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Once you’ve had the opportunity to spend some quality time in Koh Samui, away from the local tourist locations, out of your holiday villa and with some of the authentic people, you will begin to notice an incredible amount of their culture revolving around superstitions, magic and talisman power. Now don’t get yourself all perked up and bent out of shape over the fact that there may be some black magic or witchcraft in the works, but think of it in a more positive manner, at least someone is thinking of you!
You’ve seen magic at every turn on Koh Samui, and once again you might not have realized it. What we call superstitions, the locals call a very important and practical component of their way of life. While not magic spells per se, some witches utilize information gleaned from relevant numbers and dates and moon cycle to understand events and even predict or change their outcome using numerical information.

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And then there will come the moment when you realize that someone has actually gone and put a spell on you. I understand the Thai people are very superstitious, what sort of things are they afraid of to need the use of protection? In Thailand decisions are often influenced by astrology, magic spells, superstitious beliefs and charms.

Or have you seen the small glass tubes with pieces of paper inside around your Taxi Driver’s neck?

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