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It really doesn’t matter what you have pierced or what you’re looking for , if there’s a hole then guaranteed there’s a spike to adorn it.  Pieces ranging from single cones made of white gold for a clean and simple look, to balls with a cluster of spikes spread out around them. From industrial bars, to toe rings, septum bars, and hanging spikes off of captive rings and labret studs, availability now makes it easy to spike your ensemble just about anywhere. Think again, because the last thing you want to have is get into a messy spat with him after all you’ve been through. The same goes for how large and expressive you want the piece to be.  Things like basic titanium spikes can give a hardcore and tribal look to a septum piercing while still being small and unassuming.

A carefully worded rhyme might be the beginning of a new friendship… just make sure that you don’t sound desperate and he doesn’t misinterpret your greetings as a sign that you are missing him madly and still in love with him.
If you must, a text message or a card might be the way to go rather than calling him or meeting him in person. The real challenge lies in making sure that your wishes don’t evoke feelings of anger, hurt, heartbreak and the bitterness of your breakup. Just recall the good times and casually confess that you miss the adorable moments you spent together.

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