assets, then give us a call to schedule a free financial assessment.
Perhaps add a little reading material to the guest room that tells a little about the area you live in!
The more interested buyers we can get in the home, the better the potential offer we may receive. This is one of the most cost efficient ways to spruce up an old deck or porch to give it that new look feel. Although buyers have a different preference for colors, none typically one walk into a home with neutral colors and hate it.
But if it is not within your budget, replace the carpet in the rooms that have the most damage.
This will certainly put a potential homebuyer at ease knowing that the previous owner made necessary repairs. While you may not be in a position to do so now, as you are working to get your financial house in order, keep in mind that you will ultimately want to be able to pay more than the minimum monthly payment, and then get to the point where you can pay the entire balance due on the card each month.
You may choose different wallpapers from the pre-loaded live wallpapers or from the wallpaper gallery.2.) Set Up Your Email AccountsHave several email accounts? It is really important to keep track of where you are spending your money by establishing a budget, tracking your expenses, and doing a comparison between the two (planned budget vs. It’s recommended that you build up to six to nine months of living expenses in your emergency fund. It may take you some time to do so, but it’s better to start in order to be prepared for the unexpected expense (i.e.
Auto configuration makes it easy to sync your email inboxes with your Tab and stay connected to all your accounts.Here’s HowThe Tab has two email programs — Gmail™ for Google™ accounts and Email for all other types of accounts including corporate email. When you see it on paper, you’ll realize how much you are spending and when you need to cut back. To set up an account through your program, open Applications > Gmail or Applications > Email. Kindle by Amazon is an example of an app that gives you access to books for viewing on your Galaxy Tab. 4.) Access Android MarketTMYour Android powered device comes with access to more than 150,000 apps. Plus, your Tab comes with the Samsung Media Hub app, which lets you choose from thousands of movies and TV shows in an instant and watch them on your Tab.Here’s HowGo to Applications > Market. When you open Market for the first time, read the terms of service and touch Accept to continue. About 20% of our water intake comes from food, and some foods, such as lettuce, watermelon, and apples, are mostly water. Feel free to lounge around while reading an e-Book, knowing that once you lock the orientation, you won’t have to worry about the screen changing with your movement.Here’s HowTo turn on the Orientation Lock, open the Quick Panel by touching the top bar on the screen and swiping a finger down it. Water also works as a nutrient and oxygen transport; it helps us use and absorb vitamins and minerals. You can use the traditional two-thumb style or Swype, which lets you enter a word by sliding a single finger from letter to letter.Here’s HowTo change the way you input text, go to Applications >Settings > Locale and Text > Select Input Method. Unfortunately, no other beverage can take the place of calorie-free water when it comes to its natural benefits. The screen will show your notifications, such as new emails and messages, the status of your Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth®, and whether the sound is set to the silent or vibrate mode. It allows you to switch between apps without closing them.Here’s HowTo switch between apps, touch and hold the Home key. Fruits such as melon, and veggies such as celery and broccoli, can be included as part of daily water goals. Shay Langley is a Retail Training Manager and a Content Developer for Samsung Mobile Product Education.

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