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Clipart - Aphrodite the greek goddess of love, known to the romans as venus, 3d digitally rendered illustration. GoGraph allows you to download affordable stock photography, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage. Continued from Flash #219  The Flash guest-stars in the conclusion of the 2-part crossover "Truth or Dare" that began in THE FLASH #219! And putting together Aphrodite IX’s garb wasn’t that difficult, but it required a large amount of time and effort in order to scrounge up all the right pieces. I debuted the costume at SDCC in 2007, and was unbelievably stoked to show to the Top Cow crew. I got some fantastic images by my friend Michael of Blanklogo Photography at the convention, but still wanted to get some studio shots when I got back to Minnesota.
In order to get the full scope of what cosplay entailed, I set up a photoshoot for Chris to capture on film. The video was edited and posted on the Pioneer Press website, in addition to being featured in the newspaper.
All and all I am very happy with how the costume turned out, especially considering that it was one of my first official attempts at cosplay.
Revamping the costume wasn’t too much work, but the small details are what helped bring it together.
This entry was posted in Cosplay and tagged AIX, Android, Aphrodite IX, Aphrodite IX Cosplay, Assassin, Cyborg, Top Cow by Meagan Marie. I am going as Aphrodite IX for this Halloween, and I wanted to let you know you have inspired me when I wasn’t sure how to do certain parts of the costume, or how they would look, I found your cosplay and it blew me away! Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, known to the Romans as Venus, 3d digitally rendered illustration.
GoGraph has the stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, graphic or picture that you need for as little as 5 dollars.
The Cheetah has joined forces with Flash-foe Zoom, and the need for speed has turned her into an even deadlier threat for Wonder Woman Will Diana's blindness, and tensions with the Flash, turn the tide of battle? All and all the costume was a success, but by the end of the day my armpits and forehead were green from where the wig touched my skin. My friend Ashley shot one of her costumes – a stunning gothic Lolita dress – at the same time.

The fantastic thing is that the small piece helped promote The Source as well as an upcoming local convention I attend every year. Now that Top Cow is bringing her back in some of the recent Witchblade and Darkness events, I have even more material to draw from.
Scott Miron, one of my favorite photographers, whipped up an amazing gatling gun out of PVC pipes and the giant Nerf chain gun, something that took the shoot to a whole new level. I’m extremely happy I took the time to pull together a second shoot for Aphrodite, as some of the pictures below are favorites in my entire cosplay portfolio. You could have made it and easy costume, but you put all the details and time in it and it looks so much like her!
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The bullet belt was ordered from eBay, and I already had the boots and holsters from my Lara Croft costume (which I still to this day have not shot). After scouring the internet for weeks trying to find the perfect color and cut wig, I decided on a white wig and colored it myself. A few months after my costume was finished I was standing in front of The Source Comics and Games – my personal one-stop comic-shop – helping to promote Free Comic Book Day in my Wonder Woman costume. I hooked up with photographer Vincent Van Nguyen of VVN Photography for the event – who I was very excited to work with. Top Cow’s android assassin AIX was one of my first cosplay costumes I ever attempted, meaning that while I was proud of my work, looking back I wasn’t satisfied.
A pair of leather leggings was sacrificed to make better boot covers, and I remade the suspenders and the ammo belt to be more in line with the original art. I also talked my dad into stopping by with his sporty motorcycle so I could get some shots inspired by AIX’s hoverbike. Scott also took the time to do some significant post-production work on three of the photos, as indicated by his watermark. GoGraph also offers EPS vector illustrations, clipart digital artwork, clip art, stock footage, and video animation clips. I used knee and elbow pads to simulate Aphrodite’s body armor, and topped the look off with custom sleeves made from striped socks and some aviator goggles.
I had several options as far as dyeing was concerned, but somehow I ultimately chose to do it the hardest way possible – by hand with Sharpie markers.

All the costumed folk caught the attention of Chris Polydoroff, a videographer for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. My number one makeup artist Masha Chebotayeva helped with the look to make sure everything was perfect for print and film.
I also feel a bit bad that I wasn’t exactly true to Aphrodite’s top, opting for a full shirt instead of a cutoff one. Like Wonder Woman and Witchblade, I decided to whip up a 2.0 version of the costume to due it justice.
I also picked up two Maverick Nerf guns, pulled them apart, and painted them for my sci-fi weapons of choice. One is our tribute to an AIX David Finch cover, which had me perched on the very edge of a stool for a good twenty minutes.
While it took weeks to finish, the color was close to what I imagined and was worth the effort. He became interested in learning more about cosplay, and thought it would be a good variety piece for the website and newspaper. I also was a bit braver with the length of the shirt, making it slightly sorter than my first attempt at the costume. Jokes aside, Aphrodite is one of many Top Cow babes who won my heart after I first set eyes on her. I found a perfect Nerf gun to use as Aphrodite’s main firearm, and spray painted it black to look a bit more realistic. Lastly, I swapped out my old wig (which as you read above, I colored in with a marker) for a better one with varying green highlights. The fact that she doesn’t wear much was a plus, as it meant the costume wouldn’t be hard to make.

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