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Now that I’m a mom, I want my own children to experience the same kind of summers – even if there are moments of boredom. Instead of staying all cooped up inside, in front of a screen, I want them to open the screen door and head outside. Whether it’s trees or monkey bars, my children enjoy testing their physical limits by climbing and wowing their mom and dad. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soccer ball, discount store plastic ball, or an aluminum can, as long as my children are running around the yard, they often add kicking to their energetic fun. Go on bike rides together – or, simply let your children ride their bikes in your driveway or garage. Sometimes my kiddos like to explore different parts of our gardens – they’re happy to look for insects or treasures.
Whether it’s discovering a toad or running through the sprinkler, I love to hear my son and daughter enjoying their free time.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to some fun outdoor activities recommended in this post. Most likely it's cold outside where you are, therefore you find yourself spending more time indoors.

I can remember lying on my back on the grass, watching the clouds blow by, and thinking how absolutely bored I was. Since my children are still pretty young, it helps when I give them ideas of what they can do. To help him get rid of some of his boyish energy, he likes to run around the outside of our house over and over and over again.
It doesn’t matter if it’s swimming or playing with squirt guns and water balloons – as long as water’s around, it helps cool my kids. Now that they’re old enough to walk without being carried, my husband and I can take them hiking on local trails.
Sometimes I give them blank nature journals and colored pencils to sketch what they observe in nature. I’ve frozen some of their tiny plastic toys in a big cube of ice – I’ll let them pick their toys out with plastic tools. As long as my kiddos are outside, I’m happy to feed them plenty of drippy, melty foods like homemade popsicles, ice cream, and watermelon. But, sometimes the circulatory system is considered to be composed of the cardiovascular system (It distributes blood) and the lymphatic Circulatory System.

Both kiddos are learning to clean up their outdoor toys when we’re done playing for the day. Are they paleontologists digging for fossils?) Make believe is a fun form of invention, but so is creating actual items. That's why I've gathered 7 ways, from The Chic Site, to get organized inside while you still have the time. I’ve kept the snow in our freezer for the past five months and will let them have a snow day (well, a snowy 5 minutes) in the middle of the dog days of summer. While humans, as well as other vertebrates, have a closed cardiovascular system (that is, the blood never leaves the network of arteries and capillaries), some invertebrates are considered to have an open cardiovascular system.
Two types of fluids move through the Circulatory System Diagram, one is blood, and the other is lymph. The circulatory system is the joint production of the cardiovascular and the lymphatic system.

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