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Even if the situation might currently seem hopeless, there are reconnection techniques designed solely to make your ex want and need you again. Your boyfriend might avoid you after a break up, but this doesn't mean his feelings aren't still there.
While each situation might require different solutions, there are some universal truths when it comes to stopping and reversing a breakup. All guys will give off certain signs and signals whenever they still have feelings for you.
An ex who keeps track of your personal life is jealous for a reason: he's afraid of losing you.
Acting cold or indifferent is all part of the break up, and if your boyfriend is exhibiting these behaviors it's perfectly normal. No matter how long it's been since your relationship ended, there are plenty of easy ways to put get back ex thoughts on your ex boyfriend's mind. When your boyfriend asks for 'space' or time to himself, it doesn't always mean he's finished. Believe it or not, fighting can be a healthy sign: your relationship is still passionate enough that you're both still interested.
Nothing destroys the chances of getting your boyfriend back faster than being his 'platonic' friend. Guys generally do this because it's much easier to ignore feelings of attachment than it is to deal with or work through them. Learn which techniques can help reverse your situation and get your ex to start chasing you.
Never sacrifice the potential of a real relationship for a half-friendship; not when what you really want is to get your boyfriend back. Truthfully, it's actually easier to get back together after one or both parties in a relationship cheated.This is because you broke up abruptly and out of necessity, rather than becauseyou fell out of love with each other.

There are some excellent clean slate techniques that can help get your relationship past cheating.By using these methods it doesn't matter whether you cheated on your boyfriend or he cheated on you- all that matters is channeling the feelings of anger and betrayal into trust and forgiveness.
Knowledge is king, and the more you know the better prepared you'll be to deal with your particular breakup situation. Be sure to check out our detailed reviews of these guidebooks to getting your boyfriend back. Tip of the DayIt's hard to put a relationship back together after cheating, but it can be done. Best Ways To Get Her Back is a Relationship Blog with FREE articles, videos, tips and secrets from the man that has helped 50119 people in 77 countries to mend a broken heart! If you are saying to yourself I am still in love with my ex, there is help out there to find ways to get your ex back. If you have just broken up with your lover then you will most likely be very upset and wondering how you can get your lover back.
If your relationship ended because of something stupid there is a chance he still has feelings for you, too.
The problem is a lot of women collect every trick in the book and then use them all at once. However, that's not their fault as they aren't issued a manual on how to deal with a break up once they start dating. If that something stupid was a misunderstanding that snowballed out of control and the only way out for the both of you was to break up then just apologize. If both of you need to apologize then all you have to do is to be the bigger person and make that first apology.Another way to get him back is to use the technology we have available to us today. Maybe you feel like showing up at his house with a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and pouring your heart out about everything you did wrong. Use the following tips to help you get your ex boyfriend back.1 - The first thing you must do if you want to be together with your ex boyfriend is to think clearly.

It may take a while, and it isn't easy to do, but it's an absolute necessity if you are serious about patching things up.
Do not start by getting all into what went wrong within your relationship, just talk and keep things friendly.While you are apart though, it would be a good idea to try to improve yourself in some way. Let’s face it, when we get used to a guy, we can all become a little demanding, nagging, and overly emotional. Once he sees that you have made some of the changes that need to be made then you may inspire him to do the same and he may even ask for tips on how you are making the changes you are making.
If he does ask then you will have more things to talk about and maybe can find things that the both of you are interested in, too.
He may even say to himself that I am still in love with my ex and want to explore the possibility of getting back together.When wanting to get back with an ex, it can be very helpful to consider what went wrong and who screwed up.
Nobody has a functioning time machine, so the only thing you can do is make the present as good as it can be to increase the chances of a happier future.
This isn't about whose fault it was, it's about finding the solutions to the problems that led to the break up of your relationship in the first place. Once you have done that the rest can fall into place seamlessly.No matter who was at fault more than likely you both made some mistakes and can benefit from making some changes. Ultimately, you have the best chance of winning him back by enlisting a friend of his for help. It can allow you to not only get back with your ex but you will both have a much better chance of making things work if you do reconcile. It can make you both more mindful of the other's feelings.It is also very important for you to spend time doing the things you like to do and spending time with the people you enjoy spending time with.

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