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Many Seattle sports fans feel as if they were robbed in 2008, but we may have just met our Robin Hood. So when can we expect to start enjoying the Seattle Sonics versus Oklahoma City Thunder rivalry? Hansen and his team are responsible for acquiring the two teams before any ground will be broken in Seattle.
Pickus offers that the city could repurpose the Key Arena as a small entertainment and community event venue. Thanks to Aaron Pickus for his time and information and to Chris Hansen for his sharing Seattle’s passion for sports. Bloom star Leonie calls for Sligo volunteers to help rebuild show garden in the west Bloom In the Park was a fantastic experience for Leitrim garden designer Leonie Cornelius. A unique project is helping to bring redundant and broken hand tools back into use to benefit developing communities around the globe.
The Middlesbrough Tools Workshop is based at the Larchfield Community in Hemlington and run by small local charity the Allied Resource Community.
The Tools Workshop works closely with volunteers, some of whom are disabled, to restore and renovate redundant hand tools.
Spare tools are packaged into trade-specific kits and shipped to developing communities across the world to improve their resilience and create opportunities for local enterprise.
Any surplus tools are sold to raise funds for Allied Resource Community and the Workshop also offers a repair service, available for a small fee. A brand new artisan street food market is coming to town bringing influences from around the world to the heart of Middlesbrough.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll have to wait for construction to be completed for the new teams to compete as Seattle teams, as they will temporarily play at the Key Arena.
He commonly refers to it as “our community.” It’s been reported that he feels bringing the Sonics back Seattle is his civic duty.
The building of a new arena would create many new jobs and millions of dollars in private investment through construction and operations. The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and President Michael Higgins both visited her show garden, "A Love Letter to the West",  and it was all topped off with a silver gilt medal from the show. This whole situation is, at its core, fairly simple: a young, multi-millionaire sports fanatic that wants his home town to have an NBA team. But this brings up another question amongst many budget-minded Seattleites: what is to become of the old Sonics’ stomping grounds? And it is indeed his intention to name the new Seattle team the Sonics, due to the fact that the old team’s name and records remain in Seattle.
The city’s input would be capped at $200 million on top of Hansen’s almost $300 million private investment. Oklahoma City may have made off with our team (and I feel bitterly compelled to mention Durantula), but we still own the 1979 Championship title! I'd like to thank Councillor Michael Comiskey for all his help in securing the perfect location on the lake".
The biggest part of the garden build is the structural part and that's where skilled help will be really valuable - experienced landscapers and carpenters in particular are asked to give time to the project if they can.
We'll have some refreshments on hand and as much equipment as possible - but it would be great if volunteers could bring along some equipment and a packed lunch - just in case!".

Volunteers are asked to contact Marilyn North (Tel: 083 1450421) who is co-ordinating the building teams.
It is a modern yet stylishly natural garden, with a dramatic scorched timber garden hut and beautiful natural planting. At Bloom the garden included a purpose built pond, but back home in Leitrim it will be located right on the lake edge, seamlessly settling into the landscape. After the tortures and stresses of being part of a show garden, most of them will need to be replaced for the new location. A show garden uses massive amounts of plants, set very close together, as they must look perfect for just a short time. A, a regular garden needs fewer plants which will grow into space as they and the garden mature together.
In 2012 she came to national attention, winning the RTE SuperGarden competition for designing a family garden. This was followed by a prestigious gold medal and Best in Category award at Bloom In the Park, Dublin. This year she was the garden design expert on RTE television show ‘Today’ with Daithi O Se and Maura Derrane. Her regular fortnightly slot featured her own designs and plantings based on wild nature and beautiful architecture.

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