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Arrows have always thrived in humanity’s realms of art and symbolism, making them appealing to an extensive crowd of cultures with varying tastes. Pairing an arrow with a feather is not uncommon, most often representing the power that flight has, giving the wearer a presentation of high respect for freedom.
Placing tattoos on the top of the foot is ideal for either men or women that wish to keep their ink concealed, for the most part, to the public. This arrow is unique in that it’s been used as a cover up for another tattoo that was previously a mistake! Native Americans have been known to both use arrows extensively and use them in their art as well as body art. Greek and Roman mythology both have goddesses of the hunt and goddesses associated with nature. Placing a feather at the tip of the arrow head often symbolizes that the arrow is not meant for flight or penetration, but rather, a simple symbol of power.
Here we can see that this body art is meant to symbolize the more violent aspects of the arrow. Completely encircling the ankle, this arrow stretches forth to also include symbolism relating to infinity – a never ending path of life, death, and rebirth.
Here is a great example of an arrow that leans more towards representing love rather than war or power. Arrows these days can be mixed with other symbolism and mythology to create the story you wish to portray. Instead of drawing a compass with normal lines and placing N, S, E, and W for the directions, you can replace the lines with arrows, pointing in the directions that are important to you. You can choose either for two arrows to separate the directions, such as the one seen here, or have double-sided arrows. The forearm is quite a popular place for tattoos, but the one seen here is closer to the inner elbow and makes a perfect spot in case you’re trying to hide them for professional instances. Placing an arrow between the breasts pointing up carries powerful meaning, either relating to love or to power of the mind and body reaching goals together. Pointing up the center of the spine towards the brain and center of enlightenment, these arrows are simple but can make a bold statement. Two matching arrows that point both up and down, separately. Arrows like this have far different meaning than a single arrow that is double sided.
Placed on the inner arm, this arrow looks especially good when the arm is up, looking as if it is exiting from the head – great for anyone that likes to attend concerts or any activities (sports) that involve using the arms.
Another arrow placed on the foot, pointing forward so that the wearer may always achieve their goals and strike their targets. Because the length of an arrow can be as long as you wish it to be, arrows are extremely popular. Instead of getting matching arrows, personalize your arrows to have unique and beautiful looks. Place your arrow where you will easily recognize its existence and power as it directs you towards your future and your goals.
Popular in today’s cultures, the simple arrow heads are used to point towards things that are relevant to the wearer and are simple enough to afford!
If you have a goal or want to achieve any aspect of enlightenment, attaching a word to your arrow can help bring whatever you’re searching for towards you in a positive manner. It’s rare to see a Celtic knot on the end of an arrow – acting as the arrow head! You can make your arrow as simple as you want, as big as you want, and as dark as you want! Instead of having perfectly matching tattoos with your partner, one can choose to get white ink instead of black. The arrow head of this arrow looking strikingly like the sun, a personalization that is rarely seen and can fit your personality depending on the style you’re after. Instead of the normal compass and arrow, this tatted wearer decided to add some Roman numerals and a shell for personalization that can only have meaning to the wearer!
This arrow is very similar to the real deal – especially that of a Native American arrow head.

An arrow with added arrow heads gives your tat an appeal that is well fitted with the grunge or rock styles. If you’ve got a naughty side to you, placing an arrow at the top of the thigh can be exhilarating and sexy! Lastly, here are double-sided arrows paired with elaborate yet simple decorations extending gently down the back.
Nothing proclaims better than having a pumpy and jumpy song that’ll cheer them up straight away, and even more so when the song is all about them letting their hair down and hitting the town for some fun!
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They can represent flight, penetration, direction, power (to the carrier), love (piercing the heart), phallic masculine power, hunting, war, swiftness, the rays of the sun, knowledge, and paired with a skeleton – death.
The design is simple, large, and eye-catching, especially perfect for any of us that wish to portray a heritage or love of a culture that values freedom or hunting.
Double arrows can have a variety of meanings, depending on the direction they’re facing and if their colors or shading is opposite of one another. That’s why there is extra decor surrounding the arrow head and darker shading used on the feathers.
Often, those of us that enjoy hunting using a modern bow get arrows tatted to show our love of the hunt. The arrow points towards the hand, the part of the human body that creates, writes, and displays power. Here we have a representation of an arrow mixed with another symbol of the Native American – a dream catcher. Pairing an arrow with flowers is a common decision amongst those of us that treasure these myths and want to display feminine power and knowledge with us forever.
Some shamans had decorative arrows used in their rituals specifically to symbolize power, direction, flight, war, or the hunt.
Done with red ink representing blood, a design like this is meant for those of us with a darker side of expression. This tattoo features an arrow pointing down with a feathered end that looks quite similar to the arrow head.
It is placed at the point where south would be featured, the compass behind the rose apparent but personalized.
Each arrow can symbolize a partner in a romance, their paths crossing and forever fleeting with one another. Perhaps your heart has in fact taken you directly where you wish it to go, to your soul mate? In these cases, the wearer only wishes to portray a direction rather than have it be symbolic of anything else. Here we see decorative arrows pointing downward, relevant only to the wearer. Here we have an arrow on one arm, a geometric shape on the other, giving this person a more space or intergalactic show in ink.

If you’ve any culture in your ancestral blood that valued hunting with a bow an arrow, having a few tatted on your body would be a wonderful display of your love for your past. Inside your fingers, you can place an arrow secretly pointing to another tattoo (or even a scar) to give onlookers a clue. Simple and elegant, an arrow placed on the ribcage facing forward is great to have, carrying around that which can bring power and help you find and strike your targets in life. It can also be a fun teaser to anyone that looks down at your breasts – a reminder that your face is up!
It faces outward instead of up or down, and can be paired with a similar arrow on the other shoulder. Depending on what you want each arrow head to mean, you can have as many as you like placed on your arrow. Getting a tattoo to represent pulling in energy is best when paired with a similar work on the opposite side of the body. You can have a shorter one here, with a fish attached to it representing fishing, or you can have a long one that travels all the way down your back – with anything you wish attached to it. If you prefer it only be seen while wearing your swimsuit, place it on your ribcage like the one seen here. It’s both sexy and chic!
These don’t hurt nearly as much as an elaborate design and will help direct you towards your goals and dreams. This one is bound to grab attention, taking up a large piece of skin – perfect for summer weather when sporting a bikini!
It can remind you that shooting for the moon is overrated when you can always shoot for the stars!
Cyndi Lauper sure knows how to set things grooving and to celebrate womanhood in the right way! Woman empowerment is always a booster for your love, and this track seems to do that with ease. A track that is all about women ruling the world, Run The World definitely does its job at showing her the true face of your ideology about the fairer sex!
The Police including Sting of today did do some commendable job when they came up with this one, and it shows! I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing was written for the movie Armageddon which starred his daughter, and the track definitely speaks about an undying love tailored in a beautiful way. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. The tattoos presented to you here will clue you in on various styles of arrows, creative places to locate arrows on your body, and inspire you to design your own arrow tattoo that represents the meaning that you’re looking to display.
The fact this arrow looks like it was made from a branch gives it a more natural effect and personalized feel.
Perhaps this man was attempting to say that no one will be able to strike and change his personal realm of thought! The arrow here represents progress and moving forward in life from the day you were brought to the this Earth. You’re bound to catch the attention of onlookers and in this instance, have them second-guessing what your tat means! A beautiful track by Young, there couldn’t be a better way to explain your relationship like a rollercoaster ride, and even more so in his voice! A wailing guitar in the background with you making love to the microphone will set things on fire, and the added bonus of some beautiful lyrics are all that you’d need to get your ladylove weak in her knees.

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