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Lower back pain is one of most common disorders among adults which affects around 40% of the total population.
But, there are several other back pain causes that can develop from spine problems such as lumbar stenosis, sciatica, disc injury and etc. Most of the times acute low back pain is treated with simple measures such as pain killers and pain medication along with acetaminophen or paracetamol. The lower back or lumbar spine is the spinal curve near the abdomen that starts six inches below the shoulder blades and extends to the sacral spine. The last the spinal segments L4 and L5 that also connects with the discs carry maximum weight and are more prone to injury.  Fibrocartilaginous discs are present between each of these vertebrae that act as soft cushions and prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other and also protect the spinal cord. Back pain is more of a complaint than a specific disease and lower back pain causes are numerous, which vary according to levels of seriousness and underlying problems.
Over-activity or lifting heavy weights can stretch and even tear the muscles and ligaments of the back which can lead to agonising back pain along with muscle spasms and stiffness of the lower back. The discs present in the spine are prone to injury and the risk of injury multiplies with age. Lumbar spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal column narrows down, putting pressure on the spinal nerves and spinal cord. Abnormal spine curvature and structure can lead to disorders such as lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis. There are numerous other medical conditions that can cause lower back pain such as arthritis, spondylitis, spondylosis, endometriosis, kidney and balder problems, ovarian cysts, cancer. In the case of chronic low back pain, it is important to know the underlying cause of the pain through a series of test and X-rays in order to administer suitable treatment. Doctors usually start with the physical examination in order to determine the location of the pain and how it influences the range of motion. The doctor may also check the reflexes and response to sensations in order to determine whether the nerves have been damaged. In the case of other symptoms such as weakness, fever, lack of bowel control and rapid weight loss, the doctor may send for other tests. Imaging tests such as CT scan, X-rays, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can be done to assess any disc problem, bone problem or a problem in tendons and ligaments of the back. Lumber spine pain is a common is a common problem that is experienced by almost all of us at some point in our lives. Keeping your body active through light physical activities is the best way to reduce the sharpness of lower back pain. It not only helps in putting the body back into a neutral and upright position, but also aids in relieving the stressed joints and muscles.
Although resting is an important part of healing, but it has been found that in case of short-term lower back pain, people who have complete bed rest experience more pain compared to those who try to stay moderately active.
Spine problems can spring from faulty posture like hours of slouching in front of the computer or sitting on the couch watching T.V. Therefore, it is important to maintain correct back posture, stand and sit in an upright position and perform back stretching exercises on a daily basis to reduce back pain.
Home remedies such as applying hot pads and cool packs alternately can help in comforting tender muscles and tissues of the back. For people suffering from chronic back pain, strengthening the abdominal muscles through core training can help in relieving lumbar spine pain. Stretching and balancing exercises help in enhancing flexibility of the body so that there is an increase in the range of motion. In order to maintain the spine in a neutral position back sleepers should place a pillow under their knees and side sleepers should out a pillow between their knees. This is because, the compound nicotine, present in tobacco smoke constrict the tiny blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the soft tissues and muscles. There is a wide variety of herbs that have shown promising results for the treatment of lower back pain.
Boiling a few slices of fresh ginger root in water for 15 minutes and drinking the ginger tea can help in relieving muscle cramps and sprains. Other than simple stretching and cardio exercises, some specially designed and individualized exercise plan might also be required in order to treat chronic back pain through physical therapy. Physical therapists and exercise physiologists specialize in such routines and therefore, the assistance of specialists is essential for proper treatment of low back pain.
A combination of a few of these remedies are effective enough you give you long lasting relief from spine problems so that you can lead a pain-free and active life. When your hips are too tight, the stress of body movement may be transferred to your lower back.
Exercise #4 stretches the hip flexor muscles (iliopsoas), which attach between the front of the thigh and the lumbar vertebrae.
Press ups can relieve lower back pain by stretching the abdominal muscles, relieving tightness that can pull the spine in a forward slumped position. Finish your exercises for low back pain routine by repeating exercise #1, the cat-camel stretch.
Reminder: If you have significant pain, constant pain, or pain from an unknown cause, please see your doctor.
Causes of lower back pain Find out the source of most back problems (from current research), and also see how proper exercise is your best way to prevent back pain.
It is important to have a stable lumbar spine (low back) in order to prevent low back pain, dysfunction and disease. The position of the pelvis can influence the alignment of the lumbar spine and contribute greatly to it?s stability. The muscles that tend to get too tight, short and spasmed that contribute to an unstable pelvis and lumbar spine are the right iliopsoas and left quadratus lumborum muscles. The muscles that tend to become too weak and let the pelvis and lumbar spine become more unstable are the gluteus muscles, the abdominal muscles and the hip abductor muscles. One needs to stretch the muscles that pull the pelvis and lumbar spine out of alignment (iliopsoas and quadratus lumborum) and strengthen the muscles that hold them in alignment (gluteus, abdominal and hip abductors). Body mechanics that tend to create the above mentioned muscle imbalances are prolonged sitting, repeated forward bending, sit-ups, working the latissimus dorsi muscles (including swimming) and backward bending against resistance.
The exercises and stretches on the DVD, “The Missing Link to Neck and Back Pain Relief” demonstrate lumbar stabilization so that you can create a healthy spine.
As mentioned in the article, “Lumbar Stabilization”, a stable lumbar spine is important to decrease and prevent low back pain, dysfunction, disease and degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine. As demonstrated in the DVD, “The Missing Link to Neck and Back Pain Relief”, one needs to stretch the right iliopsoas muscle and left quadratus lumborum muscle.
The muscles that are the most powerful for stabilizing the pelvis and lumbar spine and should be strengthened are the gluteus muscles, the abdominal muscles (avoiding situps) and the hip abductor muscles.

These exercises not only help to avoid back pain and dysfunction, but also help to prevent disease and degenerative conditions of the spine. Summary:Ergonomic office chairs are very good and useful for people who has the lower back pain. Exclusively designed for persons who want adjustable lower back support and 24-hour intensive use in office. This ergonomic office chair is designed with a highly engineered support structure, which can provide you firm steel support and ergonomic perfection for health. Lumbar Cushion – Black color, this lumbar support office chair back cushion helps the lumbar and sacral region of the spinal column. Lumbar Support Cushion – Gray color, this lumbar support office chair back cushion helps the lumbar and sacral region of the spinal column.
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Cheap Jordans Online here, Get retro air jordan shoes for men full sizes and styles, new and classic. It is said that 8 out of every 10 people have suffered from back pain at some point in their lives. But as per the expert suggestions, it is always to go with a surgery when the disc-related chronic pain and spinal stenosis are on an extreme end. The lumber spine is the seat of power and flexibility and plays the central role in the functions of lifting, bending and twisting. Nerves that provide sensation and transfer messages to the skin and muscles run through specific opening between the vertebrae.
While majority of lower back pains are due to sprains or strains, other causes such as excessive body weight, stress and poor posture can also cause lower back pain. Herniated disc or slipped disc is a common disorder of the spine where the outer cartilage of the disc becomes torn or herniated.
The most common reason of spinal stenosis is degeneration of the discs present between the vertebrae.
The abnormal structures exert pressure on the ligaments and muscles and lead to lower back pain. Sciatica can cause pain in feet and legs because the sciatic nerve connects the spine to the legs.
Strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects or even a simple act of bending down to pick up a thing can trigger back pains. Easy, low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga, swimming and light stretching are very helpful in this case. But it is important to do these activities in moderation because overdoing it can exaggerate the pain.
Therefore, it is best to avoid bed rest for more than three days and get moving as fast as possible.
A sprain or strain in the back muscles while working out in the gym may also cause back pain. It is suggested to opt for cold therapy for the first 48 hours after the pains start and then switch to heat therapy. The torso is a combination of a large group of muscles and if the abdominal muscles are weak then the risk of muscle damage and tearing increases during strenuous exercises and resistance training.
These exercises also reduce the tension and tightness in the back muscles that is another reason for back pain.
Back pain is one of the major causes of sleep deprivation and insomnia and inadequate sleep aggravates the pain.
Sleeping on the stomach should be avoided because this posture twists the head and neck and puts stress on the spine. Ginger is one of the most effective home remedies in this case that helps in reducing pain by the virtue of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. The active compound capsaicin present in chillies has also shown promise in reducing back pain and joint pain and it is a common ingredient in topical creams, ointments and oral supplements.
The requirement of each and every person varies and because there is no magic medicine to cure back pain, doctors develop exercise regimes that combine core training and stretching exercises. She has done her masters in English and has done her graduation from Banaras Hindu University.
However, if you are injured it requires skilled assessment from a health care provider to determine which exercises and what types of treatment are appropriate for you. Focus the stretch in the front of your upper thigh by staying upright and keeping your hips even. This exercise routine strengthens the deep muscle layers that support the spine, including all 4 abdominal muscle groups. As you improve your flexibility in key muscle groups, such as the hamstrings and abdominals, you will reduce the strain on your spine. Detailed anatomy diagrams of the spine, discs, nerve roots, and sacroiliac joints are included. The routines are based on exercises that have helped the author's physical therapy clients for years. The lumbar vertebrae need to stay in normal alignment. By this we mean not too much forward flexion, backward extension, side bending or rotation.
There are other muscles that become spasmed as a result of an unstable lumbar spine and pelvis, however they are usually compensating for the above. By stretching the muscles that pull the spine and pelvis into an unstable position and strengthening the muscles that hold the lumbar spine and pelvis into a level, stable position.
These stretching and strengthening exercises create the balance that is necessary for creating a stable lumbar spine and pelvis. It takes only about 10 minutes, 4 to 5 times per week to create a pain and disease-free spine. When you heard the ergonomic chairs, you inevitably think that the companies need to consider more for "office workers".

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An effective means for strengthening the back of the torse, legs, and arms in preparation for the deeper. Low back pain, also abbreviated as LBP can be categorised according to the duration of the pain. There are five vertebrae in the lumbar spine (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5) that supports the entire weight of the torso.
Stability of the spine is achieved through the structure of muscles and ligaments of the abdomen and the back. The cartilage of the disc can push against the nerve roots or spinal cord and cause back pain. The benefits of ice and heat vary from person to person and it you best to use the one that suits and best and provide soothing comfort. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the abdominals in order to reduce the strain on lower back muscles.
By increasing flexibility, it becomes possible to put load equally throughout the body – from head to feet.
Therefore, it is important to have restorative sleep through relaxation techniques and daily exercises.
It has been seen that the complaint of back pain is more common among smokers and former smokers compared to non-smokers.
If you have an injury, medical condition, significant pain or constant pain, please see your doctor or health care provider and follow their instructions.
If your pain increases or will not go away, please see your doctor to find out what may be causing your problem.
When the pelvis is unstable, the lumbar spine is unstable, when the pelvis is stable so is the lumbar spine. This unstable, misaligned pelvis and lumbar spine can not only cause low back pain, but causes a “non-physiological axis of motion” through the lumbar spine which contributes to structural damage and degeneration.
The pelvis is the foundation of the lumbar spine and when this foundation is tipped and unstable, it causes the lumbar spine to move into a side bent, rotated and unstable position. By creating your own, individualized exercise program, using these lumbar stabilization exercises, you are helping to ensure that as your spine ages it will continue to allow you to maintain the highest level of functioning and a high quality of life. Large and soft seat cushion offers great comfort and relieve the fatigue after a long sitting. The stunning seat cushion offer healthy seating positions and prevent slipping off the chair. The large and soft seat cushion is designed to give you the most comfort and relieve the fatigue if seated for a long time. The Regency Aspire Mesh Chair has a flexible mesh backrest and a lumbar cushion to support your lower back.
Freedom Back lumbar support with massage, ergonomically design support cushion for lower back and lumbar support. This Lumbar support helps to close King Products Lumbar Support Cushion great for home or office! ShopWiki has 837 results for Lumbar Back Support Cushions, including Mabis Lumbar Back Back Support Cushions, Chair and Seat Cushions #10SLB.. It can be acute if the pain lasts for less than 6 weeks, sub-chronic if the pain lasts between 6 to 12 weeks and chronic if the pain lasts for more than 12 weeks. Back stretching by bending backwards and hamstring stretching by leaning forward can help in increasing flexibility. Sleeping in the wrong position or on a mattress hat does not support the back properly can cause back pain. Then exhale, tighten (or brace) your abdominals, drop your chest toward the floor and lift your head slightly as shown.
In order to satisfy this need, many companies launched their ergonomics chairs, hopping to improve the health office workers. High backrest with large side bolsters offer effective and excellent lateral support, giving you a comfortable, prolonged sitting. Lumbar support chair cushions can reduce back pain and make sitting for long periods much more tolerable. ObusForme® Lumbar Support Lumbar support chair cushions can reduce back pain and make sitting for long periods much more tolerable. Shop our great selection of Cushions, Chair Lumbar Back Cushion, Gray: The velcro does not secure the support You may want one with a fastening that goes around the chair back. These lumbar stabilization exercises have helped thousands of people avoid back pain and return to a happy, healthy life. Do you share- If you share you need a portable lumbar support cushion that you can carry around with you. In most cases, no effort is made to identify the specific cause of the pain and patients are treated for muscle and joint strain. Not only do the discs wear out much faster, but all of the structures in your lumbar spine will wear out faster, causing degenerative diseases like degenerative joint and disc disease, osteo arthritis contributing to stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, etc.

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