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3 Simple Tips to Get Out Of a Breakup DepressionI know what it feels because I have gone through it. To prevent this happening, just ask them to not contact you for a little bit while you're adjusting to the breakup. If there's anything there that reminds you of your ex--things that they gave you, maybe, or random leftover debris from dates you went on--put it away. So, anytime the urge to text your ex strikes, you can just refer to the list--thinking of texting them? And I had felt in the middle of nowhere because I had no idea how to get over the break up depression.Basically that is not my or your fault, no one had taught us to deal with a break up before.
The pain of losing someone you have loved and still love a€” someone with whom you shared your heart, your dreams, and your life a€” can be devastating. This isn't an absurd request, by any means, and asking for a communication break does not make you a jerk. You don't have to throw it out, necessarily--doing so is a little harsh and unrealistic--but you'll feel a lot better if you put everything in a box and leave it in the basement. All what we have is our friends advice and support.This is a skill we have to master, because all of us face a break up or divorce one way or another. Breakups also activate old wounds from past losses: other breakups, early losses, your parentsa€™ divorce, or betrayal from friends. And, even if your ex isn’t one of these singers, the very existence of songs like these make it official that we are living in the era of no-good, very bad exes who make it extremely difficult to get over them.

You should also do this with digital memories--delete old text messages that'll make you weepy to look over late at night.
If you need to, you can delete (or sequester in a hidden folder on your computer, Carrie Bradshaw-style) pictures that you took together if you feel like looking at them will make you want to talk to them again. Yet all too often, people remain stuck on their ex and cana€™t seem to move forward, they find themselves caught in a negative spiral of trying to figure out what went wrong, feeling angry at themselves or at their ex, or stuck in a depressed or anxious state. Post-breakup, this only seems to be exacerbated, whether it's your own hyper-awareness towards their behavior or them just trying to make you jealous. If this describes you, here are five ways on how you can get over your ex :Do not feel sorry for yourself!
So, hit that "mute" or "unfollow" button to keep them out of your feed--you don't need little reminders constantly popping up about how their life seems so much better than yours (it isn't) that would tempt you to send them a text "just to see" how they're doing.
But just in case, tell a friend or two that, under no circumstances are you to come into contact with That Person. Obviously, you don't have to make them be the Gatekeeper of your phone and monitor all of the texts that come in and out of it (though, if they're willing, that might not actually be the worst thing). Just have them check up on your every now and then to see how you're doing and slap your phone out of your hand if they see you drafting a text to They Who Shall Not Be Named. Your ex had broken up with you because there were some differences between you.How to heal yourself? It'll go away as soon as you know how to resist the craving to text them, so try to actually think it out. The answer is simple: Treat yourself nicely, go shopping, take a nice bath, or get a new haircut.

You dona€™t have to destroy things unless the person in question was a negative force in your life. The truth is that later on, you will be happy you saved the memories even if the person wasna€™t the greatest.Have fun! Focus on what you have to lose--kind of a lot--and what you have to gain--not all that much--in texting them, and that should make the urge go away. The reason is that you want to try to rebuild your life from the ground up, and you dona€™t want to be pulled back into the vortex of your former life. If you see your friends, dona€™t avoid them but dona€™t go out of your way to make plans with them. You want to be civil and respectful but it is hard to get over your ex when his or her friends are constantly reminding you of them. If your exa€™s friends ask you why youa€™re a€?avoidinga€? them, just say something like: a€?Ia€™m really trying to make some time for myself. Now that we are no longer together, I am making that a priority.a€?Stay away from alcohol and other stimulants. In the movies, a breakup is usually followed by the movie star reaching for a swig of whiskey.

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