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18 This guy pinned this note to the underside of a toilet seat so he knew that the boyfriend would see it when he went for a pee.
After this husband found out his wife was cheating on him, he decided to make a sign and post it round his neighborhood letting everyone else know what she has been up to. This woman was so angry with her husband that she took a can of paint and attacked his pride and joy.
This woman caught her partner cheating, kicked him out then proceeded to model all his clothes and sell them on EBay.

This woman had a sign specially made after her cheating husband had the cheek to kick her out of his home after she caught him out.
This guy sent out this email to all her neighbors after he found out his wife was having an affair with a local resident. This guy found his girlfriend to be cheating and managed to access her face Facebook profile.
If there is one way to get at a guy after he cheats or lets you down, it is with a key on his pride and joy.

How did he manage to keep his anger to himself until he was given the chance to tattoo this masterpiece on her back? He even goes as far as telling everyone the guys phone number and reg of his car for good measure.

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