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What'll be annoying is having to run through Cyclops Lane each time you want to visit and not being able to use the Spiral door. In becoming an experienced Wizard101 and Pirate101 player, I've found a love for blogging and the gaming community. Pirate101 recently announced that Book 15 (Valencia Part 2) would come in two chapters this summer as the conclusion of the first arc.
In Cyclops Lane, after a few pre-quests, you can now take a magic chariot to Aquila and compete in the Immortal Games. The theme is strong, and the three instances are definitely some of the highlights of Greek Mythology.

We can also now name our decks - this is big, because it shows that KingsIsle is listening to feedback. For example, you can get Zeus's lightning bolt as a weapon, or an enchanted sword and shield pet that has "May cast sword and shield." I'll be curious to see what that is.
Here, there are three major instances - Olympus (level 30+ wizards), Atlantea (level 70+ wizards), and Tartarus (level 90+ wizards). Not to mention that you can start this area as early as level 30, and be challenged as late as level 90. Credits: Thanks to Alexander Lionheart (Loremaster, Ice), Paige Moonshade (Balance), Markblade64 (Fire) , SpiritFire (Myth) , and masterofspelss (Life) for help with card images.

I hear the Ice one casts Tower Shield, so I'm going to guess that these are worth looking into. For example, there's a new one-boss dungeon in Dragonspyre's library that drops a bunch of the crafted spells AND has a chest. Not only that, but she's got a new spell that I'd sure love to have, pictured to the right.

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