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The Empowering Women Gift Collection: Four Empowered Women Bring You Positive Words of Wisdom and Inspiration! Seasonal Color Analysis Spring May 20, 16 01:38 PMAre you Seasonal Color Analysis Spring, then you can enjoy all the beautiful shades from the Warm Light and Bright palettes. Given the baby’s gender will be a surprise, the event strayed away from the ever-popular yellow and leaned more toward a perrywinkle blue. Do you measure yourself against others and think you don't have the same talents or advantages?
I believe you would build her up offering words of support and pointing out the qualities you admire.
We're ready to offer encouragement and support to each other - ready to compliment and ready to nurture. A hand-crafted pattern of classic storybook illustrations was printed on the reverse side of the invitations and envelope liners.

There are many people in the world who are completely cut off because they lack basic amenities and basic skills. I collected the answers and the comments were amazing; positive, flattering and hugely uplifting.
Do you have any queries or comments about what you've read on this page or perhaps you'd like to share an experience of your own? It was my first time hand-lining envelopes but I found a few tricks that made the process quick and easy¬†(I’ll try to share my method in a DIY post soon)! Surrounded by elementary teachers, most aced the questionnaire while others (including my boyfriend whom I made participate before the event) found it near impossible. It's easy, in our busy lives, to forget that we're just part of the bigger picture!  When life has really put you down it's sometimes the best time to appreciate and value yourself and what you do have. No-one noticed that one lady was nervous and talked a lot - they said she was chatty, friendly, and pleasant.

Vintage stamps on craft paper added a bit of character, making each invitation unique and one-of-a-kind.
No-one noticed that another had (in her own words) 'huge thighs' - but they did notice that she had beautiful hair and was very friendly.
Each of those women went home with 10 scraps of paper with words of warmth pointing out the positive points they'd never even noticed. I've never forgotten that statement so instead of bemoaning what we've lost let's try and be thankful for what we have. This is the first day of the rest of your life - start to respect and value yourself more, put the past to rest and move forward.

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