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Targeting key muscles with this move helps to strengthen your back while improving your posture. Lay your belly on a ball and find stability by spreading your legs wide and planting your toes on the floor. Take a breath in and, as you exhale, raise your upper torso as much as you can, so your chest comes off the ball, and lift the arms out wide. Focus on main muscles (mainly targeted muscle in these exercises is lower back, other mostly involved muscles are gluteus, hamstrings, traps and deltoids). Stability ball is not a must, but it is great thing to have around because it makes you work harder by engaging more muscles in order to stabilize your body.
This is same thing as regular superman back extensions, only difference is that in this variation we are raising only one leg and one arm off the floor at time. To increase difficulty of this exercise, try holding top position for 2-3 seconds on every repetition. You can do few reps with one arm and leg and switch later, or you can alternate with every repetition you make. Again, to increase difficulty of exercise, try holding top position for 2-3 seconds on every repetition. Stability ball is awesome piece of equipment which can come handy in so many different ways, and the best thing is that it costs only few bucks.
To increase difficulty you can position the ball lower towards your hips, fully extend arms, hold top position for 2-3 seconds or even take some extra weight in your hands (dumbbell, medicine ball, weight plate…).
To make it easier you can position your hips lower on the ball, and you can also put your arms on your back or sides.

This exercises is great way to play around and get a feel for backlever, planche and other similar moves that require full lover back activation. Concentrate on your lower back and raise your legs off the floor as high as possible using just that (other muscles will help, but try to make your lower back do as much work as possible).
If hold becomes too easy you can also use some ankle weights or resistance bands to make this harder. To increase difficulty of exercise, try holding top position for 2-3 seconds on every repetition. PS: In case you don’t have stability ball that you could use try putting 2 chairs together, put something soft over to make them more comfortable and don’t look for another excuse. To tell you the truth, I actually considered buying one for myself after reading the description.
This multi-leveled contoured one piece extension brings length, volume and on-the-go glamour to thin, lifeless locks.
We can give you the most competitive prices and high quality, because we are much more PROFESSIONAL! The most common hair extension sold on the market today are black hair extensions, and as Remy human hair is taking over drastically on an international scale, Black Remy hair is the most popular hair sold in the world today. Black hair extensions are available in so many different shades and styles in the Remy hair line group and for some client’s they may choose to get their Remy hair extension dyed to the shade of black they need by a professional.
Black Remy hair extensions are sold as either wefted or unwefted hair extensions that can be sewn with a needle onto a thin track with thread.
The other type of wefts are skin wefts which are applied directly onto the client’s hair base.

Black hair extensions that are not wefted, can also be sold as Remy hair bundles or as bulk Remy hair. And no individual pieces to manage…it clips right in!All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts.Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes!
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Black Remy hair extensions are offered in shades such as Jet black, natural black, off black and so much more and the styles range from straight to curls that are naturally bought that way or created by your hair stylist. These wefts are either created by hand which is tied or machine wefts that is created using a special sewing machine.
Black hair extensions that have been created by hand are generally thinner than machine wefted Remy hair extensions and are generally more expensive. It is done by the stylist in such a way that actual application is concealed with the client’s real hair, hence creating a look that is all natural.
This is sold loose and is generally used for strand by strand procedures, bonded extensions or braiding. These wefts usually weigh 4 ounces and vary in its construction and length usually starting at 18 inches.

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