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The church where Samantha begrudgingly plays Maid-of-Honor for her doped-up sister is Glencoe Union Church. Barry Diller, Bob Iger, CBS, Comcast, Corporate, Disney, DreamWorks, Facebook, Fox, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood History, Jeff Zucker, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Manka Bros., Mark Zuckerberg, MGM, Michael Eisner, Music, NBC Universal, New Media, New Technology, News Corporation, Paramount, Publishing, Rupert Murdoch, Silicon Valley, Social Media, Sumner Redstone, Sun Valley, Television, Theatrical Exhibition, Theme Parks, Time Warner, Viacom, Wall Street, Warner Bros. I’m spending more and more of my day seeing presentations about how we should buy this or that dumb ass YouTube channel or some other dumb ass OTT channel that gets 2 billions views a day for some unwatchable piece of shit that cost $2 dollars while our horrible TV networks get 2 million viewers for something that costs $2 million dollars.
Hollywood studios need to remember this – WE DECIDE WHO IS FAMOUS AND WE DECIDE WHO GETS TO PRODUCE CONTENT!

I’ve talked to Bob Iger, Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bewkes, Brian Roberts and Sumner Redstone and we are all in agreement. We can’t just keep throwing bigger and bigger budgets at our horrible horrible movies and TV shows and expect audiences will just bow down at our amazing lighting, acting and camera images. No, the only option we have for our survival is to crush any new platforms and ideas created by this satanic Generation C.
Actor Michael Schoeffling also went on to appear in Mermaids opposite Winona Ryder, Cher and Christina Ricci (and the late-great Bob Hoskins).

Even Barry Diller agrees that things are getting out of control (and he considers himself a card carrying member of Generation C). Shoeffling retired from acting in 1991 and became the hottest woodworker in Pennsylvania.

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