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Dumbbell flys - Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed in slightly bent position. Decline press - Bring padded levers together by pushing pads foward and downward in hugging motion. Dumbbell decline fly - Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed. Pullover -  Keeping elbows slightly bent throughout movement, lower dumbbell over and beyond head until upper arms are in-line withg torso.
One should do each superset 3 times and take 2 minutes rest  One should do this workout twice a week with a proper rest of at least 2  days in between.
The beginners don't know that the squeezing chest exercises (like dumbbell flys) are even more important than the pushing chest exercises when it comes to mass and strength gains. Pectoral muscles perform more actions at more angles and conjunction with more upper-body muscles than most of the people have ever consider .

Isolation exercise is performed to target only the chest muscles, which is followed  by a second killer chest exercise.
To get maximize result for ones chest development, one need to do both pushing exercises and squeezing exercises , If one neglect either he limits his potential for mass and strength. Sometimes a person is the star at bench exercise but on other exercises he is more like bench player .
However you don’t need a gym membership or a lot of fancy equipment to carve out an amazing back! Personally for this type of workout where I usually need a variety of different weights there’s nothing better than this adjustable set my wife gave me for Christmas last year. Bend slightly at the hips, keep your back straight, and pull the dumbbells up into your chest. Today I’m sharing 6 of my favorite dumbbell back exercises to shape, sculpt, Tone and Tighten!

They adjust from 2-52.5 pounds and are my favorite piece of at-home equipment. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! Use your back muscles to row the dumbbell into your chest and slowly return to starting position. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head high as you slowly lower the weights to the floor.

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